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Favorite ethnic desserts in greater LA?

Oh, liu, yum! I have only had those at India Sweets and Spices, but they are scrumptious. I think of them almost like cheesecakes. Who makes your favorite gulab jamun?

Will have to try the almond buns at Elite... have not been there yet.

Favorite ethnic desserts in greater LA?

What are your favorite ethnic sweets available throughout Los Angeles?

I love the yellow custard buns at New Capital seafood during dim sum service (look for the small plate with three round buns on it and no scallions on the buns), much lighter and more delicate than any other I've had.

Where's the best goat milk flan? The best Italian cookies? The most intoxicating rice wine lees soup?

I'm ready to go out and eat myself jumpy. Please advise.

Krispy Kringle

your favorite downtown restaurant right now?

Really good, in fact. The pumpkin ravioli in walnut sauce is amazing! Only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, though. BYOB.

Good carniceria - Downtown/Pasadena area?

Rancho Meat Market at 2910 N Broadway in Lincoln Heights has very good asada and would be easy to visit on your way home.

Help: need challah- downtown/eastside

I just discovered that Los Angeles Baking Company, on Broadway in Lincoln Heights, will make challah with one day's notice, for $3.75. It's excellent! Very light and delicate, and very pretty, it is tasty plain and fabulous as French Toast.

I told owner Ron how much we enjoyed it and he just smiled and said it's the best bread he makes. Why should I be surprised that a Nicaraguan baker in a Mexican / Chinese neighborhood bakes a great Jewish bread?

Los Angeles Baking Company
2108 North Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Shenyang Homestyle Kitchen, Monterey Park

Craving Heavy Noodling's cat ears on Tuesday night, we rolled out to Monterey Park only to find it's their night off. So we walked a few blocks to see if anything new looked interesting, and took a chance on Shenyang Homestyle Kitchen (301 E Garvey at Nicholson), a nondescript corner spot in a minimall. My husband has a sixth sense about good eats sometimes, and he said his tastebuds were buzzing.

It proved to be a pretty four-square room with dangling red stuffed lanterns and a very nice English-speaking waitress who walked us through her recommendations.

We had a juicy if slightly fatty cumin lamb dish with lots of tangy onions, Stir Green Pepper with Potato Threads (which was mainly slightly undercooked oil-drizzled "potato" which actually tasted more like radish and was really delicious), Jin Dong Meat Pie (a greasy layered meaty pancake with a slightly numbing undertone) and shrimp-packed Boiled Three Flavor Dumplings.

There are a lot of interesting sounding and very cheap items on the dumpling portion of the menu, so we'll definitely be back to try Sesame Cake, Corn Pancake, Steamed Green Onion Buns and Fried Sweet Rice Cake, though the extensive list of pork offal will probably not tempt us like the intriguing veggie, seafood and lamb options do.

This is a nice find. I hope other folks will go and report back on their favorites.

Zen Mei Bistro--Mini Review

Zen Mei has had that one year anniversary deal going for about four years! But I'm not complaining, cos that's some tasty unshelled shrimp.

This is a nice little family run joint off the beaten Chinatown path, with retro diner-style booth seating and solid if unremarkable fare. They do a tasty dry fried string beans, hearty kung pao chicken with lots of peppers, generous servings of very pleasant seafood soups, and usually offer free bowls of taro-tapioca pudding for dessert. Cool little affordable place, and the neighborhood is hip to it, because they always have a full house.

German Resturant in or around Downtown LA

I'd suggest the Lowenbrau Keller at 3211 Beverly Blvd. over the Red Lion. The food, atmosphere and parking are better, the staff much friendlier (Red Lion bar wenches have a deserved rep for surly attitudes) and legend says Elvis was a fan.

Spudnuts? Are they good?

At least a few years ago, the Santa Barbara branch made a great French style donut, incredibly light and airy. But when I had the same donut in Culver City it was BLECH, dry and tasteless! A huge disappointment. Dunno if it was a bad batch, but I have not been back.


Very good when they have them, but one day last week at 8am there was not a bialy to be seen. Poppy bagels are great, though.

Are there no good eats in Ventura County?

My grandparents and a pal wanted to go to Mo's today, but there was a line out the door so we wandered over to the drugstore to kill the wait. On the way we passed a cute little Puerto Rican/Mexican cafe, Azucar, mentioned above. The menu looked interesting and they had a good review in the window, so after confirming the veggie in our party was okay with the change, we went in.

We only grazed on the ala carte menu, but everything was really tasty, and the service was fantastic, courtesy of the young son of owners John and Lori Rosales. We had some excellent crispy plantains (plain, no crema and beans like the Cubans serve it), a couple of light and cripy cheese Pastelillo pastries, a plate of spiced rice with slightly crunchy pigeon peas, a rich, sweet beef tamale and a rich and very homemade tasting flan.

I was kind of blown away to find something with so much character in Camarillo, and it was sad to see the white folks lined up for what my grandparents admitted was pretty ordinary, overpriced eats at Mo's, when this gem was practically empty.

The damage for four grazing was $16, and our waiter said "I hope the bill's not too high."

They deliver with a $15 minimum and a $3 fee, too. Please patronize them, so they'll stick around and I'll have somewhere to eat when visiting the grandfolks!

