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Sidecar Bartender

Jeffrey is not at Splendido any more, actually. He is at Restaurant Paramour with Adly Gawad, also formerly of Splendido. This is a limited engagement, however.

What’s the Best Drink to Order in a Dive Bar?

Don't order just any beer, select a blue collar beer like Molson Stock Ale or Labatt 50, or Pabst, or Genny 12 Horse. Don't order micros, imports, or light beer. And order the shot with it right away, without hesitation. Then tip well on your first round To Insure Proper Service for the remainder of the time before the novelty wears off and the dive bar depresses you.

Jul 19, 2009
Emery Knits in Features

Sidecar Bartender

Jeffrey will not be back at Sidecar. When Splendido Restaurant Opens July 26, he will be there. Thank you very much for asking about me, and I hope your future experiences at Sidecar or their young sister restaurant Negroni live up to the expectations that I have fostered.

Hero Certified Burgers....What the $^%#!!!!!

no discussion of burgers would be complete without honourable mention to Apache burger, west yonder Etobicoke way, around where Dundas and Bloor meet again. Downtown, a little pub on Dundonald is putting a lot of love into their burger and doing it right. Check out Local 4 for a juicy burger.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

Best Mexican is Dos Amigos on Bathurst just north of the tracks, or El Palenque St Clair near Christie.