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Red Hook Lobster Truck - MIA?

It's been a while since i've had it, though I do recall the last few times not liking the roll as much. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise to save money. LOL

Red Hook Lobster Truck - MIA?

Yeah, i tried twitter and a friend of mine even wrote an email to them, but unfortunately we got no response.

Song Que closing

I was given the same info the other day too. They had an email mailing list to sign up for, so maybe we'll get more updates directly from them. The owners son said there's a very small possibility they'll open up a new location in the future if he misses it. I hope so! :)

Red Hook Lobster Truck - MIA?

I've been unsuccessful at getting more info from Red Hook, so I was hoping someone could shed a little light on this issue:

Does anyone know why the Red Hook Lobster food truck hasn't been in the Rockville area? It's been about a year or so, and I've speculated it could be a zoning issue, or that they just haven't been making too much money out here.