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Katz Deli

I remember Switzer's on Spadina right across the street from (non-kosher) Shopsy's. Was Eddie Switzer the guy who used to make change at the cash register from an old cigar box? For some reason I still see his face in my memory. The food at Switzers was so good I used to drive up to Toronto and buy Pastrami and Corn Beef fpr the College at Fredonia (145 miles away in new york state) I guess I was legal to do that and customs never stopped me except for one guy who asked what the delicious smell was. I told him and he didnt say a thing or stop me. lol

Katz Deli

Bless you whoever you are. Mrs. Fanny Stahl,(1885-1961) was my mother's oldest sister. I always knew, growing up in Brighton Beach, that Aunt Fanny would always give me a free knish when I was hungry. She was also known for working "hands on" alongside her workers, some of whom were my cousins and other aunts. My mother (still alive at 98) never worked there.
I have heard that an Italian baker in Vineland New Jersey bought the recipes and he may be the source of the continued availability of the knishes. Her grandson still lives in her old house on Banner Avenue right near the belt parkway exit. the store is no more and the russian knishes you get in Brighton Beach are good in their own way--but I miss Aunt Fanny's. They were the best.

Mrs Stahls FOUND

bless you. Mrs Stahl (1885--1961) was my mother's oldest sister. To me she was just 'Aunt Fanny"--a very wonderful person who kept me in free knishes when I was a little kid. She was also a "Hands on" business woman and made the knishes working right alongside the other workers (including children, cousins, etc.) I heard that they are now made in New Jersey. A very savvy Italian guy bought the recipes and I have heard they are very good.

Dec 03, 2007
pianist355 in Outer Boroughs