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Where to go for lobster these days?

Kingfish hall has the best option for lobster when entertaining foreign guests. They do a classic lobster boil with keilbasa clams red potatoes and an ear of corn i think. The whole place is nice to bring foreigners to with the decor, and the tables are nicer than most other fish joints.

What to eat before a beer festival

But why would you want to drink water while drinking beer??? Hydrating is good but so is being a bit wobbly.

Feb 13, 2008
redjustinsox in Beer

What to eat before a beer festival

Where is this extreme festival??? I am both a lover of the extreme and of beer. I always find that if i eat a hearty breakfast, maybe 3 hours before hand, consisting of lots of sausage, eggs, maybe pancakes and toast, just so there is something in your stomach. i could be totally wrong with this though since i am blessed with a very strong stomach so i can eat anything before or after binge drinking.

Feb 13, 2008
redjustinsox in Beer

Pajama Brunch?

My mom is coming to visit this weekend, and i wanted to grab a nice brunch on sunday morning since we can't get dinner because i have to work. I heard about a pajama brunch, but can't remember where it was or if it was good and what not. If anyone knows about this brunch or can steer me towards a different brunch that would be awesome.

Olives recommendations

If you don't want to go to olives you can use the TE gift card ( as long as its a gift card) at any of the TE restaurants i.e. Kingfish Hall, Figs, and now Bonfire. The food at olives is getting back on track with joe brenner and sous chef micheal. The TE restaurants are all still very good even though todd is a complete douche bag.

saturday seafood rec's

Kingfish Hall in Faneiul hall has one of the best tuna tartars and calamari i have had. The oysters are always fresh from both east and west coasts every day.

Good seafood restaurant around Back bay?

If you don't mind walking a little you could eat at Kingfish Hall in faneuil hall. The food is good, prices arent bad, and the winter sangria is awesome. They may have the best tuna tartar and calamari in the city. They also offer a lobster boil, it has clams corn on the cob, a few boiled potatoes and i think some kielbasa.

Ideas for superbowl party

Those look awesome, i think i'm going to try those out today just to make sure i'll like them. Thanks

Jan 28, 2008
redjustinsox in Home Cooking

A walking tour of Boston, snacking options...

You should stop at kingfish hall and get the tuna tartar and a pitcher of winter sangria.

Ideas for superbowl party

I'm having a superbowl party and want some ideas for new twists on old favorites. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks

Jan 25, 2008
redjustinsox in Home Cooking

Superbowl Snacks

i'm hosting a superbowl party since my beloved giants are going to be playing my girlfriends favorite patriots, and i want to have some exciting twists on old favorites, but i am at a lack for ideas. I'm thinking of something with wings, some kind of veggie dumplings, and other snacks. If anyone can give me some suggestions on what they like and or nudge me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Thanks

Trendy, tasty big-city dining with ladies out on the town

I would second Hamersley's Bistro in the south end and Lucca in the north end.

Calling all hounds: Angela's Cafe needs your help!

If you get off the t at the maverick stop its closer than the airport stop. It is also only like 15 minutes including walking once you get on the t at government center.

Mid-priced Fanueil Hall Area??

Antico forno is always great, and not too expensive. Lucca is a little more expensive, but a great time is always had there. In faneuil hall kingfish hall has a nice menu for dinner and very rarely has a wait earier in the evening. Or you could just skip dinner and go straight to dessert and hit up modern pastry on hanover street.

Raw Oyster Virgin Seeks Affordable Sampling?

Kingfish Hall has a nice raw bar that offers a great variety of east coast and west coast oysters. I think east coast are 2.50 per, and west coast 3.50, but who really wants west coast oysters anyway. They always have like 5 or 6 different varieties of both east and west coasts.

Cheese Plates - Where is your favorite?

Hamersley's has an awesome cheese plate. they get their cheese from formaggio. I had the cheese plate at vox populi the other day, and it wasnt that great. the cheeses were a little boring, but i mean it wasnt that bad because its really hard for me not to like any cheese.

Hot Lobster roll plain butter

On the lunch menu at kingfish hall they have a really good lobster roll. Everyone who eats is raves about it.

Your favorite thing to eat in and around Boston at the moment

The truffled frites at Vox Populi, and the tuna tartar at kingfish hall, its the best in the city by far, i eat it almost daily.

Wondering about Match burgers & martinis

I'm having a birthday dinner for my roommate in a couple of weeks, and wanted to know what everyone thought of match. It looks great, but i can't tell.

Ideas on Boston-area foodie Xmas gift?

Hammersley's Bistro in the south end has an open aired kitchen and the food is great. I'm going there tonight and im very excited. If that's not up to par for you, Sibling Rivalry has an open ired kitchen, but lately its sounds like its been a bit inconsistent and might not be worth your money as much as Hammersleys. You could also give your brotha a gift cert. to the cambridge culinary school. Give him a couple classes to help him out with his own cuisine and help him with some new ideas. Good Luck

Italian in North End?

I second that about antico forno, it is great. It feels like you're in italy when you're there, and its reasonably priced.

Really truly great bowl of chowder?

The chowder at kingfish hall is really good. Its not to thick and its always fresh. its definately better than legal's.

Cheesesteak sandwich in Boston

The internission tavern on tremont has a really good steak and cheese. Its the closest thing to a real philly cheese steak out of any place ive traveled. The food there all in all is pretty good.

Looking for the Best Italian Cold Cut Sub?

I really like the italian sub from Al's on state street. The rolls are fantastic. I can't get enough. I also really like their State street cafe special which is prosciutto(?) mozzarella, basil, tomato's and a great balsalmic.

Good authentic sushi

I don't get out as much as i wish i could so i haven't found a great sushi restaurant since i moved to the city this spring. If you could let me know our favorites i'd love it. thanks