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Dinners near Burlington

Oh no! Do you know why they stopped?

Dinners near Burlington

I personally loathe the Farmhouse and think it is terribly overhyped. I've never had a good meal there. They do have great beer though. almost always a horribly long wait so with kids, maybe not the best choice

some market research...

Glad to hear from all of you. I see I am in the vast, vast minority - I always prefer a book. Restaurants being outdated is a valid concern but whenever I have traveled I have always wished for a physical book rather than fishing around on the Internet. I suppose that age has passed.

May 14, 2014
china_cat in General Topics

some market research...

question for y'all:

would you buy a food guidebook for a specific city, like berlin or bangkok or singapore, that had a variety of recommendations for all budgets and palates, or would you rather stick to the internet and word of mouth recommendations?

thanks in advance

May 13, 2014
china_cat in General Topics


in Bagan, try Be Kind To Animals The Moon (yes, that's actually what it's called). Lovely vegetarian restaurant, delicious food, peaceful atmosphere and warm service. House of Memories in Yangon for an upscale dinner. Teashops everywhere serve tasty fried snacks. Don't remember having any standout meals in Nyaungshwe. Enjoy Burma, by far the most interesting southeast asian country!

Dinners near Burlington

Definitely recommend Flatbread. I always see families with young kids there, and since it's a loud, bustling restaurant, tantrums generally go unnoticed! And of course, the pizza is delicious. Joyce's Noodle House in Essex Jct is quite good Chinese, inexpensive, casual. Sneakers in Winooski serves delicious dinner (and the best brunch in the area) thursday - saturday night and would be good for a family. Also, Pho Hong for great vietnamese. i'm not a sushi person so can't help you there. enjoy your time here!

cookbook help, please!

Very kind of you to offer, but I don't want to inconvenience you in any way. Also, I think it might be rather telling that you haven't cooked anything from it!

Apr 30, 2014
china_cat in Home Cooking

cookbook help, please!

To welcome summer, I'd like to buy myself one (maybe two if I'm feeling flush) new cookbook.

please give me some guidance and help narrow it down from this list:

new vegetarian cooking for everyone - deborah madison
tender - nigel slater
canal house cooks every day - christopher hirsheimer & melissa hamilton
canal house cooking volume 1 (summer) - CH & MH
franny's - andrew feinberg et al
roberta's - carlo mirarchi
river cottage veg - hugh fearnley-whittingstall

your input is much appreciated! thank you.

Apr 29, 2014
china_cat in Home Cooking