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Two Boots Pizza Bridgeport, CT

Here is the website for the Bridgeport location..

I was there last night for a birthday and it is a bit smaller than I was expecting but overall I thought the food was pretty good and it was pretty cute place! They have bands playing there on the weekends and have 2 hour party packages for special occasions...

I had a great time with the band there and the party package. I spent around $25 for 2 hours of food and drink and listened to an amazing band!! Hope this helps!

Dragonfly Lounge - Stamford CT - How is it?

Here is where I could find a menu...It was a bit hard to find!

Monster's B's Stamford CT

How is the food here? They look like they have a little more than a normal bar menu here so I was just wondering how the food is!?!?!

Apr 05, 2008
Maroya in Southern New England

Best Chinese Restaurants - Stamford CT

I went to Ching's Kitchen in Darien last Friday night and I really liked the place! I went with 4 other people and we had the waiter order us 4 appetizers of his choice and then we all ordered dinner. All of the appetizers were amazing!! I had a dinner special of all kinds of fish in a curry sauce which was spicey but good. And everyone loved what they had there as well. I would definitely try there again.

Apr 05, 2008
Maroya in Southern New England

ThaiSpice in Norwalk

This is the 2nd time I have had take out for lunch and I must say the food here is very good. One thing to say though is that it is more on the hot side...even the items that do not have a spice symbol on the menu. Both times I have had the Mango Fish Curry which is made with Tilapia and it has been very delicious! And they deliver as well! I think this is really good food and I also know people that have gone in there and ate and agreed that the food was great!

Azul Tequila - Norwalk, CT

I heard it is closed permanently. That they went out of business b/c they were not making enough money. Wks when was the last time u were there??

REAL Mexican in S. CT

Does anyone know of any places in Fairfield County for good Mexican food? I loved Azul Tequila in Norwalk but they closed so now I am looking for somewhere new. Any suggestions??

Azul Tequila - Norwalk, CT

This place was amazing for its Mexican food but it has now closed which is very sad b/c they had the BEST chorizo nachos ever!!!! Their food was really amazing but I heard they weren't making any business!!

Where to get Best Salad in Fairfield County

The salads in My Big Fat Greek Market in Norwalk are delicious!!!! I think that u should definitely try the different ones they have there and they have this amazing lemon olive oil dressing too! I have also had an awesome salmon salad from the Lime that is definitely worth trying as well!!!

Best Chinese Restaurants - Stamford CT

I actually ordered Chinese food for dinner tonight and decided to try Fuji again since I have had sushi there a few times and have eaten and taken out from there before. The food was really really good and there was a lot of it as well. It was very delicious and I think that I will be ordering from here from now on. I haven't seen anyone else saying anything about this place. Has anyone else had food from here before? It is on 94 Bedford St right next store to a nail salon. The food was delivered in a half hour and was still very warm and very fresh. I had a dish with a lot of seafood in it and the fish was all fresh tasting and very yummy!!

Feb 27, 2008
Maroya in Southern New England

Need good breakfast/brunch place near Stamford

Thanks adamclyde and jfood..I found the thread about the Greenwhich Hyatt and am reading up on it now! It sounds amazing! Has anyone ever gone to it?

Need good breakfast/brunch place near Stamford

Does anyone know of a place that has a buffet type brunch in Stamford or in Fairfield county?

Cupcakes or Different Wedding Cake

Here is the website in case u couldnt find it...and they were on an episode of the Food Network it seems!!!

Zest in Westport, CT.

I just had brunch at Zest this past Sunday and I liked the food. I had chocolate chip pancakes with sausage on the side. The prices arent too bad unless u r having mimosas like my friends and I were and then it can get a bit pricey. I thought that overall it was very relaxing there and they let u stay as long as u rushing at ALL! Brunch is from 11-3 on Sundays. Its not a buffet brunch though just so u know!

Here is their website:

Falafel- Fairfield County?

I have been to Falafel Inn in Norwalk and I thought the food was very yummy!! I have not been to Layla's or Myrna's yet in Stamford....I would like to try them out. Does anyone have any reviews about Myrna's..I have already saw some about Layla's

Top 5 Restaurants in Norwalk and Stamford?

My Big Fat Greek Deli in Norwalk is also very good ...esp if u want salads...they have many to choose from and they have the best lemon olive oil dressing!! Of course I get it on the side so I can use it for dipping hehe!! Really good food and not too expensive either!!

