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Nougatine vs Juni vs Bouley

Will be in NYC for lunch with family early Sept, on a Tuesday, but can't decide on where to go! We want to go some place nice for a prix fixe lunch, casual-elegant setting.

Checked out Nougatine ($38, 3 course), Juni ($39, 3 course) and Bouley ($55, 5 course). Any opinions? Also, any other recommendations?

Jul 30, 2015
kei96 in Manhattan

How is Nishiki kaiseki in Arashiyama??

Considering it's our first time in Japan, and we have a budget of 5000 yen or less per person, is Nishiki in Arashiyama, Kyoto a good place to try kaiseki?? Thanks. (Please recommend some other places within our budget, if you have any!!) Thanks again. (Btw, we aren't serious foodies... we just want to 'splurge' on a good kaiseki meal in Kyoto one lunch or dinner)

Mar 01, 2014
kei96 in Japan

Dinner in Pontocho/Gion

Will be heading to the Gion/Pontocho area in Kyoto in a few days time, around dinner time. What restaurants do you recommend, preferably in Pontocho?

Not looking to splurge on Kaiseki, or have a 600yen bowl of ramen for dinner... just a really authentic Japanese restaurant that is reasonably priced (around 12000 yen or less for four people).


Feb 28, 2014
kei96 in Japan

Which Kaiseki Restaurant?

Four of us will be visiting Kyoto for two nights next week. We aren't serious foodies, but a high end meal is nice during a holiday. We appreciate good food.

Anyway, we've never had a Kaiseki/multi course Japanese meal before, so would love to try that in Kyoto. Our budget is about 50,000yen or less, so Kikunoi and Kitcho are wayyy off. We can only do a Friday lunch or dinner, and we're thinking of Nishiki Arashiyama or Giro Giro. Nishiki fits our itinerary perfectly because we will be visiting Arashiyama during lunchtime, and I also feel that Nishiki is more traditional? (We're not big fans of fusion cuisine). Could someone weigh in on this? Esp. the comparison between Giro Giro & Nishiki? Thanks!

Feb 28, 2014
kei96 in Japan