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Where to get a pig head in the DMV?

C and C Meats, Landover MD.


The Roma, Maggie's, The Polonaise, Dancing Crab, Little Tavern.

All-you-can-eat salad buffet bar + soups/bread

In Thurmont Maryland, there is Mountaingate Family Restaurant, it's right off Rt. 15. It features a very good Salad Bar, Homemade Soups, an extensive Entrée and Side choices, great desserts and is under $11.00.

Ben's Chili Bowl, Clarendon (where Ray's Hellburger used to was) and Guajillo's

Ben's Chili is made with spices and WATER...nuff said

veal spare ribs

You can get Veal Chops from Allen Brothers Meats, Google them!
I've never seen or heard of Veal Spare Ribs, for what that's worth.

Skin On Pork Shoulder

That's a specialty Butcher order, Call Mt. Airy Meat Locker.

Secure lids on disposable aluminum pans

Give it a Tin Foil wrap.

Nov 08, 2014
drsmoke in Cookware

Mother kicked out of restaurant for changing baby's diaper at table.

I don't like Babies in my Restaurant, some are well behaved but at least 50% of them cry and carry on, ruining the atmosphere for others. You want to go out to Dinner, get a Babysitter. If I saw someone changing a diaper in my restaurant proper, they would be kicked out immediately.

Best Steakhouse?

I paid $22.00 an OUNCE, for a Waygu Filet, at CUT 3 years ago!

Aug 03, 2014
drsmoke in Los Angeles Area

BBQ catering near arlington

$7.50 a head for good BBQ? Good luck!

HELP me plan a BBQ/party menu

Cook the PC to a 135-140 internal, otherwise you got dry Chops.
Try marinated Flap Steak from Costco, marinate in Ken's Italian Dressing, add some Teriyaki to it marinate overnight.

May 11, 2014
drsmoke in Home Cooking

Natural Cut Fries - Cost-Cutting Measure, or Do Some People Like Them?

Five Guys does twice fry it's FF.
Anyone who doesn't prefer Homemade FF to Industrial brands, needs a taste check, IMHO!

May 05, 2014
drsmoke in General Topics

What parts of a pig should I ask for: not the meat, tho?

If you can get the Belly, grab it! Make your own Bacon.

May 03, 2014
drsmoke in Home Cooking

Sad Demise of Palena

Administrative crap, yep he quit doing what made him successful, and watch his Restaurant implode. It wastoo late to save, he was over $150,000 behind in rent alone!
Throw in unpaid Taxes, credit cut off etc, you can see why he said enough!

Sad Demise of Palena

When Chef Ruta went from seating 60 to 200 and left the Kitchen, his fate was sealed. Sadly it happens all too often!

Restaurant Pet Peeves

" Hello, my name is Tom and I am going to be your server tonight" No, REALLY?

Italian restaurant in a month

I second Filomena's in Georgetown. Good huge portions, not particularly expensive. You need reservations.

Hardy's Best BBQ

That is cheap!

Mar 23, 2014
drsmoke in Los Angeles Area

Uses for Anchovy Paste (Other than Caesar Dressing)?

Add some to a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, talk about making a PBJ pop!

Mar 15, 2014
drsmoke in Home Cooking

Missing Gusti's

Going to Gusti's was a right of passage if you were born in DC in the 30's 40's 50's, you could drink beer at 18,eat Pizza, cheap date. Gusti's much like Maggies, leaves me with great memories.

Lamb in N VA?

Costco has great boneless legs of Lamb!

Local source for Benton Bacon or pork belly?

Google Burghers Bacon, they have plenty of great Jowl they ship next day

Local source for Benton Bacon or pork belly?

Benton will ship it directly to you, why travel?

Pulled pork

Fat side up, don't bother scoring it, dry rub the entire shoulder 12 hours before cooking. !95 internal temp, it's done.

Jan 17, 2014
drsmoke in Home Cooking

Sign for Ben's Chili Bowl to open in Rays Hell Burger's old spot

Ben's uses water and seasonings to make their Chili, nuff said

$3000 minimum per couple at Minibar.


Best Chef's Table?

You would love Volt, Table 21.

What's your daily non-alcoholic beverage of choice?

Club Soda

Dec 28, 2013
drsmoke in General Topics

D.C. restaurants for a 23 y.o food lover

Well then The Cheesecake Factory!

D.C. restaurants for a 23 y.o food lover

Black Salt