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Is there really GOOD pizza in MSP???

Seriously the sleeper hit for east coast pizza has to be Joey Nova's in Plymouth. I don't need to go into my NYC pizza street cred, so I will just say that Joey Nova's is about as close as I've found to NYC style pizza (and they do a decent eggplant parm as well). It looks like any old chain place from the outside but it is kind of sneaky delicious.

Punch does a great job for what it is. But it doesn't hit the spot when you're craving the foldable slice for the corner pizza place.

San Marzano tomatoes [MSP]

I have bought some at the St Paul cheese's sister store in Minneapolis. They carry the DOP kind so I suspect you should find those in St Paul as well.

St Paul Cafe
717 Washington St, Saint Paul, KS 66771

Khyber Pass [MSP]

Could not agree more. Went there this week and had some wonderful lamb with spinach and some meatballs with mung beans. Really a gem with great, friendly service.


Yup, Be'Wiched. Best sandwich in the entire TC for that matter. Except when Be'wiched does their short rib and taleggio sandwich. Then that's the best. If they would only decide to do an eggplant parm...

Buying corned beef for St. Paddy's (MSP)

Clancy's actually has some corned beef that they brine themselves. Pricier than the other options but I really like the idea of grass-fed beef. Sometimes you just gotta put your money where your mouth is.

Buying corned beef for St. Paddy's (MSP)

I've waited to the last minute and I need to make a corned beef for this Saturday. My Irish mother-in-law would buy prewrapped (and probably pre brined) corned beef back in New York. Any clue as to where I could buy something like that here?

MSP- Beef/Veal Cheek

Just moved here from NYC. Wondering if there is somewhere to procure beef or veal cheeks, preferably from a grass raised animal. I started with Clancy's but they said they don't carry them because their supplier won't provide steer heads due to bacterial concerns. Any assistance would be greaty appreciated.