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Maca Root Edmonton?

I have been reading about Maca Root powder as a supplement, but I am not terribly comfortable taking supplements in general. I figured if maca root is so good for you, why not eat the real thing? Anyone know where I could get it in Edmonton and how I would prepare it?

Feb 23, 2011
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Food Travel

Anyone have thoughts on good travel locations for a foodie in Dec/Jan?

Jul 08, 2010
CourtJ in General Topics

4th and Vine, Edmonton

I've always had good experiences at 4th and Vine. I love their duck salad.

Mar 07, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Dinner before Oiler's Game

Too late for tonight, but every once in a while I get taken to an Oiler's game, and I like to treat my host to dinner before hand if I can. The trouble is where to go near Rexall Place that is good and fast?!?! Parking would be a bonus. Any suggestions?

Feb 24, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Recent resto closures - Edmonton

Anyone know if Le Table de Renior is closed for good or still planning on opening? I know when it first shut people said it would be back, but I haven't heard anything since. I loved that place....

Feb 06, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

NAIT Area Dining Edmonton

I was surprised Wild Tangerine was at the $35 price point as well.

Some friends and I went to The Dish for Fork Fest on Monday, and my sis in law posted a review and pictures of everything all four of us had on our website ( ). I know I'm pimpin', but seeing pictures is really helpful for me.

Red Ox was great too (I won't link that one since there are no pics).

Jan 23, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Fork Fest - Edmonton Chowhounds

Also was at Red Ox last night, and you are right, the bread pudding is delish! The chocolate cake is still a great choice for me too though, I just love love love chocolate. The whole meal was great, those of you heading over later this week or next will not be disappointed.

Jan 21, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Favourite Restaurant in Edmonton?

I don't think I saw anyone recommend 4th and Vine yet, and I always think of it as a good option for a romantic dinner that is a little less pricey than some of my other favorites. I also like Normands as an option when I am dining with someone that is a real carnivore, seeing as they do a lot of wild game. If you want to check out a huge list of restaurants in Edmonton, with most of them having their websites linked (so you can peruse the menu) check this out:

Jan 19, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Fork Fest - Edmonton Chowhounds

For the summer FF I hit up Red Ox, Jack's and the Dish, and all were very good. I had a different dessert than Dan G, the chocolate lava cake, and it was unreal (I still dream of it to this day....).

The price points this year are $20 and $35. There isn't much info on menus yet, and I actually was calling around yesterday and most places hadn't firmed it up yet (only two on the web site now).

I'm going to Red Ox anyway because I love it, and will probably try one of the more cafe type places this time. I would do more, but I am away for the second week, and very few independent places are open on Mondays.

Jan 15, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Northeast Edmonton

How northeast are you looking? Spago is north and kind of east.

Jan 07, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Decent Hummus Western Canada

I tried a grocery store hummus brand the other day, and threw half of it away because it wasn't very good. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find decent hummus (don't say make my own, I'm too lazy after all the holiday entertaining). I would be thrilled if there is a brand that I can get at grocery stores that is good, but if it is at a specialty store, I would be looking in Edmonton/St. Albert.

Jan 06, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Knife-sharpening in Edmonton

I think Call the Kettle Black does it for free once a month if you have a certain brand of knife (maybe the rep comes in and does it). I have one of the water ones that is required for the Global knives, and it sharpens the crap out of them. We actually have to be careful with our non-global knives and not run them through many times. Got it at Call the Kettle Black as well, but Le Gnome and other stores that sell high end knives will all have good sharpeners and staff that can make recommendations for your particular knives.

Jan 05, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Reviews of Restaurants in St. Albert please...

I like Koto for sushi (north east corner of St. Albert Trail and Hebert Rd. in the mini mall). They close really early though because they won't have defrosted fish served for more than a certain amount of time.

Thai Mekong is yummy for thai food. We ordered it in for New Years, and the Pad Cashew was gobbled up the fastest, with the Pad Thai coming in second. I don't love their spring rolls, but everything else I have had from there has been very good.

There is a Haweli Indian ( restaurant that does buffet, and I haven't been to the St. Albert location, but the downtown one is really good.

If you are feeling fancier, try Riverhouse Grill ( or Cajun House.

Also, I think the name might be Louisa's? but there is an Italian place downtown that apparently has very good pasta (a little independent place, not Sorentinos). Friends of ours have been and raved.

Jan 02, 2009
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Where to buy a goose?

If you are in Edmonton you could also check in with Green Eggs and Ham. They supply a lot of the different meats to the Urban Fresh Sobey's downtown.

Best sushi in Edmonton

I also like Mikado, partly just because they offer so many choices that you can take a non sushi eater there.

I'm with eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife on Tokyo Noodle Shop as well, I like it there and it has some different options. It's nice that they have smaller rolls (with prices to match) so that you can have a couple different kinds, even if you aren't a huge eater.

