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Ripe Restaurant Mount Vernon NY ?

I haven't been there yet but the Food Network did a segment there. It was a cookoff between Bobby Flay and the owner of Ripe. I have it on my list of places I must try. If I do I'll post again.

Peter Kelly's new location.

There was no information in your post. Did he open a new restaurant? Do you know where it is?

Monticello, NY

You seem to know the area. Is the Old Homestead still there?

Best Chocolate Cake--Bergen County area

I know this is a little late but for next time B & W in Hackensack has great everything. It's an old-fashioned bakery. The crumb cake is to die for! Also, The Cheesecake Factory has very good chocolate cake.

Cafe 99 in Park Ridge,NJ

It closed because it was terrible and most of the locals avoided it. The atmosphere wasn't either restaurant or sports bar but I think it tried to be both. The only time we were there I ordered chicken with mole sauce which I've had MANY times and theirs tasted like something from outer space Horrible food. I hear it's going to be an Italian restaurant in the future. Don't know if the same owner is going to re-open or if he sold it.

What Restaurants In Westchester Carry Stone Crabs?

If you call ahead, Mt. Kisco's Fish Cellar will accommodate you.

Private Party Rooms - Bergen County NJ

The Park in Park Ridge, NJ is great. Less expensive but really great Italian food and service is Vitale's in Teaneck (we go there every Mother's day with about 30 people) and for your crowd you would have the whole room. Talk to Felicia - one of the owners. for a BYO place, Di Palma's in North Bergen (on the Hudson/Bergen County line) is great, too.

Scalini Fedeli

One of the best restaurants in NJ. Excellent!

Varka in Ramsey?

If it's great fish you're looking for, the best in Bergen county is South City Grill. They actually have 3 locations but I've only eaten at the one on Rt. 17 and the other in Jersey City. Excellent.

Italian market in Hoboken for homemade ravioli?

If you can get to Garfield, NJ, the very best homemade and not frozen raviolis and about a hundred other variety of fresh pastas can be gotten at Vitamia's on Harrison Avenue. Well worth the trip.

Dinner with a view in Weehawken

Both have great views but I think the food at Arthur's is a bit better.

Bergen County, New Jersey

You would love Di Palma's on Kennedy Blvd., North Bergen which is just a few miles south of Fort Lee. Huge portions of very authentic southern Italian food. It's a BYO.

Lighthouse resturant in weehawken Veal

I totally agree with the posts on Di Palma's in North Bergen. The portions are huge, it's a BYO and it's all family in the kitchen. Another fabulous Italian restaurant worth the trip is Amore Cucina, a small storefront on Union Blvd., Totowa. They have some of the best Italian food I've ever had and I come from a family of incredible Italian cooks. It is also BYO.

Dec 09, 2007
JUDYSBACI in New Jersey

Mint Premium Foods in Tarrytown

Just a little familiar with Tarrytown. What is Chiboust? Also do you know the name of the other place?

50th Anniversary: Looking for a special restuarant in cenrtal NJ or NYC [moved from Tristate board]

Congratulations to you two! My husband and I just celebrated our 43rd anniversary at Restaurant Nicholas in Middletown, NJ. They have a Chef's table which is fabulous but I don't think it will accommodate that many guests. But the food and service are superb. They don't have a dance floor, though.

Dec 09, 2007
JUDYSBACI in Mid-Atlantic

Good restaurant in Ridgewood, N.J. area?

I'm a real foodie - we dine out most nights and have tried most restaurants in Ridgewood. I think the 3 top ones are Silver Oak Bistro for ribs and out of the ordinary dishes, Latour, a very sweet BYO (most in Ridgewood are BYO) French does great food, and Village Green does some wonderful eclectic food, great service. At the moment I think these are the best Ridgewood has to offer. Some like Blend which serves alcohol but it's for the younger yuppier crowd.


Would anyone know where I could purchase All Clad Bakeware? I live in the USA and I can't find what I'm looking for here.

Holiday wishes to all.

Dec 01, 2007
JUDYSBACI in Cookware