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pot roast- on the stove?

thanks for all the replies guys. I think I will go with the baking pan covered with foil method for this time and add some Le Creuset to my Christmas list!!

Oct 16, 2006
redglass in Home Cooking

pot roast- on the stove?

I have a recipe for pot roast that calls for braising it in the oven at 300, covered, for 2 hours.

However, all of my pans with lids have plastic handles and I'm concerned that they'll melt if they're in the oven for that long. Do you think I could do it on the stove set on low and just keep an eye on it with no discernable loss of quality?

If anyone's interested, I'm planning on making the Newcastle Pot Roast from this month's Cooking Light (password required):

Oct 16, 2006
redglass in Home Cooking

CSA in Northern Virginia

Check out Potomac Vegetable Farms (website of the same name). They're based in Vienna with property in Loudoun county. I've had a mini share with them for the past two years, with nothing but beautiful produce. They have several pick up sites in NoVA in addition to the farm itself. No corn or fruit, though.

"Nina Dandy" cruise on the Potomac

You can see a sample menu here:

Each to his/her own of course, but the one (and only time) I went on a cruise on the Dandy, it couldn't clear one of the bridges, so we couldn't see the monuments. Although we did get a great view of reagan airport and the various non-scenic sites. It was very underwhelming.

For the money, why not just go to Maestro or CityZen?

Former DC Hound in for the Labor Day Weekend -- Any good suggestions? Sonoma closed...

Tallula in Arlington (Washington Blvd and N. Pershing) has a very reasonable, well-considered wine list and an eclectic American menu along with small plates. Entrees will run you in the low to mid $20's.

Next Restaurant Week

usually they are in January- think around 14-21sh of the month (but not always those dates!) stay tuned to this and other boards. Usually the news is broken on the boards before it's released on the official RW site.

Zengo, Mie N Yu, or other?!?!

If I had to pick between the two, it would be Zengo all the way. Everything about Mie N Yu ticks me off, from the exorbitant wine list prices (not one glass of wine under $11- not ONE) to the snooty service, mediocre name it. I've enjoyed everything I've had to eat at Zengo- excellent sushi, wonderful short ribs, cool atmosphere. It's not cheap, but I think you'll get a better value than Mie N Yu.

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

Clare and Don's beach shack and Mexicali blues- both owned by the same folks, and both mediocre all the way. I have no idea why these places get so much praise.

And- don't get me wrong- I love the food and the prices at Ray's. But it's just steak, people, served in pretty boring surroundings. I don't understand why this place creates so much discussion on this and other boards.

cake-baking question from a novice

I don't know too much about baking, but the newspaper recipe will result in a lighter cake.

Aug 04, 2006
redglass in Home Cooking

Gourmet magazine's August issue

two votes for what Buttertart said- Gourmet is on my sh*t list b/c of yucky photography and too much preaching of the organic/local mantra...but then I read the supplement and I forgot about all of that. For this month, anyway.

Aug 02, 2006
redglass in Food Media & News

Don't know what I'd do without my .......?

My cuisinart food processor. I held off forever, and got one for Xmas. I feel like I use it everday- it has literally changed my life. ~ sigh of contentment ~

Aug 02, 2006
redglass in Cookware

Best Cookbook You Own?

I only own about 10 cookbooks (I am under a self-imposed moratorium of buying anymore b/c I have no room), but if the house was on fire, I'd grab Bittman's book first. His recipes are great for elegant weeknight cooking and I always learn something new.

Aug 02, 2006
redglass in Home Cooking

Which airport in the U.S. has the best food?

At National Airport outside DC, there's a sushi place and a McCormick & Schmick's (or is it Legal Seafoods)on the lower level by the C gates that actually do a pretty good job of making sure you forget you're in an airport- if you are deaf to the intercom and all the baggage everywhere, that is.

Aug 02, 2006
redglass in General Topics

New Chinese is Arlington (Courthouse)

Isn't Hunan Number One closed? If it's the place on Wilson between Court House and Clarendon, then it's definetely gone.
I for one am desperate for chinese and am not a stickler when it comes to authentic or not. Thank you for the report on TNR.

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

My own personal additions:

Occidental- service was terrible, food not worth it
Galileo- snotty service- but then again, isn't that the norm?

On the good list- offering either full menu,or a good representation thereof, along with good service:
colvin run
Zengo (lunch)

the Fish Market Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria

It turned out to be not so bad- again, it was NOT my choice, so the goal was to just make the best of it. I wouldn't recommend it, but it could have been worse. When it's my birthday, there are plenty of other places to eat, but we can wait on that...

Tortilla Factory in Herndon

I was always a fan of Anita's myself but I haven't been there nor to Tortilla Factory in 5+ years...

Amazing meal at Colvin Run

In general Colvin Run does a very good job with the food and the service (for those of you thinking restaurant week, they do a great job even though they are usually slammed the entire week). My only quirks are that not all of the dining rooms offer the same feel- I prefer the Shenendoah room, and that sometimes the food tastes like it has -so- much butter in it I might have a heart attack.

Restaurant Week (D.C)

I think you'll be happy with your choice- enjoy!

Where's the Romance?

I happen to think that Firefly near Dupont Circle is incredibly romantic. The tables ARE close together, but that contributes to the cozy atmosphere.

I find Mie N Yu to be overpriced and pretentious despite the cool atmoshpere.

the Fish Market Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria

A friend has decided this is where he wants to eat for his b-day dinner...last time I was there (several years ago) I was not impressed. Anyone out there care to tell me I'm wrong so I can get my hopes up? If not, what decent on the menu?