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Where to buy a Thanksgiving turkey

Terra Cole in West Seattle has Northwest Naturals at $3.50 lb. (11-20 lbs.) and Mary's Organics at $6.50 lb. (8-12 lbs.).

They'll also brine or smoke for a "small upcharge."


Nov 11, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Brunch at Salty's in W Seattle

Reviving this thread as we're heading there tomorrow for a bday brunch. Planning on spending most of my time with the raw bar, but are there any hot dishes not to be missed?!

Oct 18, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Best of Downtown/Cap Hill right now for Anniversary: Mamoon, Coretto, Roberto's?

Feel a little bit like I'm talking to myself, but I wanted to report on our meal at Roberto's.

The atrium had no more than 3 other tables the whole time we dined, so it felt very intimate. Service was initially very attentive and then declined a bit towards the end, but was still good. Roberto himself came out multiple times and was the gracious host you'd expect for a relatively new spot.

We started with the beef carpaccio, which was one of the best I've ever had. We split a full order of the wild boar pappardelle (wanted more of the sauce on the plate, but otherwise tasty) and an 8" salami pizza that didn't look as cooked as I like, but had a decent crust. Ended the meal with espressos and a pistachio cannoli on the house. The "Captain's List" was all baller bottles, but we enjoyed several reds by the glass.

All said, our bill was less than $100 so your $ goes far here. We'll definitely be back!

Oct 01, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Best of Downtown/Cap Hill right now for Anniversary: Mamoon, Coretto, Roberto's?

Hoping to make a last-minute res for Tuesday night and would love to stick around downtown (inc. Pioneer Square) or Cap Hill.

Any new recs?

Roberto's Venetian patio at the market looks amazing but I can't find jack about the food. Have never tried Il Terrazo Carmine and this is a special occasion...

Coretto's has had good reviews but nothing on the menu seems too exciting.

Marron's menu & appetizer+entree+desert for $49 sounds tempting since some reviews have complained about service compared to the $$$.

Anyone dine at Old Sage and not just have drinks?

Anything else that should be on my radar?

Did Vittles, Damn the Weather recently, and Aragona for NYE, so I'm not super ready for Vespolina.


Sep 26, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle


I've seen at the West Seattle Farmer's Market several times but, like lavaca, can't guarantee it's there now.

Jul 10, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Rain Shadow Meats - first experience not stellar

The Porchetta is pretty good and had tons of meat last time I had it.

My husband got their french dip (The Dipper) and I've never been so jealous of an order of his. The cheddar was melted just right, meat was beyond tender, and the sauces sealed the deal. I'm not even a caramelized onion fan, but I chowed them down too!

Jul 03, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Brunch/Lunch in North Seattle for Large Group

That might work - I'll see if they have some pictures online.

Just looking for a spot with good food that can fit 10-15 ladies. Private room would be a bonus but isn't a requirement.

Jul 02, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Brunch/Lunch in North Seattle for Large Group

Thanks Lauren, I'll check them out!

Jul 02, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Brunch/Lunch in North Seattle for Large Group

Tasked with finding a baby shower location for lunch. Mom-to-be lives in Greenlake and I've already emailed The Gerald, PorkChop, & Ravishing Radish.

Any other spots up north with a private, semi-private space that can fit 10-15 people that should be on my radar?

Portage Bay Cafe's event inquiry form just screams $$$.

Thank you all for your help!

Jun 30, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Molly Moon's #6 in the WORLD

ST had a write-up of Parfait on Friday: http://seattletimes.com/html/pacificn...

I myself studied abroad in Toulouse (where Shimada first began cooking) so now I really need to stop by!

Jun 16, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Elysian Bar

Yeah, the chili fried chicken is definitely on my list for next time!

Jun 13, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Elysian Bar

Haven't seen a review posted yet and would love to get others thoughts.

We stopped in before a show last night and had a blast. Similar to Noc Noc, there are large booths in the bar area. The space feels so wide open and spacious - really perfect for large groups. Didn't get a chance to peek at the upstairs area.

