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Good Chinese in cote des neiges area?

The restaurant underneath Kanda on Decarie. I tried it, it's pretty good(beef stew and lobster with salted egg yolk) and it's BYOB.

Best bread around JTM

hof kelsten a little further out.

Freekeh-the new quinoa?

Was just at the Costco on Bridge Street. They sell a 1.35Kg bag for 10-12$ if I remember correctly.

Pretty Christmas Cookies

Just went to Patisserie Paries on Queen Marie. They had 6-7 different kinds of Christmas cookies(ginger bread men, Stockings, Christmas trees etc..)


You sounds like Winnie the Pooh with your honey jar.

P'tit Plateau compared to Quartier General

I like rustic food so I prefer le PP. However the desserts at QG are much better.

Best No Reservations Episode?

I liked: Sardinia, Emilia Romagna, Vietnam no place like home, Honk Kong, Mexico, Rome, Burgundy .

Snowdon/NDG area?

There's also Hoai Huong on Victoria and Thanjai on Van Horne.

Banh mi sandwiches - where to go?

I concur, Hung Phat makes the best banh mi in Montreal

Nutella from Italy

Does it taste any different?

Food help for a first timer in Montreal!

Pho tai ho for their chicken pho, rice and bun dishes.

Whole Foods in Montreal?

Does anyone know what they're opening next to the Walmart on Decarie? It's looks pretty big.

Best Croissant I've ever had

Do they sell them out of their food truck?

Decent Greek resto in Montreal with options for a vegan

Can vegans eat egg based pastas?

Ritz serving afternoon tea?

This is a blog I follow, she had afternoon tea on April 9th:

ISO Freeze dried corn

Trying a recipe from the Momofuku Milk cookbook that calls for corn powder which they say is pulverized freeze dried corn.

Does anyone know where I can find any in Montreal?

Dessert/Baked Goods that can be left out

Can I come live at your house?

Mar 30, 2013
Evilbanana11 in General Topics

New (Greek) yogurt dream of

I'd buy a durian flavored yogurt.

Mar 30, 2013
Evilbanana11 in General Topics

Restaurant Nam Quan

Most pho broths are made with coriander seeds(though the seeds don't really taste like the herb). Some places use the stems in the stock, so I guess you have to ask.

Who are the other guys?

Is he shooting another show in Montreal or just chillin with his chef buddies?

What's the word on Wings N Things? Are they reopening and who is behind it?

Thanks for the review. Sounds promising, will give it a try sometime.

Chinese Style Whole Roasted Pig in Montreal

Tried their duck and quail last weekend and it still tastes the same.

L'Atelier d'Argentine

So do the prices on the website are just for a steak without a side? How much were your sides?

Asian food courts in Montreal?

A Walmart is opening where the Zellers used to be. With the increase in foot trafic expect more food businesses to open.

Top Chef Masters Season 4 July 25th

I'm rooting for Chris and Patricia. I hope anyone but anyone but Art Smith wins.

Openings in 2012

I knew I saw Derek in one of Jamie's episodes before: (Oliver's twist, late night munchies episode)

Chinese Style Whole Roasted Pig in Montreal

Thai Son on St-Denis makes a great whole roast pig. We've ordered one several times in the past and they've never disappointed.

BBQ joint to open very soon! Dinette triple crown 6704 Clark.

Hopefully one of them will serve halfway decent good BBQ and a reasonable price.

Montreal to join rest of world and allow street food soon?


Openings in 2012

A lot more affordable than I thought It'd be.