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Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham

So, just to clarify- The brining process should never include vinegar. I have never heard of such. And it is done to corn the ham. This is a prepartory step, see Sheri's above post, when only a fresh leg of pork is to be found. If you can find a corned ham you can omit this step. This will be my first year using fresh ham, as only smoked hams are to be found in western NC. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Dec 24, 2011 in Home Cooking

Beech Mountain N Carolina

Eseeola Lodge in Linville. It was a four star affair under Chef John Hoffland and probably still is. They did serve an amazing seafood buffet once a week, I believe Wednesday night. I haven't been there since the new chef started, but this place brought me back from vegetarianism (6+ years) with their lambchops.

Asheville (area) best

It's yeasty, light and fluffy, made with a sourdough starter I believe. I'm not too sure what constitutes the Chicago crust.

French Broad Taqueria -Marshall NC

Definitely not a cafe, the REAL name is Aligator's (sic) Saloon. I think they only serve beer and chips.

Jun 08, 2009 in Southeast

Asheville: Best Saturday morning farmers market?

I love the Mars Hill market. No problem parking and a little of everything. The vendors are extremely friendly and there's everything from Spinning Spider Creamery to tomato plants to local hormone free black angus beef.

Asheville (area) best

Nona Mia's pan pizza is my biggest Asheville food craving for at least the last year. I have to restrain myself because I will make myself sick eating too much.

Bostonians Visiting Asheville w/Toddler...?

Wow, you really did a great job getting around to some of our best restaurants and markets. Glad you had such a wonderful experience in Asheville.

Travelling the Haines Highway in July

from the southern United States. What local foods besides salmon and king crab should I be searching out? I read on Trip Advisor about the Raven Restaurant in Haines Junction, anyone eaten there?

Bostonians Visiting Asheville w/Toddler...?

If you come soon, you'll be just in time for ramps, (a gourmet wild garlicky onion), they taste really good scrambled up with some local free range eggs.
You can find them at most of the farmer's markets around here, there are quite a few tailgate markets too. Which area of Asheville will you be staying?
Most restaurants around here are kid friendly, even Rezaz's has been extremely polite with our loud one year old (Mediterranean cuisine, delicious, in Biltmore Village). You can get some great Carolina BBQ in a casual setting down by the river at 12 Bones (Monday-Friday day only), there are a lot of sides that a small eater will enjoy. Also for brunch we have many excellent eateries around here. Sunny Point in West Asheville, Early Girl Eatery off Wall St., and Cafe Azalea in East Asheville (Swannanoa River Rd. and Hwy 70).

Little Bee Thai in Asheville

where is it?

Apr 21, 2009 in Southeast

Recent Asheville Meals - Fig, Cucina24, Stoney Knob and more

With the economy going sour, a lot of our local small restaurants had to make some drastic cuts to stay afloat. While we'd like to think our standbys can survive, they may have made some deep cuts in labor in order to make it through a harsh winter. Let's hope with spring here again, and places hiring, that some of the places who had to let quality help go will be able to afford them again.

12 Bones-A 2nd Visit

Where is Okie Dokie's?

Johnson City, Tennesse?

Anything happening in this city worth the drive?

ATTN:asheville hounds- fantastic taqueria in marshall

The town of Marshall has been in a severe drought (the well done gone dry!) which hindered the growth of the promising restaurants in town. (The taqueria is no more.) Now with all the rain we've received and spring here hopefully Marshall will get a little more foot traffic at Zuma and Bacchus Bistro. It's well worth the drive or bicycle ride from Asheville just to visit this historic little town, if you ask me.

Asheville for Easter Weekend

Laurey's is now serving Sunday brunch. They don't have a service staff, you place the order when you come in. The ticket times are phenomenally fast as they are just starting out and not to busy. Save yourself the price of a tip and bypass the lines!

Bacchus Bistro (Marshall, NC) what's the deal?

