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Pretending to cook: "Dinner Kits"

I'm on my third week of Given that I'm buying it for 2 adults who work full time in the tech field, and have a 6 year old, it allows me to buy food that I can cook that I normally would not cook because I don't have time to go to an obscure grocery store to go get an obscure ingredient. I've tried different things like getting frozen food, etc. Most anything premade is too high in sodium and calories. Because I'm making something 'special' we sit down at the table as a family and eat.

We had Skirt Steak with Cilantro Chimichurri and Carrot-Citrus Hash tonight. My husband loved it. I'm not a chef and would never think to put a recipe like that together.

I actually find i'm spending less money, because I haven't gone to the grocery store to buy meat for the past 3 weeks, I'm not buying stuff I don't need and we're not using (example - i just threw out a ton of freezer burned fish and steak that we didn't eat and had because I bought too much meat from costco) and we've gone out to dinner once in the last 3 week because we've been happy having something different at home.

For the last 3 weeks for 4 plates (2 different meals) I've spent $48 each week. That's far less than I spending on grocery shopping in any given week or going out to a restaurant. On average I probably spend about $500-800 on groceries a month. I'm pretty sure we throw away a ton of food as we'll make something, have leftovers, and nobody eats (chicken is a favorite to throw away).

I would say the food we've gotten is enough for dinner for 2 people and lunch for my husband. I make my daughter something different on the nights I cook from plated, since she's not going to eat spicy or strange, and I don't cook spicy normally. My husband is very happy because I'm making food he likes and I don't have to spend time finding a recipe or going all over the place shopping because safeway doesn't have an ingredient. I still cook food from my normal repertoire the rest of the week. Spaghetti once a week to molify the child, etc.

My husband and I try to cook on average 3-5 meals a week; I like cooking, i go through phases where I look for items in my cookbooks and try new recipes, but I'm too busy lately to do that and don't feel the desire; I'm rather tired of making the same old thing for both of us. The recipes are easy enough fro my husband to cook so we take turns cooking.

There's lower cost dinner kit delivery than plated; but I don't like the menus of or (local to Berkeley, CA).

I'm thinking about getting a vegetable/fruit box delivery ( about $35) and have increased my plated order to 3 meals a week.