Another option to try is Koto if you are in St. Albert. It is a tiny place in a mini mall on the North East corner of St. Albert Trail and Hebert Rd (the first main intersection coming into St. Albert). It is close to home for us, and they only stay open for 3 hours after taking the fish out of the freezer, so you know your fish is reasonably fresh.

Dec 22, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Earls vs. Joeys

I'll add a third for the chicken brie and fig sandwich, I totally do consider it one of my guilty pleasures - to go to a chain restaurant (gasp!) and get it. I also don't mind the tuna BLT at Joeys. It helps to have a favorite at each of these places, since you do end up there from time to time with work or friends.

I find it sad that the waitresses at these places are basically becoming the new Hooters girls.

Dec 20, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton: Is Julio's Barrio WestEnd Closed?

Chop has a portabello "burger" and if your vegetarians eat seafood, there is an ahi tuna salad. Check this out for a list of not so chainy restaurants by area of the city:

There is not a lot in the West End :-( I work there too.

I am totally pimpin' my own site, but it also has links to the restaurant web pages if they have one, and I made it because I am always looking for restaurants to go to, and I love being able to check out their menus before I make a decision. A link to Chop is on it so you can see the menu. Should make your search a tiny bit easier.

Dec 12, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Family Brunch or Lunch in St Albert

Glad to hear it :-)

Dec 08, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Family Brunch or Lunch in St Albert

Beside Moxies, there is Lazia as well, it is nice for brunch (although still a chain). You can check their menu on their web site ( but it includes items such as brioche french toast and chicken and shrimp vol au vent - a little more variety than just bacon and eggs. Sadly, I posted a few weeks back asking about places in the West end for brunch and got very little response. I think it is because of the lack of non-chain options.

Dec 04, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Special Dinner Out in Edmonton

So sad! I am pretty sure Table de Renoir closed down. I tried going there the other day, and although it looks the same it was closed during normal hours. If I had known I would have gone there every day for a week to fill up on their cream brule.

Dec 02, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Special Dinner Out in Edmonton

My husband and I LOVE Red Ox Inn for special occassions. I also like Normand's for wild game. We tried Glenora Bistro for my b-day a couple weeks ago. Previously had mixed experiences, but that was before the new ownership. I reviewed both Glenora Bistro and 4th and Vine (another fav.) on my blog ( if you want to check them out.

Dec 02, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton West End

Looking for a good place to have a Saturday breakfast in the West End of Edmonton. I am afraid to even ask given the huge number of "big box" chain restaurants in the area, but I was hoping someone might have some suggestions. I would go west of the Henday if any of the new neighbourhoods have some good local restaurants. Anything new popped up in Lewis Estates or the Grange?

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend

I forgot to add Soul Soup on Rice Howard way - inexpensive and yummy, and if you want to chill out in your hotel room they do "tv dinners" that you can take away.

Nov 14, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend

Try the Blue Plate Diner for brunch. It is yummy and close. Check out their menu here ( for pricing. Actually, the following link might help you pick a dinner place too ( For inexpensive but delicious panini sandwiches for dinner you could also try the Free Press Bistro (, who apparently also do brunch. If you want to stay really really close to the hotel, just walk out the front door onto Rice Howard way and hit up It's all Greek to me or Le Table de Renoir - a little pricier, but far less than fine dining around there. If you are at Le Table, definitely try the creme brule. Happy eating!

Nov 14, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton Restaurants

I love a few of the places already mentioned (Red Ox Inn! Table de Renoir) but noticed that a few that I like have yet to be mentioned:
- Normand's: because I like meat, and that is really what they do, and also I like that Norm actually is on site and comes around to say hello. (on Jasper by the Druid)
- 4th and Vine: food has been good, and there are some different selections like a duck salad (Oliver Square)
- It's all Greek to me: cheaper than many of the other Greek places at lunch, I love that their tzasiki is made with a bit of sour cream like I make mine (Rice Howard Way)
- Laganos Skies: Good ethiopean. I can't compare to Blue Nile since I have never been, but this place is very affordable (Whyte down by 99 st)

Aug 29, 2008
CourtJ in Prairie Provinces

Ric's Grill - St. Albert

For St. Albert I would also recommend Thai Mekong. I think it may be new (had a Now Open sign on the outside). I'm no expert in Thai food at all but it is so great to finally see St. Albert getting some decent restaurants with mains that are under $20. Ric's was nothing special last time we went, and the East Side Marios and Original Joes are not much to be excited about in my opinion. I was thrilled to see the Haweli, but haven't been there yet. I have heard good things though...

Global Knives

In Edmonton I got mine at Call the Kettle Black. Love them!!!

Jan 04, 2008
CourtJ in Atlantic Canada