Murray was behind the bar and it was fun watching him deal with all his fans stopping by. The Parisian: gin, Dolin Dry, and cassis was on point.

We started with the poutine and licked the plate. The gravy was more of a vinaigrette almost. Husband had the burger (a little on the salty side), and I wanted something light and had the grilled radicchio and romaine salad. The blue cheese cream "dressing" was a wonderful combo with the grilled char taste and the lardons were crunchy perfection!

Other companions had the Fried Clams and frites and the Boarchetta, which was also a bit too salty.

Service was attentive, yet laid-back. Really excited to have this new option downtown and they might stay under the radar for some time being on 2nd.

Fingers crossed they develop a happy hour menu!

Jun 13, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Large Group Happy Hour (Everett/Sno. County)

Thanks Jeri L - Lombardi's looks promising!

Apr 16, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Large Group Happy Hour (Everett/Sno. County)

Any Chowhounds aware of any restaurants with a private space available for rent for a happy hour besides Fish Brewing?

I'm going to give terracotta red and The Majestic Cafe a call, but I was wondering if there are any other spaces that come to mind.

This would be for approx. 50 people - thanks in advance!

Apr 15, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Any chow-worthy places to watch a baseball game...in West Seattle?

Fresh Bistro might be a good fit. We watched a couple Seahawks games there this past season and were the only ones there. (1 TV to person ratio including the bartender!)

We've had some off nights there, but overall, their menu is different from what you might expect at your standard sports bar and the pork belly slider is perfection.

Shadowland would be a similar rec. Lots of TVs in their bar and their happy hour menu is quite good. We stay away from the fried chicken with Ma'Ono just across the street, but have enjoyed the burger, pork lettuce boats and I've developed a craving for their fried green beans.

Have not been to the new The Bridge yet, but if menu is the same, there was a wide selection of tasty burgers with good ingredients.

Redline WS is a sports bar across from where The Bridge was on Avalon but I have not had a chance to try their kitchen yet.

Apr 11, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

A Most Expensive Piece Of Pizza

Definitely expensive and sad since we live approximately 20 steps away.

FWIW though, Seattle doesn't seem to be a takeout slice kinda town anyway. On that stretch of California, neither Pagliacci's nor Talerico's sell to-go slices.

Bakery Nouveau does, but it's more on par with Quadratto's square, thick style.

Downtown, there's Delaurenti's, also in the before-mentioned thick camp...

Feb 18, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Best Value-to-Price Ratio in Seattle?

I'll second the Jak's Grill entrees.

Also on California Ave in West Seattle:
Talerico's $4 14' happy hour slices

Ma'ono's $20 Half Chicken (We always leave with leftover rice and 1 or 2 pieces).

West 5's $7 large ($2 more than the small) happy hour Nachos often serve as a meal for the two of us.

Jan 16, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle


Thanks @eqinoise for starting this thread! We went for dinner on NYE and I've been hoping to get something up but the details are "fuzzy"...

Our res was 8:45pm but folks just didn't want to leave so we hung out at the bar for 15 minutes or so. Sad that the best views are from the bar; the dining area is quite something. Service was a little slow but they were slammed.

We did not get the geoduck (big regret there) but thoroughly enjoyed the Salpicón de ostras y pera
(Cool salad of Shigoku oysters, Asian pear and endive), Remojón de rábanos y naranja (Autumn remojón: salt cod with radish, orange, mint and egg), the octopus & the above-mentioned Coliflor and beef cheeks.

Each dish was the perfect amount of bites between 4 people. We skipped dessert in lieu of a large coffee carafe and got out just in time for fireworks.

We stuck largely to the wine list, so I'm ready to go back and sample their G&Ts (apparently the unofficial Spanish cocktail?).

Carrie of Top Chef was expediting in full view and obliged us (and many others) with a pic. She's a real talent and

was very gracious considering she got kicked off in that week's episode.

Jan 13, 2014
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Good breakfast and Seahawks

Thanks @kaleokaku & @Jeri L

I was nervous about snagging one of the booths at The Five Point in time, so we planned on The Attic (our standard spot post-dip at Madison Beach).

