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Seeking for the WOW experience in LA

Don't know if you're willing to make the drive to the San Fernando Valley for sushi, but if so, you should book Katsuya's omakase bar at Kiwami. He only does it every couple of weeks and only Tuesday through Friday night, but it's Katsuya himself doing the omakase.

Aug 06, 2009
Bigjeff822 in Los Angeles Area


Well said, rubinow.

I was thinking about using buttercream frosting as a filling instead of this vanilla cream. Thoughts?

And also thought about filling the baking pan half way with batter, piping the buttercream frosting into the middle of each future "twink" and then covering with more batter to bake the filling in instead of filling after baking. Anyone think this would work or would it be a disaster?

Sep 12, 2008
Bigjeff822 in Recipes

wine classes in la?

Echoing DanaB, I highly recommend The Wine House's Absolute Beginners classes. They have a one day "rock bottom beginners" class and a more extensive four evening series that goes into a good amount of depth. I took both and felt that they really gave me a strong foundation for understanding and appreciating wine. The staff there is very knowledgable and they aren't stuffy, so the classes are friendly and unintimidating. Also, they offer a 10% discount on the wines you taste, available for purchase after the evening's class is over.

Feb 04, 2008
Bigjeff822 in Los Angeles Area