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saw them at harris teeter earlier this week, the one at lee harrison in arlington. tiny basket for 4 dollars i think

Black Cod?!?

which harris teeter? i have the hardest time finding it. whole foods sometimes, slavin's if you call ahead has it ocassionally

Du Puy Lentils

i found them recently in "grape Juice" on lee highway in arlington. i discovered (too late) they were past the sell by date though - still good however

where can one find scallops with the coral?

where can one find scallops with the coral?

Cafe Berlin on Cap Hill

best visited when it is warm enough to sit outside - the restaurant indoors is nice enough but is, after all, a basement. try a hefeweissen or two (be aware that they are served as half litres so are larger than an american pint) and enjoy the world walking and driving by. one night we were regaled by a guy standing on top of his car shouting at the passers by for an hour or so before the capital cops moved him on. staff are very friendly and happy to share advice on what's good or not so good, the owners and the chef are german so it is authentic but americanised in that there is less salt and fat then one would expect in traditional german dishes.

Lamb meatballs, recipe calls for semolina?

its british - semolina is used to make a nursery pudding with milk and sugar. substitute durum flour sold to make pasta. bulgur and so on are much to granular. semolina is fine like cornflour in the US.

Jan 27, 2008
irenieberg in Home Cooking

Purchasing Rare Beers

grape juice at 5757 lee highway in arlington has (and and can get) some unusual beers. one of the co-owners is the wine buff, the other a beer lover.

"Yorktown Bistro" -- who knows about it?

went there monday night. cavernous empty space, no licence to serve booze yet (a month away) nervous staff, overbearing managers, salty sauce made from what tasted like a maggi mix on a reasonably cooked steak. fine piece of salmon with an actually fresh vegetable medley. unless it improves it's not worth going back, vero (up the steeet) is annoyingly pretentious with too much muddling on the plate but a far more professional and comfortable place. perhaps they should have waited until they go the licence and over a glass or two of wine i would have been less critical.

Cowboy Cafe

i was there on tuesday for a half price burger. they have returned to their very rare servings so i have to remember to order my burger more cooked than i usually do. kitchen was fast - guess that's why it was so rare...