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Chinese Restaurants Today

Mexicans cook the best Chinese food! (example: Los Angeles)

Feb 26, 2008
billyjoe00 in General Topics

Fondue - Dead or alive?


Feb 26, 2008
billyjoe00 in General Topics

countries that just don't have good food/overlooked national cuisines

Philippines. Tasteless, use more salt damnit!

Feb 11, 2008
billyjoe00 in General Topics

"Food Entertainment Network" - Enough Already

+10000 on the Travel Channel. Real people, experiencing authentic cultural cuisine. Everytime another amateur chef on FN butchers ethnic cuisine......i change the channel. Too painful to watch. All that these FN viewers need to do is try out the recipes these "entertainers" dish out....and the results will speak for themselves. Michael Chiarello can stomp that smartass Guy Fieri (whatever his name is) a cookoff. Go Mike!

Dec 07, 2007
billyjoe00 in Food Media & News

Help with my homemade marinara sauce...

I always leave the sauce uncovered for a long while after cooking on the counter so no steam can collect on the lid and drip back down into the container,

Dec 07, 2007
billyjoe00 in Home Cooking