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The Best Chilaquiles In and Around Los Angeles

Do any of these places (or any other venues) serve chilaquiles at dinner time? Unfortunately, I usually only get to go out at dinner, never for breakfast or lunch.

Jan 30, 2013
FML in Features

Grocery / supermarket that carries masarepa?

I am looking to buy some masarepa (the precooked masa cornmeal used for arepas and other items in countries like Columbia). This is different from Mexican masa flour. I've looked in a few Latin groceries in the LA area, and I haven't found any.

Can anyone suggest a specific store (name and location, please)? West Hollywood and eastward through the San Gabriel Valley or in the San Fernando Valley is preferred, but I'm open to anywhere in the LA area. Thanks!

Dec 18, 2012
FML in Los Angeles Area

Dim Sum in West LA

Bao Dim Sum House is NOT good. I was really looking forward to trying this place, and everything left this horrific artificial aftertaste that made me nauseous.

Aug 24, 2012
FML in Los Angeles Area

Sweet Potato Leaves -- Yum!

I think this is the same or similar to the Filipino vegetable "talbos ng kamote" or the tops (leaves) of sweet potatoes. For reference,

Dec 02, 2011
FML in Home Cooking

Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

I think many sandwich chains are guilty of this - Subway, Quiznos, Blimpie, etc. all make me nauseous. Thank you all for validating my feelings. I too thought it was just me.

Jul 22, 2011
FML in Features

Lobster mashed potatoes - where can I find besides Maestro's?

Hi all -

Where else in the LA area (East or West or the Valleys are all fine) can I get lobster mashed potatoes, besides Maestro's? I feel like I've seen it on other menus, but I can't remember where.

Thanks, chowhounders!


Jun 21, 2011
FML in Los Angeles Area

mangosteen available in LA yet?

I've seen it at Seafood City in Eagle Rock (this is a Filipino west coast grocery chain) and at Woo Ri Market in the Little Tokyo Mall (in the location where Mitsuwa used to be in Little Tokyo).

Feb 21, 2011
FML in Los Angeles Area

I need Filipino food!!

I'd recommend Kusina on Fountain Ave at the corner of Vermont. It's a turo-turo, but they have delicious chow. I love their inihaw na baboy, their tokwa't baboy, lechon, and their steamed tilapia. Their sinangag (garlic rice) is also yummy.

I will also second (or third, fourth, etc.) the kudos for Barrio Fiesta in Glendale. Their sisig appetizer is delicious (big enough for an entree) as is their shrimp gambas dish. I was only so-so on the kare-kare, as I would have preferred that the sauce be a bit thicker, but my fellow Pinoy pals loved it, so perhaps it's a matter of taste.

Apr 04, 2009
FML in Los Angeles Area

Ethnic fast food chains?

Can you recommend any ethnic fast food chains in L.A.? What I mean by this are LA locations of foreign fast food places. All I can think of thus far are Jollibee and Chow King, both from the Philippines. There must be others here - any suggestions?

Apr 04, 2009
FML in Los Angeles Area

ISO clay pot noodles?

Where can I find clay pot noodles in the LA area? I'm talking about the noodles in a thick broth with vegetables, pork, and / or seafood all cooked in a clay pot. It's often served in Malaysian / Singaporean restaurants (e.g. like Penang or Nyonya in NYC). Thanks!

Jan 07, 2008
FML in Los Angeles Area

"chao long" (Vietnamese innards rice porridge)?

Hi all -

Do any of you know of a Vietnamese place that serves "chao long" (innards rice porridge, kind of like congee or lugaw)?



Dec 19, 2007
FML in Los Angeles Area

ISO "dao xiao mian" (handmade chewy noodles cut from ball with a knife) in Los Angeles

Hi all -

I am craving the "dao xiao mian" (handmade chewy noodles cut from ball with a knife) that I had when I visited Beijing. Any recs in L.A. Chinatown or somewhere else in the city? (SGV is Chinese cuisine is better, I know, but it's difficult for me to get there regularly.) Thank you!

Dec 16, 2007
FML in Los Angeles Area

Comparable thai to Sripraphai

Like you, I'm a former New Yorker who loved Sripraphai. Here, I'm a fan of Krua Thai in North Hollywood on Sherman Way. Their salted blue crab is amazing, as are their noodle soups.

Dec 14, 2007
FML in Los Angeles Area

Dim sum cooking classes in the NYC or NJ area?

Any recommendations for a good dim sum making class in NYC or NJ? I'm looking to give this as a gift. =)

Nov 28, 2007
FML in Manhattan