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Thermador 48" pro grand range: worth it?

We recently purchased a home which came with the very impressive and expensive Thermador 48" professional grand range. To our dismay, it almost immediately began to have problems (smell of gas, Grill doesn't work , two burners choose when to spark when not to spark, intermittent sparking in the oven, oven not working etc.) Called a local appliance service company and technicians without really examining the range disdainfully informed us that this range was trouble, that the previous owner had had the "computer " replaced and diagnosed the same problem (up to 2 500 in repairs and no warranty). Does anyone have experience with this range and could you please give us some advice? Are the technicians incompetent? is the range inherently a bad product as some online reviews suggest? Is it worth it to spend 2500 in repairs or should we scrap this range and start with a different product?

Dec 02, 2007
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