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Have to go to Syracuse this Saturday and all day Sunday for business. I have my girlfriend tagging along as well. We're looking for nice places we can dress nice to satisfy her.

To satisfy me on the other hand I'm looking for places where I can get my eat on. i don't care if it's a sandwich, burger, diner, cart, stand or sit down. I want good food.

Also, a good breakfast spot would be helpful.

I know I'm asking a lot but I'll take whatever I can get.

Appreciate it!

Help!!! Brownie Cheesecake

My girlfriend nominated me to make dessert for Easter dinner at HER parents this weekend. She also said it will be Brownie Cheesecake. Thanks a lot, love you too.

Anyway, I have real solid culinary skills but, dessert isn't my thing. I have bought plenty of brownie Cheesecakes and love most of them, but never once made them. I want ease. I'm a strong proponent of store bought brownies. I like the simplicity, the taste and they always taste the same. I don't know if I should use them though.

My plan is to use a store bought brownie mix, bake them, set aside, make cheesecake, place on top of brownie.

Is store bought the way to go? If not, can you hook me up with a good brownie recipe?
Is my method the way to go?
How about a good cheesecake recipe?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Apr 21, 2011
the gioi in Home Cooking

Ice Cream

I appreciate that. That leads me to another question though. Does this mean if I use my favorite soft serve recipe and just freeze it, I should get what it is that I'm looking for? I figured there would be differences in ratios and stuff.

Aug 15, 2008
the gioi in Home Cooking

Ice Cream

I have had trouble finding a good hard serve type ice cream recipe. However, I don't want it to taste like store bought. I want it to taste like the ice cream you get at the old school type shops. I have been able to find good soft serve recipes with the high butterfat but, can't seem to find the same with hard serve.

Aug 13, 2008
the gioi in Home Cooking


Let me start by saying I love wings. Although the bbq qings are good I like hot wings. Am I the only person who feels that every place you go gives you the same sauce on them though? It's either Franks Red Hot or some other knock off. I don't believe I'm saying this but, I really think that Outback has the best wings you can find.
The spices they use are good, they aren't huge but, they're still a good deal I think. Bleu Cheese is good and I think their bleu cheese is the best you can find at any chain. Another thing I like is that every one is a drumstick. You don't have to sit there and try and get the meat from inside other bones.
I live in Orange County NY and if anyone knows of a place around there or in NJ somewhere I would love to hear it. Rip on me all you want that's just how I feel.

Cold Stone Creamery - closed in Scarsdale & Rye

I must say that I love Coldstone. There's just something about it. I personally don't like the singing or the show and I'm not a huge fan of the wait, but then again who is? I think oatmeal cookie batter, chocolate and cake batter together with a bunch of mixings is awesome.

I'm not a huge fan of the prices either but, I still enjoy it and have never had a bad experience. I will say they're going downhill. Last time I went I found out their cookie dough is different now. It was a bad different too.

I like Frosty Rock Creamery in Middletwon NY. They have two other locations as well. I think they're pretty good.

chocolate chip cookies [moved from Tristate Region board]

Thanks for the help everyone. I'll let you know how they come out. I will hold you to your guaranteed delicousness quote.

Dec 19, 2007
the gioi in Home Cooking

chocolate chip cookies [moved from Tristate Region board]

I like the thick and chewy. I hate thin and crunchy cookies. I like thick and chewy. To be honest it doesn't even need to be thick. As long as its chewy. I actually saw those posts that you mentioned. However, none of the posts had the cooks illustrated thick and chewy recipe.

Chowser I would love to see some of these recipes. Also, if you have the cooks illustrated thick and chewy one or know someone who has it that would be great.

Dec 19, 2007
the gioi in Home Cooking

chocolate chip cookies [moved from Tristate Region board]

I have been trying to find a "perfect" chocolate chip cookie for quite some time now. I realize there's so many variables but, still I find that none are the "perfect" cookie in my eyes. I have heard a lot about the cooks illustrated thick and chewy recipe.

I finally went on to the website and saw the only way to get the recipe is by purchasing a book or subscribing to the website. All I want is a recipe for the cookies. Does anyone have this recipe so maybe they could just post it? Does anyone have any other recipes that they swear by?

Dec 18, 2007
the gioi in Home Cooking