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RIP Janita's [Reopening 3/09]

You won't go to a place where you see staffers smoking?

Don't go to France, baby. Seriously.

Mar 21, 2009
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Any Philadelphia Eagles Bars in New Orleans?

If anyone knows for sure, it would be Dan Stein at Stein's Deli on Magazine. He's from Philly (and he sells TastyKakes).

Jan 14, 2009
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Potato Salad in Gumbo

We can tell where our customers hail from by how they order. If their two sides are gumbo and tater salad, it's a pretty sure bet they're from Da Swamp.

Putting tater salad IN the gumbo usually cools off the gumbo way too much. It's more of a dipping thing, at least in restaurant applications.

Jan 12, 2009
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

new NOLA Zagat Survey results

I'm floored that Juan's gets "Best Mexican," since it's neither. This is like the New Orleans Magazine poll listing Taco Bell as the "best Mexican food" in the city. If you read the actual Zagat review, it notes the food is passable and affordable, but the decor is lousy, the music is so loud it's "like they're asking you to leave" and that it might be best to get stuff to go. Not exactly a stellar review.

Jan 07, 2009
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Restaurants you wouldn't recommmend

Actually, rethink Margaritaville -- or at least go back to try it these days.

I went in with an out-of-town friend who simply HAD to go there several months ago. I was amazed at how much things had improved (cuisine-wise, I mean -- it's still the same decor). I know the place is a tourist mecca -- but it's not the same crapola food it used to be.

Jul 04, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Dick and Jenny's or La Petite Grocery

The earlier you go to D&J, the less wait there is likely to be. They open at 5:30pm and they do not take reservations. They are closed Sun-Mon and will be closed the entire month of July.


Jun 01, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Was it a mistake to follow the concierge's suggestion of the Gumbo Shop?

Good Cajun food is virtually non-existent in New Orleans. Ask pretty much anyone from Lafayette or Carencro or Breaux Bridge who comes here. About the best they can say about anyplace is that it's "pretty good for New Orleans."

May 20, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Good places near St. Charles and Thalia St.?

The Delachaise (St. Charles and Delachaise). Excellent food, excellent bar. But go early (before 9pm) or it gets a little crowded, smoky and, um, weird.

Apr 26, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Best wine shop?

In Mid-City, there's the Cork & Bottle at American Can Company. Not sure if they deal in half-bottles of cognac, however.

Apr 26, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

anyone making sazeracs with absinthe now?

Dick and Jenny's uses absinthe in theirs and, if you're nice to Jeff, he'll save it for you on the side.

Apr 18, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans


This is the only good report I've heard about the place, except about their gorgeous decor.

Mar 19, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Wine Institute New Orleans (w.i.n.o.) question

It's delightful and a good cross-section of folks -- and they won't treat you any differently regardless of your expertise or lack of it. Ask for Amanda, if she's working. Enjoy.

Mar 19, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Great Burger in a Magazine Street Bar

Yes. The old Pepper's is now Storyville.

Mar 13, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Any Secrets at K-Paul's?

Do you know any locals to go with? My experience has been that they will often bend over backward to seat locals.

It's pretty much all good. It's not unusual (for here) -- just very well turned out. And overpriced. But Paul is often there and is always willing to pose for a pic.

Mar 02, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

houston's st. charles..we have a problem!

Sorry, but I do not wait for supper. I'm all about a leisurely meal and drinks. But I do not stand in line and I do not wait in the bar for more than 15 minutes. If I can make reservations, that's great. If I cannot, I try to go at times when things aren't as busy. But, particularly at a chain, being forced to wait for real or trumped-up reasons isn't what I'm going to do. Life is too short - especially in a great food city like New Orleans. And at a Houston's? Forget it.

Feb 25, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Best Choice on Magazine?

Well, Table One no longer exists -- so eliminates one option.

Feb 19, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Please help with so many choices!

Dick & Jenny's isn't open for lunch, so that eliminates one option. They open at 5:30 and get there early, since there are no reservations.

Feb 17, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Commander's Palace?

We were there this past Monday night for our anniversary. Though we live in the neighborhood, we've just never been.

Service -- superb.
Decor -- my mom's living room. Very tasteful, but a bit old fashioned.
Appetizers -- Excellent.
Entrees -- sorry to say it -- but very pedestrian. Particularly my wife's redfish.
Desserts -- Very good
Overall -- We can say we've been. But for $200 for two, there are a dozen better in this city.

Jan 31, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Jimmy K's

Joey K's. Still here. Still a stalwart.

