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Portuguese hot beverages . . .

Wow Bolera is coffee free!!!!!!
& here I was thinking instant coffee had come a long way baby. I had some at my moms & have been looking for it ever since. Can't vouch for the other 2 but Bolera is defiantly worth a try. BTW what aisle should I be looking for it in? I scoured the coffee aisles for to no avail & keep forgetting to ask my mom.

Baskin Robbins: Chocolate Mousse Royale?

Oddly enough I tripped across a mint combination that actually works no matter how weird it sounds. 1 scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, 1 scoop of espresso and cream yogurt & top it off with hot caramel.
Yeah I now it sounds funny but I really like it.

Oct 02, 2008
PlayWithYourFood in Chains

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

London Pub & Grill. The food was amazing. Can't wait to head back there. Good variety of brew on tap as well.
Not sure of the intersection but it's at 9724 Yonge St.

My Local Loblaws ...aka...Dupont & Christie

I was talking to a friend that's in the biz, he says Loblaws is having a really hard time. It's even come down to their vendors being hesitant to work with them. I guess that might explain all the empty shelves people have been complaining about. And the MLG opening seems to be going nowhere either.

Liquid smoke?

Bought some Thurs. night at Dominion at Vic. Park & Ellesmere. $4.69 for a 150 ml bottle. It was in the mustard & ketchup aisle. They only had Hickory flavour tho, and yes a little dab will do you.

Store that specializes in British goods?

There's a store in Eglinton Square at Victoria Park & Eglinton. Walk towards the food court. It's on the left hand side. Sorry I don't know the name I've only been once. They have a good selection esp. the goodies.

Port rookie....

The Wine Rack has Orion Cabernet Franc port as well as a Sherry. I haven't tried the sherry but the port is amazing & at $12.99 a bottle an absolute steal.

Dec 22, 2007
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Source for DUCK FAT

Rumor has it that Costco will soon carry it as well.

Best sub-$15 wines at LCBO?

Casillero Del Diablo Carmenere. (my all time fav.)
Their Merlot is good as well.
Henry of Phelam Baco Noir
Inniskillin Pinot Noir- spot on with herbed roasted chicken & potatoes.

Santa Carolina Chardonnay
Wolf Blass Chardonnay
Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc
Fetzer Fume Blanc.

Dessert Wine:
Orion Cabernet Franc Port- available only at the wine rack. Served this last New Years Eve with a vanilla bean mousse cake with chocolate ganache. It was out of this world!!!

Where to find Fresh Vanilla Beans?

Bulk Barn has them as well. They're usually on the counter next to the register in a glass tube. $ 4.95 for two the last time I bought them.

ISO Vin Cotto

Thank you I'll be making a trip there soon so I'll be sure to look for it.

Minus 8

Has anyone here had the pleasure of trying it? Is it worth what they charge for it?

ISO Vin Cotto

Does anyone where I can find vin cotto in the GTA or is it not available in Canada?
Thanx: A

Looking for home-made Jerk Sauce

For ratios check out Food Network Canada. It's a Michael Smith Chef at Home recipe. I just keep tasting as I go along rather than use exact measurements.

Looking for home-made Jerk Sauce

Here's one I make:
Chopped green onions
chopped garlic, shallots & grated ginger ( o.k. to use powders in a pinch )
chopped chillies
water or olive oil
puree or blend in blender.