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Looking for Arabic Loose Leaf Tea (Rose - not rosehip flavored)

I appreciate any help!

I know someone that found some in Scottsdale but doesn't remember where.

Anyone know where in the Phoenix area it can be found?

Amazingly yummy tea!!!! Truly tastes like ROSE!!!!!!

Jan 28, 2011
abraxas2112 in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ - Searching for Chow Fun

Hello there!

I am an east coaster here in phoenix that is wondering if anyone out there knows of a restaurant in the area that serves GREAT chow fun. I am not talking about those dinky noodles that they serve in most restaurants...I miss those 3/4 inch WIDE rice noodles...yes, 3/4 of an inch WIDE!

I am a vegetarian, so feel free to forgo the awesomely beefy noodle suggestions that will supposedly make me forget about the dimensions and flavor of those east coast noodles! :)

I appreciate all suggestions though in all honesty and thanks!!!

Take care!!!

Nov 23, 2009
abraxas2112 in Phoenix

Looking for a good vegetarian Korean place

I was looking for a Korean place that caters well to vegetarians....was hoping to try bib bim bop (sp?) as well as some other items!


Nov 29, 2007
abraxas2112 in Southwest


Looking for the best macaroni and cheese in Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love homemade but sometimes I just want to pick some up...

gourmet or what have you....

Any ideas?

Nov 29, 2007
abraxas2112 in Phoenix