Unfortunately, life had other plans as I rolled my ankle while running to catch a Rapid Ride after a v. long lunch at Loulay and I've been stuck on the couch ever since.

Thank goodness for online shopping and Met Market hot food takeout!

Dec 15, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Good breakfast and Seahawks

Any updated spots for an early Hawks game and breakfast? Downtown would be preferable.

Metropolitan Grill's Seahawks Sunday Brunch looks good (http://www.themetropolitangrill.com/m...) but is probably too rich for our blood when you factor in a couple drinks.

BOKA has a blog post from a similar brunch event last year. I see they were voted "best hotel breakfast" but IMO that's a pretty dubious distinction. Their happy hour was OK from what I recall.

The divier, the better.

Dec 13, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

The Walrus and the Carpenter or The Whale Wins?

Had a super MEH night at Whale Wins last Sat. night and I wish I had known about the temperature situation before. Is this a well-known thing? If not, I'm surprised they don't mention it on their website...

What little food we got was OK: large clams had maybe 3 fingerling potatoes total but red sauce was good, pork shoulder was seasoned well but pretty fatty, and the lamb tartare was quite good.

However, the service was a perfect storm of bad. They forgot our roast chicken and instead offered to comp some desserts. We repeatedly had to flag down other servers to get the bread we ordered (after waiting an acceptable 15 minutes or so for it) and another bottle of wine. We were seated by the sink in the far back of the restaurant and a couple of glasses were broken right on top of us with no word from anyone, so we called it a night.

Really hoping it was an off night. For now, waiting for the Walrus seems to be the much better option.

Nov 19, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Panos Kleftiko has closed!

Sad! Panos was always our go-to (while living in Queen Anne) over Athina Grill.

I'll be interested to find out if this was a lease issue or not. Seems that condo buildings are the only thing that can survive there these days...

Oct 27, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

A few nice places that serve bread and butter with the meal - no charge.

How was Le Zinc otherwise? I'm hoping to stop by tomorrow for happy hour...

Oct 24, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Coming up from Seattle in October: mind reviewing my food itinerary?

St. Regis Fine Wine & Spirits. We thought it would've been next to the St. Regis hotel, but it was more like right under it!

Coming up from Seattle in October: mind reviewing my food itinerary?

Hello all,

We had a great time, ate like kings and I wanted to report back.

Rushing to Richmond right after the bus didn't seem like the best idea, so we checked in to our hotel and then meandered out to find a liquor store. Google Maps didn't mention it would be underground in a T station, so by the time we found it, we were quite hungry and the Dinky Dogs across from the liquor store did the job.

Friday dinner at Guu with Garlic was both delicious and fun. We had a short wait for counter seats and my somewhat adventurous husband did OK with the cabbage & octopus pancake and hard-boiled egg in squash. Fortunately there was a fried pork tenderloin to keep him happy too and some tuna sashimi that I remember every bite of. Sapporo pitchers at $18 apiece were a great deal too.

Saturday breakfast we checked out The Templeton. They only had one waitress so service was spotty, but we wanted a non-hotel breakfast and we got it. My mangled eggs were yummy and it held us over until late-lunch at The Fish House.

The Sea-Bus to regular bus to Lynn Canyon Park was a wonderful rec - thanks! We bused & trained the whole weekend and didn't hop in a cab once. The park was beautiful and it was nice to get some hiking in to offset our meals.

Connecting to a dif. bus on the way back I spotted a Siegel's bagels for Sunday breakfast in our hotel room - score!

We overshot The Fishhouse on our walk into Stanley Park, but eventually found it.* It looks like it's not too positively received on this Board, but they had a decent Fish and Chips lunch special and it was quite convenient being in the Park. However, my clam chowder, albeit good, had a microwave skin on top when it came out of the kitchen. For their "fine dining" vibe, I was pretty surprised.

Saturday night dinner we switched our Boneta reservation to L'Abbatoir because I wanted birthday scallops. It was quite an operation, really delicious and quick! We didn't order any starters, so we were in and out in an hour. No Anniversary treatment (although we noted it in our Open Table reservation) so you win some, lose some.

