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Anyone seen white asparagus?

Whole Foods Symphony in Boston had a large display of white asparagus today.

can you identify this London breakfast place (though it might not exist any more)

The writer references:

Fred's at 40 Aberfeldy Street "near the docks of the East End"

It's odd, when you search Google, the business listing comes up, but it appears to be the only restaurant ever NOT written about or reviewed.

Jan 18, 2015
mikeinboston in U.K./Ireland

Cacio e pepe in Boston

+1 on the Cook's Illustrated recipe. Have used it numerous times, always successful. Thanks for the Russo's tip, the cheese is key.

Pre-marinated wings?

Dom's is in Malden. Nice selection, great staff. Pick up a sandwich while you are there, it's a good place to grab a quick lunch while you are running errands.


Food near the Intercontinental Hotel

If you need to brighten your day, head over to the Bastille website and read perhaps what could be the 2014 winner for the most effusive PR-written-spin on their chef, manager and owner bios. Wow, talk about "laying it on thick"


Church Suppers?

Thanks for asking - it was also my fear that a good meal would be spoiled by a heavy dose of fire and brimstone.

Buy a Chicken Pot pie or 8

I just checked out Ken's website, but it's pretty light on real information. I gave them a call and found out the following: All the pies are fresh, not frozen. You cannot order a cooked pie, you have to bake it at home. They offer three sizes of each pie, Individual, Medium and Large. Prices range from $6.99 to $20+ for the large. Suggested cook time for the large was given as approximately one hour.

Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin

here's a quick tip for breakfast we do all the time, get a couple of the 1/4 pound plastic containers from the deli at your local supermarket. no lids needed. toast your muffin, we use the pre-cooked bacon and zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds (low sodium deli ham works well too). then spray the inside of the container with some non stick spray. add an egg and some salt and pepper, be sure to pierce the yolk and cover with a paper towel. each microwave is slightly different, but cook the egg till its done enough for you. the egg will be the perfect round size for the muffin and slip right out of the container. stack the bacon on the egg, add a slice of american cheese and you are good to go. under 300 calories, travels well and made with love. :)

Nov 07, 2014
mikeinboston in Chains

China King still best peking duck?

I work for a small non profit and I took our volunteers (mostly college students) to China King for an end of year "thank you" duck dinner last December. The meal was great and although most of the soup course went uneaten, the overall vibe was very homey and polite - they treated us very well as a party of 8. We did two ducks and some apps to start, it was perfect and I dont believe it came to more than $125 with some soft drinks and some beers for a few of the party.

Market Basket-Items no longer carried?

Kate's line is also available at Shaws, Star, Stop and Shop and Whole Foods.

Where to find/buy Crabapples?

There is a crabapple tree right by the Southwest Corridor Park (headed towards Back Bay) at the Massachusetts Ave T station. As I walked by today, one elderly lady was hiking another onto her shoulders so they could harvest the tree.

Buy a Chicken Pot pie or 8

Are there veggies in their pie or just chicken meat and gravy?

What kind of vinegars do you keep on hand?

I was planning on making some fresh herb vinegars to use up the bounty from the garden. Any suggestions for a good quality mass market white wine vinegar? I plan to use apple cider vinegar with the stronger herbs like sage, but wanted something lighter for the more delicate flavors. Thanks!

Sep 07, 2014
mikeinboston in Home Cooking

Texas Roadhouse

There is one just outside of Boston. It is insanely loud and the have a "forced fun" routine they make the waitstaff do - line dancing in the aisles and such. There are peanut shells everywhere - sort of like the old Ground Round chain.

The steaks are fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Sides are also serviceable. We haven't found any of the appetizers worthy of a re-order, ditto on desserts.

Near us, you can call ahead to be put on the list, the often run a wait and this can help cut the time down.

Sep 06, 2014
mikeinboston in Chains

McDonalds Pickles/Gherkins. Tastes good or not?

Have removed them since I was a child - could never understand the pickle love at McD, but also know I am in the minority.

Sep 06, 2014
mikeinboston in Chains

Shaw's > Star

They have added Starbucks at the Morrisey Blvd store adjacent to JFK.

Buy a Chicken Pot pie or 8

I know that Katz's Bakery in Chelsea also features Chicken Pot Pies - I have not tried their version. Any reports from others who have?

Ben's Kosher Deli from NYC coming to Boston

Wondering if anyone had an update on Ben's Boston area plans?

Shaw's > Star

I have given up trying to figure out the Shaws/Star logic, but I visit at both the Fenway and South Boston stores - prices are still not in line with Stop & Shop, but utilizing the circular, you can get some good buys. I have also noted that the staff in both stores seem to be going out of their way to be helpful and cheerful - after running the misery gauntlet at the South Bay S&S, it's almost unnerving to have someone smile at you or say "thank you" after your purchase.

Low-carb lunch options downtown

thumbs up on chicken and rice guys food cart - that garlic mayo is redonkulous!

Alternative to Market Basket for cheap lobsters

Shaws/Star has chicken lobsters for $5.99lb this week (thur Thursday)

Outdoor brunch this weekend?

Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel serves breakfast and lunch on Saturday with seating in the courtyard.

Chicken salad

Both Stop & Shop and Shaws/Star were also making an in-store chicken salad with leftover rotisserie chickens that was superior to the usual offerings (I find Willow Tree Farm too sweet and with that "wood chipper" texture) . It seems to have disappeared in both locations near me in Boston. Shaws/Star sometimes carries a Cape Cod Chicken Salad that has dried cranberries in it.

Boston's Best Toast?

I received a Breville Mini Smart Oven for a holiday gift and I can tell you its a great toaster and a helluva toaster oven, so much so that as I am single, I haven't once turned on my regular oven since arrived.


Prime Rib in Fairfield County CT

Just a suggestion, I used to work at a steakhouse and occasionally we'd have a guest call ahead to be sure we had R/MR Prime Rib for him. We would note his reservation and let the kitchen know to hold an order back. If the entree is the goal of the visit, let the restaurant know and see if they can accommodate your request. They want you to have a good time.

What is your favorite frozen chicken pot pie?

If you are in New England, check out Willow Tree Farm's frozen pot pies. Exceptional for a supermarket product.

Feb 20, 2014
mikeinboston in General Topics

Target/Super Target Yays and Nays 2014

The Archer Farms frozen pizzas are actually quite good in a pinch. Often on sale, worth buying a few when they are.

Jan 25, 2014
mikeinboston in Chains


I had a bacon cheese burger at the Harvard Square store - it may have been the combo of the bacon and cheese slice plus some grill seasoning, but that burger was SALTY, and I rarely am freaked out by salt.

The hand cut fries were fine (I actually didnt mind the commercial crinkle cuts at the other stores), but the seating is a fiasco - the food was ice cold by the time we finally got a table.

Cheapest Supermarket in Back Bay / Columbus

Also investigate PeaPod from Stop & Shop - you can order online and have it delivered to your door. Prices are somewhat higher than in the store, but there are good deals to introduce the service and it can be a lifesaver as long as you plan a day or two ahead for what you need from them.

Gluten-free dining in theater district?

Davios has a GF menu as well. Not too far from theater district.