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vegan spaghetti and meatballs

I recommend "neatballs" nom nom nom :)

about 12 hours ago
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Trader Joe's Different Prices in Nearby Stores !

Hmmmm I shop at both of those spa regularly and now you've got me wondering if I've been regularly overpaying in falls church or if it was a one-off difference in that product... I'll be sure to keep an eye on the prices from now on (and perhaps a running list in my phone!)

Oct 15, 2014
mariathewholefoodie in Chains

Traditional Indian food in DC/NoVa

Indigo in DC is sooooo good, and if I can judge based on the clientele and the fact that the very cute family lives upstairs (the walls are decorated with maps of their hometown in India), it's very authentic! I eat there constantly, accompanied by 5-10 glasses of water :). It isn't a sit down restaurant though, it's takeout and there are tables outdoors on a pretty patio

Salad dressings

Nut butter + enough vinegar/acid to make it creamy + salt, pepper, herbs = done! I often just mix it with a spoon right before lunch

Examples that I like:

Almond butter + apple cider vinegar + onion powder
Peanut butter + rice vinegar + soy sauce
Cashew butter + balsamic vinegar + garlic powder
Almond butter + orange juice + cumin (usually on a salad with orange segments, then I squeeze the orange remnants to make the dressing)
Tahini + lemon + garlic powder

Vegan Product You Wish Existed

I really want a vegan milk chocolate bar that isn't awful! I've only found one with rice milk and it was no good. Maybe one with coconut or almond milk would be good. And not one that's $5+ and needs to be ordered online would be ideal.

Salvage for failed rhubarb "butter"?

Yay! I didn't see this until now, but I'm so glad I could help! And also glad that it turned out to be good eats.

Adding cooked or dried beans directly into slow cooker recipe?

If you add dry beans to any kind of acidic mixture (like a chili with tomatoes in it, or anything with lemon or vinegar) they'll never soften properly.

Salty snack for office gathering

I love salty plaintain chips, but those are just storebought, and then I add cumin.

Recipes for better beans

What I do is pick a flavor family:

Italian (garlic, onion, oregano, black pepper, etc)
Mexican-ish (taco seasoning, cumin, chili powder, etc)
Indian (curry powder, turmeric, tamarind, etc)
Thai (lemongrass, coconut, galangal, curry paste)
Chinese (five spice, soy sauce, miso, etc)
Carribean (jerk seasoning, allspice, etc)
Etc, etc.

Cook the beans in water with some salt, a pinch of baking soda (soft and creamy, yum!), 1-2 chopped onions, 1-2 bay leaves and about triple as many spices as my instinct tells me. I just look at my spice drawer and grab whatever I see that's in that day's flavor profile. When they're done cooking, I add a bit more salt to taste (it'll still be less than canned), and usually add a bit of vinegar corresponding to that week's cuisine (balsamic vin, apple cider vin, rice wine vin, etc) to kick up the flavor. Don't add the vinegar earlier or the beans won't soften properly.

Let me just tell you, I seriously crave my beans all week long and am sad when they run out! If by some magical chance you have leftover beans, puree them into a yummy hummus alternative :)

Salvage for failed rhubarb "butter"?

All I can think is to add more water and blend blend blend to see if it eventually smooths out, then you could filter or reduce it? If the food processor didn't work, you could try a blender or stick blender if you have one. Otherwise it might be a lost cause :/ ah, kitchen experiments, win some, lose some!

This pineapple killed my tongue!!

Grilling it, sautéing it, etc will help deactivate the bromelain so you can still enjoy luscious fresh pineapple rather than reverting to canned!

Do you use a pressure cooker?

I use mine for beans and whole grains (farro, barley, etc) and just for that alone it's worth the storage space. While soaking helps, I love that I can get away with using dry if I decide last minute I want some. Last night I was craving chickpeas, just grabbed them dry from the cabinet, add water and a pinch of salt and pinch of baking soda and thirty minutes later, dreamily creamy chickpeas better than I ever got with soaking + simmering for hours. It's also good for all kinds of soups, not just stocks. The storage isn't bad in my opinion since I can nest some of my other pots in it.

