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Nashua Area News - Part 2

An email from

Michael Buckley has purchased the Swan Chocolate building next to his restaurant, Buckley’s Great Steaks, in Merrimack for additional parking and a bakery commissary. The building will also house a bakery with retail items to go.

Nashua Area News - Part 2

Red Sauce closed, I didn't see it mentioned on this or the old thread as closing. Not surprised. Had really hoped they'd get it together.

Blue Water Inn/restaurant Ogunquit Maine destroyed by fire today

The Blue Water Inn was destroyed by fire today. Huckleberry's and Norseman also affected. Damage to the rest of the strip is being determined.

What a time of year for such a disaster to happen.

Alamo Texas Bar-B-Que and Tequila Bar will be located in Brookline, N.H.

Yes that quote had me questioning it too. The sushi and high-end steak menu at their Bailey's restaurant, also just seems off. If you are going to do this type of menu, you have to do it well or it will bring down the whole menu.

Alamo Texas Bar-B-Que and Tequila Bar will be located in Brookline, N.H.

The Mad Hatter will become yet another new restaurant. Here's the article:

Crush Pizza - Nashua NH closed

Just got an email that they closed, but to watch out for a possible new Nashua location in the near future.

Martin Yan new show on PBS. Vietnamese cooking

I didn't watch, but it was on Create/NHPTV tonight at 9:00pm:

Martin Yan's Taste of Vietnam

I was watching Create this weekend and I remember seeing him in a commercial and thought where has he been?

Mar 10, 2015
hummingbird in Food Media & News

Would like your opinion on what coffee supplies to provide for a nicer end vacation rental

If you still need ideas here is a BB to get help from:

It is the Timeshare Users Bulletin Board very helpful people on there.

Jan 29, 2015
hummingbird in General Topics

Best place to have Maine Uni/Sea Urchin

I remember seeing something about them in Camden ME, not sure what program, so I did a search on such and here is what came up:

of course there are a lot of hits that won't help, but maybe some of them will.

good luck

Whole Foods Nashua??

thanks for the heads up, will be staying away from that area for a while. It looks huge. I've only been to the one in Bedford MA and Bellingham MA, and it has been a long time. I just don't remember them being any larger than TJ's.

Dessert Italian Style

Here's a link to some recipes from "Organic Tuscany Cookbook"

I haven't made anything yet so can't vouch for any of the recipes, but it may give you some ideas.

Aug 02, 2014
hummingbird in Home Cooking

Nashua area news?

Noodles & Company is opening July16th, and are giving away stuff for to the first 50 waiting in line to open at 11:00am.

They are also opening on the 15th with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Nashua Soup Kitchen, you have to RSVP for it and it looks like a 4:00pm opening

Nashua area news?

From the Red Sauce Facebook site today:

It is official we will be open for lunch on May 5th and for dinner on May 12th. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Easter Sunday Brunch..So. NH

This belongs on the Northern New England board, and you'll probably get more responses. These 3 come to mind:

I haven't eaten at any of them for brunch, but thought I'd give you a couple of places to check.

Nashua area news?

Here's is something from their website:

Over the past five years, We worked hard to make our ambition succeed in introducing Real home cooked vegetarian Indian food to the public in general.
We believe we have succeeded in our mission.
However, it has been very tough on our family
and for that reason alone, we decided not to extend the lease.
Through this journey we have made many new friends and fans. We thank you for your compliments,
which gave us the energy to follow through with this endeavor.
Thank you and good bye.

Nashua area news?

I had to do the same:

I must say the outfits the ladies are wearing will be quite the
eye opener, if indeed that is the uniform. They make the Hooters look pretty tame, although I have never been in a Hooters

I'm not sure I'd be all that comfortable going in there, oh I'm sure I could twist my hub's arm!

Cook's Ilustrated website renewal cost!!!

I just got an email yesterday to rejoin the website for $34.95 for standard. I haven't been a member for a few years.

Down the end of the email was this:

Get Recipes That Work® wherever you go with our FREE Membership Companion App for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Members get access to:
• The entire Cook's Illustrated database of recipes, equipment reviews, and ingredient taste tests
• Recipe videos, shopping lists, kitchen timers, and more useful tools
• A Favorites tool, which lets you tag favorite recipes and content for easy access later

Is this implying that you'd have access to premium content then too? It does say entire database.

