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One day in Dallas?

We have a day in Dallas--downtown--planning to do some sightseeing....after checking out the board, I made a dinner reservation at the Tasting Room at Lola's (if anyone has an alternate suggestion for a don't-miss restaurant, let me know)--but was wondering, if for contrast we wanted to do a little barbecue for lunch, what would you recommend that would be not too far away (staying at the Fairmont, planning to visit the 6th Floor Museum and walk around downtown to look at architecture and sculpture) and good?? Thanks so much

May 15, 2007
Pearl in Texas

Guide me to great Chinese food

It's my first time in Toronto--I will be staying at the Westin Harbor Castle--I am in search of great food, most especially great Chinese food. I've been reading the threads about Szechuan restaurants, and about dim sum in Toronto--my question is, what is really superb and also within striking distance of my part of town? I'd be glad to hear about other cuisines as well, if there's something notable. Thanks so much!

Apr 17, 2007
Pearl in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Fabulous dinner in San Diego--report

Thanks to everyone who advised me about where to take my mother for her birthday dinner--we did indeed go to the Marine Room, where we had a very early reservation and thus arrived in time to sip martinis in the bar and watch the sunset and the sky after the sunset--I had told them it was a birthday, and they were incredibly nice, gave us a lovely window table, wished my mother happy birthday, sent out a lemon tart with a burning candle...

The view was wonderful, beach and sky and sunset and then the illuminated sand and the waves and the flocks of little birds after dark--and the food was terrific. We had the zaatar coated prawns and the seasonal mushrooms (the mushrooms were unbelievable, and dense, and woodsy, and complicated), she had veal tenderloin with a muscat reduction and a corn cake, and she said it was excellent, and I had rack of lamb (mustard/pistachio coating and a really remarkable bread pudding which according to the menu was leek, white sage, goat cheese) and the whole thing was as special-occasion as it could be--elaborate food with wonderful flavors, and a nice unhurried pace, and the birds on the beach--I'm really grateful for the recommendation. And later on, I showed my mother the original post on Chowhound, and all the contributions, and she would like to express her thanks as well!

Nov 14, 2006
Pearl in California

Fabulous dinner in San Diego???

Thank you all so much for the advice--at the moment, I am leaning toward the Marine Room, since it will take advantage of the setting, and we are from out of town--we'll go early so it won't be too dark--and maybe the next day we'll go in search of something more informal (are there great fish tacos anywhere in La Jolla??? Is there any way to combine a walk along the water with interesting food?)--but I want to make the birthday dinner special, and I appreciate all the help!

Oct 29, 2006
Pearl in San Diego

Fabulous dinner in San Diego???

in fact, we are staying at the La Jolla Marriott--won't have a car, but willing to be somewhat intrepid with taxis--both reasonably adventurous eaters (and other more casual suggestions in the area for breakfast or lunch or dinner are welcome!), price not a major consideration, and as I say, I am hoping to find someplace with delicious food that feels like a special occasion place--but doesn't have to be super super elegant--thanks for all the ideas so far. thought I would just give you our coordinates and see if any more thoughts came to mind...

Oct 25, 2006
Pearl in San Diego

Fabulous dinner in San Diego???

I want to take someone out for a birthday dinner in San Diego--want wonderful food (almost any cuisine would be fine) and a restaurant that will be a delightful dining experience--okay, it's my mother, and it's her birthday, and she doesn't need it to be superelegant (though it's better if the restaurant isn't too loud), though elegant is okay, but it should be delicious and a special place--but we neither of us know the city, and I need some guidance!

Oct 23, 2006
Pearl in San Diego

Rock Hill to Charlotte

I will be driving from Rock Hill, South Carolina, to the Charlotte airport around lunchtime--is there any place especially nice I should stop where the food will be memorable? Short detours okay...dare one hope for barbecue? Anything else that's good? And I would also be grateful for a dinner recommendation in Charlotte, especially a place that might be open on the late side....thanks so much!

Aug 22, 2006
Pearl in General South Archive