Jan 29, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Real New Orleans- high budget, low budget, and Katrina

If your companion is a veteran at New Orleans, he/she will already have a list -- and likely it's the same places most folks here would suggest. I'm often surprised at the lack of adventurousness exhibited by many locals (of which I am one). This isn't a criticism -- it's just a statement of fact. So many would rather go to the same place(s) and argue about where they should have gone rather than head out for someplace new and, possibly, unique and very, very good.

Romantic -- sandwiches from La Boulangerie (get a bottle of wine someplace) and head for the riverbank off Audubon Park (the Fly) or Woldenberg Park (the French Quarter).

Funky -- Anyplace on Frenchmen St.

Off The Beaten Path -- Anyplace on Magazine below Jackson. There are a half-dozen places, all needing and wanting your business and several of them are pretty damn good.

Local gems -- too many to mention. Depends on where you live. One person's fave is another's hellhole. Food opinions in this city are like noses -- everyone has one.

Local sources -- see above. is but one of many.

Jan 29, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans


I ate there once and considered the fried burger -- but opted for their Cuban.

Entirely passable -- and no regrets later.

Jan 28, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Non-touristy places

possibvly I misunderstood the question, then. I got in my mind someone who was trying to find a good place on their own and not having some online "expert" tell them where to eat. I'd hardly suggest Mandina's being a "hole in the wall" (though it IS on the suggested Canal St. streetcar line).

If I find a place that looks interesting and has an appealing menu, I'll usually try it. Sometimes the food sucks, but more often than not it's at least good if not excellent.

I'm a big fan of just heading out and trying places. New Orleans is a great place to do so -- particularly because there are so many nice folks.

Jan 27, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Non-touristy places

Maybe we travel differently, then. While I'd agree it's best to get a little input from folks who've been (or live) there, I've always preferred to Just Go (long as I'm reasonably assured the area is pretty safe -- as Magazine above about Josephine certainly is).

There are indeed some bad and mediocre places out there -- but I'm comfortable making that determination on my own in an unfamiliar city.


Jan 27, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Non-touristy places

My suggestion would be to get on the Magazine St. bus (Canal at Magazine) and head Uptown all the way to Audubon Park (about six miles -- it costs $1.25). Along the way, you'll find dozens of such places. Even better -- get out and walk.

The same can be said for getting on the Canal St. streetcar and head up toward the Intersection of Canal and Carrollton. There are several other areas as well.

Anyone who comes to New Orleans and remains in the FQ is doing themselves a huge disservice -- from more than just a culinary point of view.

Jan 26, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Mr John's Steakhouse

Thanks for the update. We haven't been since before The Thing (when we highly enjoyed it). We'll have to go back.

Jan 23, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans


Seems to me you've learned a lesson about the house rules. Each house is a little different -- particularly the more white-linen places like Lilette.

I have no problem with a place putting a rule like this into effect. I just note it for the next time I feel like going out. If I want to be leisurely between courses or linger a bit, I'll know not to go to that place. And I will warn others about it.

Jan 23, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Has anyone been to Takumi?

The rap on it is that it's VERY overpriced for mundane quality. I'm not a sushi kinda guy, so I don't know. But every time I pass the place (driving or walking) it's an echo chamber -- no one's there.

....not good for a high-dollar, white-linen place.

Jan 16, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Best burger in the quarter?

Depends on what you want in a burger. If you're after a big hunk o' meat, then Port of Call is the place to go. If it's overall flavor, then it's Clover Grill's smaller patty.

I'm an overall flavor guy myself. I want to be full, not stuffed.

Jan 08, 2008
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

N.O. Restaurants Open Christmas Day?

There's always the St. Charles Tavern. It ain't haute cuisine, but when you gotta eat, you gotta eat. And they have a "special" buffet planned.

Dec 24, 2007
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans

Emeril's Restaurants

Delmonico, far and away.

They are all very good. My experiences have been excellent at all three and I also feel like I'm supporting a guy who has quietly done a lot more for New Orleans than he's given credit for. The service is excellent and the experiences have always been delightful.

Delmonico is special because of its location on St. Charles. If you get the right table, you can watch the streetcars and the lights of the CBD. It's upscale, of course, but there's plenty of humor and a nice ambiance.

I don't get the Emeril-bashers. He treats his employees very well and his customers even more so. And the food is incredible. It's inventive and it changes regularly. I think too many folks discount what he does because he 1) wasn't born here and 2) is a self-promoter. Like there aren't any others like that in New Orleans.

Dec 16, 2007
ZydecoPlayer in New Orleans