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Foodie Movies

"Haute cuisine" is on Netflix and it was a pleasure to watch. Oh, also "today's special" which made me crave indian food for weeks!

Parboiled rice volume

Woops, typing fail. I did mean I thought it would expand less, for the same reasons you listed, but typed the wrong word. Regardless, I hope your rice turns out delicious :)

Parboiled rice volume

I just plugged it into the nutritional software at work. Apparently 1 cup dry white rice --> 3.59 cups cooked rice (both boiled and steamed have the same result.)
1 cup dry parboiled rice --> 3.78 cups cooked rice.
1 cup dry instant white rice --> 2.01 cups cooked.

Seems counterintuitive to me, as I would've also guessed that parboiled would expand more, but this is the certified accurate for nutritional research so I believe it at least. For home cooking, I'd say the difference between dry and parboiled expansion is probably negligible. I only use dry rice at home so I can't speak from experience but hopefully somebody else can!

Mom isn't eating well any suggestions?

I will disclaim that I don't have any personal experience with this, but in my nutrition classes, we were taught that decreased eating in the elderly can often be due to a decrease in taste perception. We were taught to overseason food and give it in small portions, as everybody else is saying. Extra lemon on chicken, extra salt in the soup, extra sugar in the cookies, extra hot sauce in the chili, etc.

KitchenAid Mixer Splash Guard

I'm guessing the indent is there so that multiple bowls can be stacked on top of each other securely. But cutting a hole would probably still work for your purpose! Not being able to easily use a spatula would drive me a little bit nuts though, which is why I tend to stick with the wet towel method

Nov 29, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Cookware

Cranberry Sauce?

Mix with vodka. Drink. My holiday tradition.

Online source for *real* fudge?


Confession: I don't like the family Thanksgiving dressing recipe

Hmm, I always use an extra egg in the cornbread recipe to help things stay moist and stick together. And once mixing all the ingredients and broth, I let it soak for 20-30min before cooking. That way if it soaks it all up, I can adjust and add more liquid.

Weight your own vegetables at Wegmans

Slightly off topic, but related to the original topic: The scale on the cash register will still alert the cashier if the weight doesn't match what the customer-printed label says, as a method to prevent cheating and stealing. I learned this when i thought I was being ecoconscious by buying three types of apples, weighing them individually, getting three price stickers, and then putting all the apples and all three stickers on one plastic bag. When the cashier scanned it, there was a popup saying the weight was inaccurate.

Nov 25, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Chains

Thanksgiving Crisis -- Apples

According to the eastern market website, the farmers market is Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays 3-7pm

But the crystal city one sounds nice too! And I liked relay the one time I used it, so I second your recommendation for that as a backup

Thanksgiving Crisis -- Apples

You can sort all the farmers markets to see which are on Tuesdays, and see if any of them are still going this late in the season. Perhaps eastern market? Good luck!

A good donut? DC/MD

Despite the fact that not everybody loves Fractured Prune, I certainly do love them! They're a big treat and I can hardly even make it to my car without eating one. The fruit flavors are my favorite, and the cinnamon sand, and cherry glaze with peanuts. They just added a margarita one and a salted caramel one (at the ocean city locations, not sure about the ones closer to DC) that I can't wait to try.

Brussel sprout stalks -- edible?

Inspired by this thread, I microwaved my stalk, hacked it open to see if there really was sprout marrow inside, and there was! I took out the funky middle hard squiggly tube, sprinkled it with salt and garlic powder, and ate the marrow with a spoon! Once I got over the mental image of "this is what I imagine a dissected penis would look like," it was actually very tasty!

Best Chowhound Tip Ever?

Cooking dried beans with baking soda to get a better texture.

Heart healthy eating

I try to eat similar to the esselstyn diet too (although probably closer to the Fuhrman diet), and I empathize with you with eating out! I recommend local restaurants rather than chains. I am always SHOCKED by the ingredients that chains manage to sneak in. I went to Chicago pizzeria UNOs last week and the menu was awful. The "whole wheat" pizza crust was white flour, a bit of whole wheat, and extra sugar to mask the flavor. The tomato sauce had so much sugar and fat. And this is what I could barely believe: the "SIDE OF STEAMED BROCCOLI" had hydrogenated oil/trans fat seasoning, salt, and msg on it! Now that's deceitful in my mind. So I guess that's a word of caution: don't assume that "steamed" means "plain." Be sure to clarify with the waiter.

Thanksgiving side: Not heavy, possibly acidic or citrusy?

Cooked carrot coins mixed with orange segments, dressed with a mixture of orange juice, almond butter, salt, pepper, cumin. Can added slivered almonds on top too.

Low sugar holiday bites for kiddos

A fun colored homemade applesauce? Cook up apples + other fresh or frozen fruit + cinnamon, no sugar needed. Apples+ strawberries+cocoa powder is yummy. Another bowl of applekiwisauce would make for red and green!

Orange "smile" slices, pretzels, etc

Popcorn mixed with pistachios and dried cranberries

I saw these grinches on facebook last week and thought they were adorable:

You can make jello jigglers out of fruit juice and gelatin; they still have sugar, but have no added sugar

Cinnamon/spiced nut mix

Sorry these are pretty christmas oriented, not sure what holiday(s) you're going for!

