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Best Burger

* Margrills - Nanuet, NY
November 30th, 2007

This storefront restaurant is one of those places that restaurant professionals just can’t figure out. A disconnected décor package, no identity, virtually no hospitality and mediocre food, yet someone thought it was a good idea.

The room is decorated quite oddly, decoupage butcher block tables, brown tile flooring opposite a standard dropped ceiling complete with harsh florescent light fixtures, wall hangings with no brand or theme connection, a shelf stacked with some board games next to boxes of tea bags, magazines near the front counter.

I went there last might with my wife to try what we heard were “great burgers.” They were just good at best. Actually, my wife thought the 1/3 pound Angus Burger from McD’s was better. Marigrills burgers do not rank in the top twenty locally.

So here’s the run down. Our burgers were not cooked as ordered; our fries were the frozen type, fried too dark and stuffed into a small plastic basket with the burger, the lettuce, tomatoes and pickles…..There was too much food for this size basket, making it difficult to eat. Because of the small basket, there was food spilling onto the table and no where to put the burger down between bites, especially if you have ketchup on the fries. I ended up with lot of ketchup on the outside of the bun and on my hands as a result. My wife resorted to pouring ketchup on a napkin so she could dip her fries without getting messy.

The burger meat was OK, Angus for sure, but a lower quality. The toppings were disappointing, shredded lettuce that was a bit brown and the wrong type of tomato. My burger was topped with three slices of a Plum tomato. Either they ran out of Beefsteaks or the chef/cook thought it was somehow chic to serve a Roma/Plum on a burger. It did not work; plum tomatoes contain too much water and thereby made the bun very soggy. In addition the three small tomato slices on top did their very best to slide off my burger several times, alright, enough about the tomatoes. The onions rings were downright terrible. Not enough coating, fried at the improper temperature rendering them greasy and soft with no crispness.

One bright spot, the Margrills spicy sauce was quite good but clearly had difficulty holding up against the “beefy” flavor of the char grilled patty. This sauce would probably work well with chicken, certainly it does not pare well with beef.

Service was virtually non-existent. Two employees in street clothes made no effort to extend the WOW factor.

My ticket time was in excess of 10 minutes, far too long for a quick casual place.

We paid twenty-two dollars (with tip) for two cheeseburgers and two cans of Coke. I felt the value was lacking.

If the food was better, I could get beyond the other disappointing components of this establishment.

No recommendation from me either way. Margrills is just another non-descript store front eatery touting itself as the next “best” thing.

I will say, since the menu contained more than burgers and appears to be quite varied, I will go back to give them a second chance. As of now, I can only comment on my first experience.

On a scale of 1 to 10, it scores a 5