I agree with the latest post. Went there a month ago and had a great meal. My cousin and her husband were down from NoVA and they were amazed at how cheap our bill was (but then we drank beers). The garlic knots are not to be missed, we fought over them. We also had the calamari which was fine. The fresh mozzarella pie was delicious, and I prefer the thinner crisp crusts to a thick bready one. It could have standed to be a little thicker but our table was raving over the flavors. We didn't have room for dessert but we wowed over the tiramisu that came through the room a few times. It was easily the largest portion I have ever seen.

Apr 07, 2009 in Southeast

Asheville Food Scene -- What does it need?

I second Rick for mentioning Creme on Merrimon. They make fresh bread, pastries, confections, whole cakes in the French tradition. They even make sugar free and gluten free desserts.

Mar 15, 2009 in Southeast

Travelling south on I-26 to 95 S

with 17 month old. Headed to south Florida on a late holiday trip. Looking for advice for interesting stops with the toddler. Parks, kid friendly restaurants, short walks? I heard there was a good park in Clinton S.C. Any other ideas? Much appreciated, 12 hour drive ahead. Gulp.

Saturday Green Market Asheville

The City market opens @ 10.

ATTN:asheville hounds- fantastic taqueria in marshall

Visited yesterday and really dug the pork carnitas tacos. The patio will be great and really appreciate the quality ingredients in this neck of the woods.

asheville - looking for innovative shoestring budget lunches...

The culinary school at AB Tech does lunches open to the public on Thursdays. A bargain dinner as well, you can get on the emailing list to find out what type of cuisine is being prepared....

Asheville updates

The Sicilian pizza I had there certainly was drop your fork and lick your plate good. :) The hours are strange but definitely worth a trip. Closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

food trends for 2008......

I like to incorporate these fresh nutritious foods into family recipes that have been passed down, making them better than ever before. Well, maybe not better than Grandma, but freshened up a bit.

Jan 24, 2008 in General Topics

food trends for 2008......

Wow I really like where this thread went!
Hear hear to more dinners with friends and family, be it Taco Night or vegetable sides only. Let's stop giving ourselves such a hard time about putting a meal together.
My friends and I are all making babies these days and it can be so tough to put a good meal together. It's really nice to just make a component of a dish and get together with the other new parents for a little time together.
I also enjoy the communal Sunday brunch together. We did this with friends this week, it was so nice to socialize and not feel pressured to leave because of bedtimes or early working hours!

Jan 23, 2008 in General Topics

NEWBEE in Asheville/Hendersonville

Enoteca in Biltmore Village sells Deric's cakes,pastries and possibly his bread. (he's Rezaz's pastry chef). His chocolate is amazing. Try him.
They also sell cured meats on their menu and possibly retail. If so, they could probably slice it for you?

Good to know about Rathbone's. Do they sell stock bones?

i think there's a Jewish deli in the Grove Arcade and possibly another deli in there too. Anyone else know?

There isn't a Whole Foods in Asheville.

Finally tried Corner Kitchen *sigh* (Asheville)

Joe Scully is an amazing chef. I've had excellent food and good service there. Sorry to here about your experience. Maybe everyone was on vacation after the crazy holiday season?! Hope so.

food trends for 2008......

I'd like to see more -local foods please, prepared simply....

less- crusted, oversauced, and overembellished to cover up the poor quality of the ingredients.

Jan 06, 2008 in General Topics

There's something about Anthony Bourdain

T.V.. It's so incredible that Bourdain has so blown up as a t.v. star of late that his overwhelmingly popular Kitchen Confidential is now barely mentioned in a thread about him. He is revered among cooks for telling it like it is in that book. For all of us who never made it to NYC to cook, what a window into a great time to be doing just that, NYC in the eighties.

Favorite fiction foodie books.

Like Water for Chocolate!!! Love it!

New Tiki place in Asheville- Yacht Club

Funny idea. Heard the owners were nice too. Too bad that we can't just have bars in Asheville without them serving food. Outdated private club law should be reviewed.