Kitchen Cabinet Organization ideas?

Buy new, consistently sized spice jars, perhaps? It's a bit of money but they're not too expensive, and it really cleaned up my spice drawer, since I can fit everything more tightly together and evenly, no wasted space and it's easier to find things. I only had to buy some once, since now I can refill them as needed. The few spices I had more than one jar's worth, I put the extra far above my fridge since I only need to access them when a jar gets empty.

Nov 17, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Cookware

Favourite type of rice?

Nutty red rice for me, it's my go to more often than not.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - November 2014 [Old]

Still a YAY- almond butter. There was a sign today saying that the almond butter now contains 1% cashews, and to ask an employee why. I was in a rush so I didn't go ask, but it tastes as good or better than ever! Tastes a little creamier and saltier to me than past batches, but I don't know if I'm just "placebo effect"ing myself now that I know it has the fatty cashews in it. I'm guessing they added the cashews to help homogenize it without adding oil so they can still claim it is oil free. Either way, a delicious staple for me.

YAY - dried white peaches and salt and pepper pistachios, nothing new but soooo addictive good. Very hard to not eat all of them at once, preferably alternating handfuls from each bag.

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach ?

Are you asking if others do this too, or are you asking for advice on how to stop doing this?

Every Chinese food has the same taste , what spice that gives it that taste , I want to know the particular spice. Because after making my own Chinese food with garlic, ginger , licks , spring onions , etc it doesn't give me th e taste


Tips from the commercial kitchen for the home kitchen

Pre-cook beans, grains, and rice until al dente and store them in the fridge for the week or in the freezer, so they can be made quickly on weeknights. Wash veggies when you buy them, and chop them up if they're something that can be stored chopped without going bad.

Tips from the commercial kitchen for the home kitchen

I think there are many different types of markets. Often they are just old, re-distributed food, but there are several that are great, local, and require the farmer to have personally grown everything they sell. And I get way better deals than at my local grocery store for things that are in season. Then again, I pick carefully which markets I frequent and I've gotten to know the farmers over time so I actually hear how a new purchase of land is turning out or what new plant they've tried this year, etc. Or perhaps I'm just lucky to be near two big cities with markets that both require the farm to produce what they sell and perhaps that's not common in other parts of the country, like where you are.

Beyond Vegan

I follow the same diet, though I do have some small amount of non-oil fat in my diet. I'm actually in the middle of creating a blog for this stuff and every time I see a question like yours I'm even more frustrated that I haven't gotten the site up yet :). Otherwise, I love love the website, which uses some oil but you can often leave it out, or water sautee, or sub applesauce or pumpkin if it's a baked good. I also recommend: http://amysnutritariankitchen.blogspo... (although she has now switched to including some whole food fat after reading the negative effects of being on a too low fat diet, but you would still only need to make minor changes to her recipes, and her early recipes should be perfect for you!
) (this one has lots of oil free recipes
)And a shameless inclusion of my which will be up and running aaaaany day now...

Good luck with your new diet and I hope it makes you feel amazing! Also, explore the wonders of unsweetened dried fruit. Dried peaches, dried mango, dried pineapple, dried dragon fruit, dried cherries etc etc can be a great way to fix a sweets craving.

Oh and if you use a mandolin to slice a white or sweet potato, lay the slices flat on a piece of parchment, salt or season, then microwave for 4-6 minutes until brown and crispy, then let them rest a minute you'll get chips that are as crunchy as Lay's but better tasting and with no fat! It's my favorite trick.

Sorry I can't help much with the restaurant part of the question! That's donething I've had a lot of trouble finding.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - October 2014 [old]

Wow! Clearly I do need to work on my Google fu! Thank you :) sometimes I suspect Google images doesn't work the same on my phone as in a computer, I probably should've tried it there first. Thanks again :)

Oct 22, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Chains

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - October 2014 [old]

Wow! Clearly I do need to work on my Google fu! Thank you :) sometimes I suspect Google images doesn't work the same on my phone as in a computer, I probably should've tried it there first. Thanks again :) I'm pleasantly surprised by the results! Now I just have to hope it is still in stock

Oct 22, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Chains

Tips from the commercial kitchen for the home kitchen

Tongs. The number one thing I learned during my time in the kitchen was that tongs can do just about anything. Mix a salad, stir a stir fry, flip a steak, flip roasting veggies, take a plate out of the oven, grab toast from the toaster etc. I'd say we all had tongs in our hands more often than we didn't! Now in my home kitchen, I keep several sets, plain metal and silicone tipped, in a jar on my counter and they get used daily.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - October 2014 [old]

Would anybody be a dear and post the ingredients and/or nutritional information for the pumpkin bread pudding? It sounds divine but I haven't had any luck with Google.

Oct 22, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Chains

First Date Food?

Ha, I was thinking the same thing! Using a spoon, or (shudder!) cutting spaghetti, are both practically dealbreakers for this Italian!