Best Traditional Diner in Westchester

My fav diners are the Coach in Portchester and the Tremont East diner by Lehman HS down in the good ol boogey down! They are always the best food and always consistant with how good the food is!!!

Soup in Stamford, CT

I have tried Soup Alley on both Route 7 and in SoNo and they do have many, many soup options that u can choose from and it has been pretty good for soup but I think it is very expensive to eat there!!!

Best Thai in Stamford, CT?

I have tried Ocha, Kit's and LTK. My absolute favorite is LTK in Darien!!! They have the best Thai food hands down!!! Ocha is a mix of thai and sushi so I like it because it is different but a bit pricey for my taste! Kit's is also very good and so cute...but taste wise I would say that Little Thai Kitchen (LTK) is THE BEST and it is soooo cheap!!!

Here is the website:

Suggestions for New Haven please

I went to a restaurant tour over the summer and 1 of the restaurants that I really liked is listed here. That is Soul de Cuba...I have eaten there a few times since and I absolutely love the place.

Here is the website..

Another place that I loved on the tour was Ahimsa! This is vegan and organic and some of the food is even raw! The food is absolutely amazing! And they have this ice cream that they make out of nuts that u would NEVER EVER guess has no dairy in it!!!! So delicious!

Here is that website..

Lastly, another place that I like alot in New Haven even though I have only eaten there once is Bangkok Garden! If u love Thai food, u have to try here and make sure u get the thai hot tea! Everything I had here that day was amazing..soup, my meal everything! I could not find a website but here are some more reviews on it!

BBQ in the New Haven area?

There is Texas Roadhouse in West Haven 2 but that is more of a friend has eaten there a bunch of times and I think she has liked the food!

here is the website..

Dec 29, 2007
Maroya in Southern New England

Little Thai Kitchen in Darien, CT

Well I am glad to hear that more people like this place because I just love it!!!

Best Chinese Restaurants - Stamford CT

I am trying this place tonight for take out so I will let u guys know how it is! They were very sweet on the phone and were very patient and were not rushing me off which was nice! I am just hoping that the food is as good as the people were on the phone with me but I will definitely let u know!

So I ordered a large wonton soup, Crystal Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Happy Family and brown rice - which I love that they have brown rice b/c I don't know any other Chinese restaurants that have brown rice in Stamford. The soup was very good! I couldn't find any shrimp in the dumplings...they were very interesting..I think they had spinach in them but I couldn't find ANY shrimp at all!! As for the Happy Family, it is pretty good...has a lot of bok choy in it which I do not like at all and now I will remember to ask them not to put any of it in any of my dishes. I would say that the food is okay! I think I would want to try them out one more time...trying something different next time! I really like that they dont use MSG and are more healthy oriented.

Dec 29, 2007
Maroya in Southern New England

Little Thai Kitchen in Darien, CT

I cannot believe no one has posted anything about this amazing little thai restaurant! I have eaten there many many times now and I have NEVER NEVER been disappointed in anything I have ordered there!! They also have 2 other locations but I have never been!

Here is the website:

Let me tell u what I have eaten there so far:
Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Thai Curry Puffs (AMAZING!!!
The Tom Kar soup is my absolute favorite...I have to order it every time I go there...I actually CRAVE IT!!!
Pra Raam (DELICIOUS!!), Cashew Chcken, Mango Fish Curry (they use either tilapia or salmon depending on what they have...SO GOOD!!!), Laksa Shrimp, Thai Massamam Curry ( the other thing I crave when I havent been there in a while...ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!), Thai Green Curry, Thai Red Curry, Yellow Curry!

Has anyone else been here? What do u think?

Slew of Chain Restos coming to Stamford...

I just went there today and got an eggplant parm hero and I didn't really like it that much! I tried this place esp b/c how all u guys said how amazing the food was but I really didn't like it! Is it always consistantly good? I do want to give it one more try and see maybe it was just a bad day :(! Today is the last day they will be open! They will be back open on Jan 2nd in case anyone wanted to know!!

Suggestions for cookbook holder...?

I went to Williams Sonoma and got the cookbook holder I think it will be perfect for my friend! Thx again for the suggestion!

Dec 21, 2007
Maroya in Cookware

Suggestions for cookbook holder...?

Ok thx, I am going to try and get there next week to look at it @ WS

Dec 07, 2007
Maroya in Cookware

Suggestions for cookbook holder...?

Hi jzerocsk, does it work for any size books? I know most do not work so well on larger cookbooks?

Dec 04, 2007
Maroya in Cookware