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Onward...White Plains Primed to become America's Sienna, Paris, Bruges, etc.

Thanks Rinjani for your post.

I totally agree with you. I also live in White Plains and there are many great restaurants. It is just amazing how people would even think to compare White Plains to NY. It is an unfair comparison but more than that, just the typical Westcheter snobbery. We are in a recession and people are losing there jobs and people just spread nasty rumors and comments on these boards that for the most part, have very little truth. First of all, if you ask to see a menu and you don't like the prices, leave! Why eat at the place with an attitude and then bad mouth the place on the internet. My husband and I are really impressed with the choice we have in WP and now do not go to the NYC to eat. To me NYC, may have more choice but the prices are still higher! Nevermind the cost for the rail ticket, subway or parking. My husband and I used to eat out three times at week... had to cut down recently but we ate at many of the restaurants that people refer to in these blogs. I had no problems with Antipasti, Via Quadronno, the Melting Pot, Laguna's, Hito, Emma's Ale House, Elements, Mulino's, Gervasi's, Seasons, and even the new Zanaro's. I am happy that these restaurants are there. They are an improvement to White Plains, create jobs and I love to support my local businesses and my hometown grow into a better community. I like your idea of closing down Mamaroneck Ave and have outdoor dining. When I lived in Europe, I loved that type of scene and wish we could have it here. So, for what is worth, I hope people who like to dine out continously try new places locally and not listen to someone who already has an attitude in the first place, ( which leads to the bad service) blabber stories that in this economy, can put restaurants out of business. I have never owned a restaurant but my husband did some bartending in his day and he mentioned how hard this business is and the cost of just running a simple operation. Keep an open mind and give some of these places a chance, if for the fact that it keep your property values higher ;)