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Outdoor seating, young, fun, coworker dinner this week

Hi there. I've been tasked with finding a spot for my coworkers tonight and tomorrow for dinner and I've never been to Dallas. 20's and 30's, can spend some money, we're from way up north so this weather for us is gorgeous. Would like to find somewhere with maybe a happy hour special, professionals, "Texas," downtown or wherever you suggest. We're staying by UT Southwestern but have a vehicle. Thanks very much!

Apr 29, 2015
jackcyn in Dallas - Fort Worth

Outdoor lunch for cherry blossoms downtown DC

Well, unfortunately not perfect. :( They said it looked too fussy and expensive. Any other ideas with something less DC chic? Bummer.

Layover at Dulles 5pm - 9pm

Looking for somewhere to have a nice sit down, possibly ethnic or steaks, don't mind spending a little bit. Tysons corner?

Outdoor lunch for cherry blossoms downtown DC

Thank you, thank you! PERFECT!

Outdoor lunch for cherry blossoms downtown DC

Hopefully the title says it all. My parents are coming into town Sunday and we're taking a trolly tour (they're not good walkers but want to see a lot, if there's suggestions other than a trolly too, I'd love them!), and I'm looking for a nice outdoor spot to have a late lunch along the trolly route. Constitution, Pennsylvania, Independence, etc. Thanks so much!

Lunch in DC/NW

I eat at Lalibela at least twice a week. Maybe Ethiopian isn't the best lunch option (spicy!), but I'm slightly obsessed. Super cheap, food is great, grab a seat on the patio for lunch.

On the other side of the circle is also Pizzolis, easy and simple lunch pizzas.

Lalibela Restaurant
1415 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Sky Bar? Good view of DC?

I have friends coming in from out of town and I'm looking for a hip place to have drinks tonight where they can get a cool view of the city, or just a roof deck maybe. Does anyone know of anything, all I can think of is the rotating lounge in Pentagon City and we don't want to venture out of the city. Thanks!

Cupcake place for a shower

Hi there. My girlfriend loves cupcakes. And she is getting married this spring. I'd like to throw her a nontraditional shower, something more interactive and fun. Does anyone know of a cupcake store / bakery, that would host about 20 ladies and do a cooking demo or an interactive decorating day? Thanks!

Downtown DC dinner/drinks get together suggestions

Hello DC! Looking to put together a fun night out with friends and don't want to break the bank. A local pub, a fun sit down, something very metro accessible, maybe penn quarter, dupont. 8-10 young professionals. Suggestions would be great!!! Thanks!

Long shot question in Vegas

AAAAH!! Yes this is it exactly! I just googled it and this is so beautiful. What a cool place. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Sep 21, 2009
jackcyn in Las Vegas

Long shot question in Vegas

I was flipping through channels and saw a restaurant featured in Las Vegas but never got the name of it. The decor is what made me stop and awe!! It looked asian, it was bright white with lots of white and silver birds maybe hanging from the ceiling. It was incredibly clean looking, bright, silver and white. I don't know how else to describe it. Almost like the ceiling was water. I know it's a long shot but anyone know what I'm talking about?

If I can't figure it out... I'm trying to find a place to go this Thursday night. A great date night. We've been to a lot of the typical places but want to find something new, something sexy, something not a lot of people have tried. How is the new M hotel?

Sep 21, 2009
jackcyn in Las Vegas

New, Different, downtown!

Hi there. I am heading out to dinner tonight and would like to take my date somewhere he has never been. He's lived in Chicago for 11 years and claims to have eaten everywhere. Price range is open, would like something exciting, fun, trendy, hip, new and different. Location is also open, but would like to obviously stay in the city. So for someone who has eaten everywhere, where can I take him? :) Thanks so much!

Jul 10, 2009
jackcyn in Chicago Area

Sunday Champagne Brunch Vegas?

Looking for a "one price" all you can eat/drink champagne brunch in Vegas. Prefer under $35, doesn't have to be on strip. I heard Simon in the Palms has a great one but it's a make-your-own bloody mary bar instead of champage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Jun 13, 2009
jackcyn in Las Vegas

How do we get Vegas as a separate link here?

Hey guys. Not sure if you share my same sentiment that Las Vegas is a monster when it comes to food - wondering why we are in a category in the "southwest" and there isn't a separate link for just Vegas. There are sooooo many restaurants, it's like a bubble of the food world, and almost solely based on tourists. Anyone know how we can get our own link? :)

Oct 23, 2008
jackcyn in Site Talk

Mie N Yu first timer

Friends suggested Mie N Yu for dinner Friday. Never been there, suggestions, dress, eats? Thanks!

quick drinks tonight

oops sorry, downtown dc. I think I'm going to try atlantico. Never been there but read about it all the time on here. Thanks!

quick drinks tonight

I have an event at ESPN zone tonight but it doesn't start until 7pm. Looking for a place within walking distance to grab a nice drink, good for professionals, not very touristy. M&S Grill?