No Regrets: Glad I bought it!

It's not a pot or a pan but I think it fits the theme... An immersion blender! I thought it was unnecessary, since I have a normal blender, a vitamix even. I thought maybe I'd occasionally use it for a soup.

How wrong I was! I use that thing daily! And it was like $30 maybe, the cuisinart one. Yesterday put three giant tomatoes in a jar, no liquid or anything, and whizz whizz twenty seconds to a perfectly smooth tomato juice. It also gets a lot of use for whipping cream, for large pots of soup, for remixing previously frozen and separated liquids, for individual portions of salad dressing, and more. Love it. Probably won't be a surprise to many hounds, but I think it is invaluable. Doesn't dirty any dishes, and can be cleaned in a second by whizz ing under water, or if I'm particularly lazy and let something dry on it, the dishwasher safe pop off head is invaluable. Wow I sound like a commercial... I've given probably five of them as gifts now, haha!

Help - no-chew diabetic foods?

A cream based soup? Particularly like a seafood bisque, perhaps, that would be liquid and mostly fat and protein.

Juicing with or without "skin, seeds"?

This is what I reference when I make blend fruit: http://blenderdude.com/articles/whole...

I personally throw in citrus with the seeds, and sometimes cut the apple seeds out but sometimes leave them in if it's a lazy day.

Recipes for tomatoes NOT as the star ingredient?

Fresh corn is one of my favorite things in the world - this might be a good use for all the cherry tomatoes! Thanks!

Recipes for tomatoes NOT as the star ingredient?

I want to LOVE tomatoes too, I just have to convince my pesky taste buds to agree with my brain. :) 8 lbs is indeed a lot of tomatoes. Some of them probably will end up getting processed and frozen. Oh - maybe I can dry some like sundried tomatoes and use them in hummus or sandwiches or something!

Also I've been wanting to try mole for a while but never have... maybe this is the chance!

Recipes for tomatoes NOT as the star ingredient?

I haven't been a fan of grilled cherry tomatoes before, but it may be worth a revisit. I think the slow braised green beans would be great to try! Thanks!

Recipes for tomatoes NOT as the star ingredient?

Ohhhh chili, that's a good idea! Also, you're right. I am going to try a bit of each of the different types of heirloom ones raw, maybe I'll discover a great one! Thanks

Recipes for tomatoes NOT as the star ingredient?

Hi all!

So, I don't really like tomatoes. I've working on opening my palate up to them, but I'm not quite there yet. I don't like them raw, and I don't like them as tomato sauce or ketchup. However, through a lot of funny coincidences (CSA + aunt who was so proud of her tomatoes I couldn't refuse + surprise free tomatoes at the farmer's market), I've ended up with about 8 pounds of tomatoes! 5 pounds red tomatoes, 2 pounds gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, 1 pound cherry tomatoes.

I know you all are so creative - can you help me come up with some recipe ideas that use tomato to complement other flavors, rather than just tasting like tomato?

Some of my ideas so far:
batch of homemade barbecue sauce?
channa masala?
roasted carrot tomato bisque?

I'm convinced that this is the universe telling me to hurry up and start liking tomatoes, so I'm excited to try them in some different ways :)

Oh, and I tend toward the crazy-health-nut end of the spectrum... I eat mostly vegan and mostly no refined sugar or oils, so if you know of any healthier recipes that would be fantastic, but the key word is "mostly" so if there's a really great recipe idea with meat or cream or sugar etc, I'll still look at it!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Low Carb Vegetarians, what's on your plate?

Congratulations! That's a big success

Low Carb Vegetarians, what's on your plate?

You don't have to be low carb to control diabetes, just low in refined carbs. I recommend the book "the end of diabetes" to explain it. I'm not a shill, just a dietitian in training and that is one of my most oft-referenced books. For a more fun read, try "the year without sugar."