5253 Mission Oaks Blvd.
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 482-0797

Best Mexican Food in Cypress Park/Glassell Park/Lincoln Heights Area

Villa, on Broadway opposite Lincoln High, is a good homestyle Mexican place. The chef-owner does all her cooking to order, so it can take a while. The little ceviche-style shrimp tostadas are tasty, as are veggie (not on the menu) and carne asada burritos. Haven't explored the menu much beyond that, but have always been pleased with the eats.

Quick, Tasty Pitstop for 50 in or near Old Town Pasadena?

We ended up going to Connal's, which was perfect--fast and tasty burgers and malts, and it's midway between a hammer murder and a bathtub suicide, so it fit our theme wonderfully. Thanks again for the suggestions.

Revolving guestlist NYC midday nosh in October

Fellow hounds, my new husband and I have a 12 hour layover on our way to Europe at the end of October, and hope to catch up with many of our NY friends that day.

We're looking for a chowish, casual spot in Manhattan where the staff would not be irked if we staked out a largish table for a revolving group of people over a couple of hours, say 10-noon. Perhaps a cafeteria or buffet? If we were home in LA, it would be a natural for Phillipe French Dip, but in NYC we are in the dark. Where can we be comfortable as people come and go, and still get some good eats? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Aug 09, 2006
Krispy Kringle in Manhattan

Quick, Tasty Pitstop for 50 in or near Old Town Pasadena?

Thanks for the suggestions and helpful links!

I should have clarified that I'm hoping to find a single, not ginormous place to drop them at, as one or two people always lose track of time and we need to be able to easily locate the missing souls. A market might work if there weren't a lot of other tempting businesses around, though it would be more in keeping with the theme if we could introduce the passengers to someplace uniquely Pasadenan and fun or chowish. What about Beadles? Or is there a quick oldie-timey sandwich joint somewhere?

KQ, Bristol Farms could work, only that's near the end of our tour route. The mid point has us around old town and cruising along Washington and Colorado to the east, though we can detour for good grub.

Quick, Tasty Pitstop for 50 in or near Old Town Pasadena?

I'm leading a Sunday bus tour through Pasadena and need a spot where my 50 charges can get off the tour bus, pick up a nice snack or beverage to go, use the restroom (multiple stalls a must!) and be back on the bus within 20-30 minutes.

The tour deals with crime and local history, and the riders are a sophisticated bunch, so the pitstop must have some charm and offer high-quality snacking options. First choice was Europane, but I don't think they could handle so many people. Help me, Pasadenans... were you me, where would you take your passengers?

El Metate in Highland Park - Great new Mexican

Thanks for the great tip! Had lunch there today, and with the front door open, the heat wasn't really that bad. The space is tiny, but cute and very clean, a real old timey lunch counter feel.

My pollo rubenada was crisp and tasty, with a cool salad of shredded lettuce and crumbled cheese on top contrasting nicely with the warm tortillas. They have very flavorable spiced rice and creamy beans and four good salsas in the bar (all on the hot side). My companion had an asada enchillada, which he liked a lot. We're big fans of Tacomienda out Palms way, and would put el Metate in a similar category. You can tell from the first bite that the cooks are serious about quality ingredients and great taste. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Total for two combos and two pineapple aqua frescas: $13. We'll be back very soon.

Wedding help

This advice probably won't help you in Claremont, but I imagine other people will be interested in suggestions, too.

Papa Christo's catered our wedding last month, and their food was a huge hit. We had much more than our large group could finish of delicious kebabs, gyros, spanikopita and tiropita, pita bread, tzatziki, hummus, Greek salad and olives, and it worked out to about $10/person. Also owner Chris Chris was wonderful to deal with, and spent a lot of time making sure we were happy with the menu. I'd highly recommend Papa Christo's to anyone planning a big event within driving distance of their restaurant at Pico and Normandie.

More info:

We got flat cakes at the Los Angeles Baking Company in Lincoln Heights, which they were able to print with images we provided on CD-Rom onto edible rice paper. The classic Phoenix Bakery strawberry cake recipe was amazing, and very reasonable. They can also do stacked wedding-style cakes, and they deliver.

Wedding food can be wayyy overpriced for what you get, but there's great stuff out there at good prices if you look. Spend what you save on the wine. We did:

Coconut Ice cream.

Be careful at LAX-C. They have some really neat/weird stuff in the frozen section, but some things have been there wayyy to long. So look sharp at the packaging, and be prepared to dig around for the most intact-looking one in the stack.

If you go to LAX-C, weekends are best, as that's when the ladies camp under their little tents out front making the most delectable street food, including coconut custard fried hemispheres that they slap together into a loosely-knit globe.

My sweetie picked up a wonderful deep, round maple cutting board for just over $20 at LAX-C this week. He said it would have been $100 anywhere else.

Also, visit the restaurant supply shop on the NE side of the parking lot directly opposite the market entrance. They have some really interesting things, like terribly realistic waxen philosophers and greasy Peking duck for display purposes. A Peking duck costs about 1/10 of a philosopher, which seems like a bargain.

GREEN TEA ...who should I order from next?

The folks from In Pursuit of Tea travel widely to obtain the small batches of their featured green, white and black teas, many of which are not available elsewhere. They do sampler packages, too.

Jul 04, 2006
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