Thoughts on Sesto Senso in Dupont

Friends are heading there tonight. I've never been, just wanted to get a feel for the place.

BLT Steak tonight for dinner/drinks

I remember reading good and bad about this place. I'm meeting a group of 4 there tonight and was nervous about the prices and the bad food reviews. Any helpful tips, suggestions? Thanks!

Silver Spring Chow (near AFI)

There is definitely a lot of new stuff! What in particular are you looking for? Ray's the Classics is almost right across the street from AFI and fantastic, Red Rock Grill is a chain but I've always really enjoyed it, there's an Irish Pub with great food. If you're looking for something more exotic, Moby Dick is a kabob place, theres Lebanese Taverna, Ceviche is a great latin place but does serve a lot of fish. Geez, eggspectation, austin grill... lots of choices!

New Ideas for Happy Hour, Downtown DC

Have you hit up any of the Irish pubs in Eastern Market? Right off the metro, a whole line of places, great specials.

Looking for Washington D.C. recommendations.

Inside the Capital Hilton is Twigs - not my favorite but obviously right inside. Right across the street is Olives, chain but great for drinks/appetizers. Also within walking distance if you head west on K street 2 blocks to Conneticut Ave, turn right on Connecticut and it will open up into the Dupont area. So many options there! You're literally right smack in the middle of maybe 5 blocks one way finding anything you could dream of in Dupont and then 5 blocks the other way you'll be in Logan Circle. If you head east, eh... not too much or south, you run into the White House and the mall, which all you'll find are hotdog vendors.

Looking for Family Friendly Place to watch Football

What about Dave and Busters or ESPN Zone, something along those lines. I know they've got 2 D&B's up in MD but only know of the one EZ in DC.

30th Birthday in DC Area

There's a brand new Bar Louie in the Verizon Center that has a room specifically for parties and such. It's a huge bar, really accessible for metro goers, not that expensive, a laid back vibe, lots of flat screens for sports guys.

Web says "This casually cool neighborhood restaurant and bar specializes in oversized signature sandwiches and hand-crafted specialty cocktails in addition to an extensive selection of small and large plates. A unique variety of drafts, bottled beers, microbrews and over 20 wines by the glass are also available. Warm surroundings with an urban feel include contemporary photography, hand-laid mosaic tiling, wood-paneled walls, retro light fixtures, plasma televisions and a variety of seating options from high-top bar tables to plush circular booths."

Dupont tonight?

Biddy Mulligans is perfect! Thanks!

Dupont tonight?

Looking for a place to eat/drink with about 10 people. We usually head to Loriel Plaza for the margaritas but don't want the wait. Someone suggested Big Hunt but eh.. too hole in the wall. I'm not very familiar with Dupont so if anyone can suggest something in a moderate price range, not a huge wait, but not a dive bar that would be great. Thanks!

WINGS. hot, medium, bbq. Where?

Great one! With their $.25 beer night. Nothing better.

WINGS. hot, medium, bbq. Where?

Just wanted to open up some conversation about wings in DC. I am a sucker for great wings and great wing specials. My local favorites include Kelly's Irish Pub, My Brothers Place and Mr. Henrys. I'm always looking for more. Suggestions?

Gtown waterfront. Nicks?

I went kayaking on Saturday right off the waterfront and we ended working up an appetite after a few hours out. A group of us head to Nicks, thought Tony and Joe's would be too pricy for just some sandwiches and a beer in the afternoon. The food was just atrocious. I had the ribs and they were dry and had hardly any meat. My friend got the chicken sandwich and ordered it with bacon, no mayo. It came with mayo and no bacon. Another had the grilled cheese with tomato and bacon, it came just cheese. And another had the oyster po boy, which lacked oysters and was mainly just a bread sandwich.

I was pretty disappointed because the menu is only about 20 items long and thought they'd have pretty good food for a small menu. Is Nick's just supposed to be a bar, do people go there to eat and how have you found the food? I've been there a couple times for drinks and it's a fun place but wow, the food and service were really lacking.

On a high note, we went to Trio on 17th and Q (I believe) Sat night and had a great time. The food was actually quite good for a little hole in the wall kind of place and the outdoor seating and temperature were perfect.

feeding teenage boys in DC/MD

Why not eat at ESPN Zone? They have a pretty large menu selection. Otherwise in that area, there is not a ton of family places because it is in a business district of the city. Although right across the street is Harry's and then down the street is Ollies Trolley's. What type of food/atmosphere are you looking for?