We finished dinner so early, we decided to bar-hop. Bambudda's cocktails were a real highlight. I was surprised to read afterward that it was so new. The Charlie Chaplain and New Fitzgerald (I think) were really refreshing and not too sweet like many apricot/rose-infused cocktails can be.

Bartender recommended dessert at Salt, which I had been hoping to do before dinner and was perfect. We did a sherry and cheese flight and we're beyond stuffed.

Overall, we had a great time but were a bit bummed the fog was so thick despite the sunny forecast. At least in Seattle, when the forecast says it'll be sunny it is. ;)

*With no cell phones, I'm surprised that was the only real "lost" moment.

Coming up from Seattle in October: mind reviewing my food itinerary?

Thanks all - we're set on getting ourselves around in terms of transpo. The bike plan was from my first post awhile ago.

My husband is somewhat food adventurous, but I fear without some eggs and breakfast meat spot on Saturday, I'll lose him.

Luc sounds perfect, albeit a bit of a hike from the Hyatt. Or just saving ourselves for Big Lou's- thanks @grayelf!

Any thoughts re: Guu or Zakkushi?

Coming up from Seattle in October: mind reviewing my food itinerary?

Thank you Chowhounds for your dining suggestions and the Lynn Canyon mention - fingers crossed for some nice weather!

Below is my updated itinerary. I'm having trouble nailing down Friday late lunch in Richmond and dinner downtown. I know the options mentioned are probably quite different, but we're flexible on cuisine, so any deciding factors would be appreciated!

Also, Richmond eats on the Board are overwhelming, so I based my choices off of a Seattle Times article. Steer me in the right direction if I'm off!

Friday: Bolt Bus arrives at 2pm, drop stuff off at hotel and Zipcar to Richmond
Friday Lunch: Richmond: Cattle Cafe for hot pot or Wang Shun Ge?
Head back to hotel to freshen up
Friday Dinner: Guu or Zakkushi?

Saturday Breakfast: Deacon’s Corner
Saturday Lunch: Get takeout sammies from Finchs, Stanley Park, then Lynn Canyon Park
Saturday Pre-Dinner Drinks: Bao Bei or Bambuddah
Saturday Dinner: Boneta and drinks at Calabash Bistro afterwards

Sunday Breakfast: Rosemary & Rock Salt bagels at Siegels
Sunday lunch before 2pm bus: Lunch?, then Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Gardens

Football, Craft Beer & Elevated Pub Fare?

Meant to write about The Innkeeper, so thanks for your reminder- hopefully your persistence will pay off!

They are open daily and I've enjoyed their Moscow Mules in the past. It appears that the beer list has some rotating taps too and the food menu is pretty extensive.

The Belltown space is v. roomy with a wide-open bar that rarely gets too busy and is in direct sight line of the TV.

Aug 30, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Football, Craft Beer & Elevated Pub Fare?

Stopped by for happy hour last week and wanted to report back.

The space was open, airy and felt wonderful after the walk from the ID in the heat.

The cocktail list had some St. Germain and mezcal concoctions and the wine list impressed my companion who has quite the palate.

We got a gratis piece of the Chocolate-dipped bacon and, as much as I did not want to feed the bacon hype machine, it was good.

The house-made garlic roll was yummy but, as always, we could've used a bit more burrata. The wings were a bit of a splurge for the small portion, but seriously, fell off the bone and tasted heavenly. We wondered if they were sous-vide?

In any case, they seem to be a good addition to the Belltown area. I'm bummed we're not as close as we used to be!

Aug 13, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle

Queen Anne rumors?

We're no longer in QA (now West Seattle), but I still occasionally check the Queen Anne View.

Sadly it looks like they only mention one new spot...

The Masonry: http://www.queenanneview.com/2013/08/...
(Pizza I know, but they'll have growlers, which seemed missing from QA when we were there.


In terms of Greek, have you tried Panos Kelftiko? We only went a couple times but I recall that it fulfilled our craving for Greek.

Aug 09, 2013
mcmullek in Greater Seattle