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Ditmas Park vs. Sunset Park

I do not have a car. I've had a great time every time I've gone to Queens and I love the food in Astoria, but my theory is that Queens is only great to live in if that's where your friends are, and all mine are in Brooklyn.

Thanks so much for the help everyone! Ditmas Park is definitely emerging as the frontrunner.

Ditmas Park vs. Sunset Park

Oh my! Such wildly differing opinions. Ideally, I'd like a mixture of restaurants. The thing I love most about Carroll Gardens is that I can easily get amazing pizza from Lucali, Italian from Frankie's, Middle Eastern from anywhere on Atlantic and newish American from Chestnut and The Grocery. I also do a lot of cooking, so great grocery shopping is important to me. My suspicion is that Ditmas would be best for shopping, since there's the Co-op and it's easier to get to Union Square and Trader Joe's/Whole Foods. I'm very upset that I won't be able to shop at Fairway anymore. Also, just to clarify, if I move to Sunset Park, it would be on the west side, near Park Slope.

Please feel free to carry on! Everything so far has been very helpful.

Ditmas Park vs. Sunset Park

My boyfriend and I are planning to move in March. I currently live in Carroll Gardens, which I adore, but it seems there aren't too many affordable apartments available. Given our budget, it looks like we're likely to end up in either Ditmas Park/Kensington or Sunset Park (ideally near the 36th St subway). Which neighborhood has better restaurants/delivery? We checked out Ditmas Park the other night and ate at the Farm on Adderley, which we found to be okay but not great. Would we have better luck in Sunset Park?

Ditmas Park Eats?

My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Ditmas Park. We went to check out the neighborhood last night and had dinner at the Farm on Adderley. Aside from there and Picket Fence, what's the neighborhood's food scene like? What are the best bets?