Broccoli - Breathing

I actually work on a research team studying this! Never thought I'd see it show up on chowhound. The active ingredient is much higher in broccoli sprouts than broccoli, and it gets broken down/deactivated when heated or cut.... Made for some difficult but fun recipe testing to come up with ways to get people to eat it without heating or cutting it! It works wonders on kids with asthma.

Cherry Picking?

It's so much fun, and especially delicious! Way easier than strawberries, lower than most apples, and no sharp thorns to dodge. I got 10 pounds last weekend in about an hour, who knows how many I ate, and I hope to go once more (but I'm in DC, not Boston. Here the farmer told me the season might last 2 more weekends). There were lots of little ones around helping pick cherries. The one thing I found was that, if they're sweet cherries, you really have to be careful to only pick the ones that come off very easily. If you have to pull at all, they're not ripe enough and not as tasty. I haven't picked tart baking cherries before, I don't know if it's the same for those.

Coconut oil version of browned butter?

Hmmmm if it's the toasty flavor you're after, I wonder if you could toast shredded coconut and then blend it and use that, although it wouldn't be as pure fat as a factory produced coconut oil... This may call for some experimenting.

Camping time!

Oh I am indeed a bit of a pyro, haha, but I won't be able to indulge it on this particular weekend. It's not quite as cool as a kayak trip, but rather a sort of outdoor convention of 1,000 people where everybody brings their own tent and for safety reasons there are no fires/burners/grills allowed since there are so many tents so close together. (Well, fire is allowed in one small designated area that gets very crowded, plus there are classes and activities that keep us too busy to spend time cooking, so we would rather just skip that part altogether.)

Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm definitely going to put some of them to use, especially the hummus, black bean corn salsa, spring rolls, and a couscous or maybe barley salad! Also seeing these suggestions helped spur my creativity a bit, and I am also considering making some granola bars, an interesting trail mix, a broccoli salad that should stay crisp well, maybe some coconut milk rice pudding...

And I think I just may have to bring some s'mores fixins' in case we manage to scmooze our way up to somebody else's fire for a moment. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Breast cancer diet recommendations?

I recommend the book "The end of dieting" (sounds like a weight loss book, but it is really just about a healthy diet in general). It has a lot of great advice and sample recipes and success stories good enough to make anybody want to change their diet by the time they're done reading it! My mom is in remission from breast cancer, and from this book I got some statistics that I passed on to her, specifically that she should eat more cruciferous vegetables and also that soy intake (not too little but not too much either) is associated with a decrease in reoccurence of breast cancer. Also that processed foods, meats, and dairy are highly correlated with more breast cancer.

Best wishes to your sister.

Camping time!

Hi all!

So, I completely changed my diet about a year ago, and now eat vegan and also no refined sugar, refined flour, or tofu/meat substitutes. (Maybe I should've posted this on the special diets board, haha!)

I'm about to go camping for four days next weekend and everybody is bringing their own food to be stored in the cooler. We won't have any way to heat up food or prep food there, basically just grabbing things out of the cooler to eat. I'm fine with things that require a lot of prep work before leaving. I'm proficient in the kitchen but eat almost all hot food at home so I'm blanking on ideas here.

Any creative ideas of things I could bring, so I don't just subsist on carrot sticks, fruit, nuts, and PBJ sandwiches?


Empty kitchen

I recommend this cookbook: http://5ingredients10minutes.com

I use it so often, and all the recipes truly are 5 ingredients and ten minutes. The best part is that it lists a lot of variations and ratios so you can substitute in whatever you like, so each recipe is more of a template than a strict guide. Eg it'll say "2 cups of green vegetable" or "1 cup rice, quinoa, pasta, any starch" so you can make things over and over and they're always different. The addictive green soup really is addictive, I taught it to my 18 year old brother when he moved out and wanted to "cook like me"

Bored Palette! Need new recipe ideas.

I got 660 curries from the library last month and woooow has it opened my eyes to a lot of combinations of ingredients I'd never thought of!