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Your Favorite Sangrias

Looking to try some local takes on sangria-- including any funky whites or other varieties. Care to recommend any favorites?

Jul 25, 2006
BroForth in Greater Boston Area

How Are the Steak Tips at the Quiet Man in Southie?

They're wondrous. My friend had her wedding catered by the Quiet Man for their steak tips.

Granted, that may be overdoing it-- but I still love them.

Jul 25, 2006
BroForth in Greater Boston Area

Quirky Wine Bars

I can't vouch for their wine list specifically, but I've had enough fun hanging out at King's in Back Bay. They have the DeVille lounge across the room from the bowling lanes and I've had some good cocktails there. I'm usually focused on getting in my bowling zone when I'm there, so take my recommendation for what it's worth.

Jun 29, 2006
BroForth in Greater Boston Area