A couple of months ago I got another email that offered me a one year web subscription for $17.50 for a year and then it would renew at the $34.95. I did get that one, but had so much trouble getting logged in over a weekend I emailed and said to cancel it which they did.

Nov 28, 2013
hummingbird in Food Media & News

Last minute dinner on Thanksgiving-Newport RI

Here's a list from ProJo listing most of RI:

Can't help with eating in Newport for years, so no help there.

There are a lot of Newport reviews on this board so when you think of a particular restaurant or Newport in general you should get a lot of hits searching here.

Good Luck and have a good trip.

Thanksgiving in Worcester

oldschool-I stated that I have never eaten at Buca - all I was trying to do is give places that were open!

I rarely get to Worcester and the couple of places I've eaten at the last few times aren't open.

Thanksgiving in Worcester

You're welcome.

I just got an email from Open Table for Thanksgiving places up and down New England and here is a place open in Shrewbury: Now I know this isn't fancy,

Buca di Beppo

I checked the website and they are doing a Thanksgiving menu which is $49.95 for 3 people. Opening at 11:00am

Is this at all doable? I have never been to one of their restaurants, the only one I knew about was in Seekonk, and it closed.

hey it's an option

Thanksgiving in Worcester

While not in Worcester here's a list of places that are not too far to drive to:

This is from ProJo and lists from Newport to Smithfield with anything in between, many open: from Providence Journal Shirley MA

The Gibbet Hill is full right now, but must have a list for cancellation fill ins Groton MA Wrentham MA

Good Luck and one thing I noticed on ProJo- all I Hops will be open!

Nashua area news?

Is the new plaza going in where the Bahama something or other nightclub used to be? That has been gone for a very long time, as a matter of fact driving by there last week with my hub, I mentioned I thought it odd that the area back there has never become something other than deserted.

What a nightmare that intersection will be, it is mess now, I've seen so many near misses someone in the wrong lane , then decides to just go into the lane next to them. I've seen it happen both going into the plaza and also when in the jughandle in front of BK and Ruby's. Yike!

New Hampshire Inn for Thanksgiving

here is the first one that comes to mind:

Are you looking for a place just to eat with atmosphere, or are you looking to also stay there?

Also, what particular area do you have in mind?

Food words and expressions in general use -list

elbow grease
hot tomato
eye candy
don't get yourself in a pickle
popsicle toes

Oct 18, 2013
hummingbird in Not About Food

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt coming to Nashua NH

I was up on Rte. 101A/Amherst NH this afternoon about 2:00pm, needing to pick up a couple of things at Dollar Tree.

Saw that Orange Leaf was opened, so I popped in. One couple was cashing out. The owner who was behind the counter welcomed me as I came in. After having checked the website out I pretty much figured out the procedure.

Went and got my cup, checked out the available flavors, filled up and weighed out. I didn't want any add-ins, as I prefer to have it straight up so the flavors would be on their own. I decided on coconut with just a swirl of the chocolate yogurt on top.

Really good. Worked together just great. The coconut yogurt shown through and the added chocolate was a great enhancement. I won't hesitate to stop in again, well probably not on weekends, as I try and do my best to do errands during the week and stay away from 101A and So. Nashua Mall area when I can.

It is pretty small, but cozy. I can see it getting a bit crazy at certain times if there were large groups in, especially getting used to the procedure and working the yogurt machines. I stood there a minute or two and then got the hang of it. No problems thank goodness. Then bring the cup to the counter, add the add-ins, have the cup weighed, pay, pick up napkins and spoon, then go sit if staying and enjoy.

The owner came over and asked if I was enjoying it, and I certainly said YES! He had hoped to open on Sept 6th, but due to getting everything completed, was just able to open on Friday the 27th, so three weeks have been lost. He was very pleasant.

There isn't a lot of seating, there where 2 small round high tops seating 2 each on either side of the door as you enter. To the left is the checkout counter and attached to that is the add-ins counter, as you head to the wall towards the back, on the right where the cups are, there are low chairs with low tables (for kids maybe) and a couch. There was other seating there too, but they were occupied with a few guys going over some business details, so I don't remember what they were sitting at. On the wall opposite the cups there are all the yogurt machines recessed into the wall, all neat and orderly. I saw the coconut, chocolate and strawberry, pineapple, coffee and that is all I really saw. As soon as I saw the coconut I was fine and should have looked for almond to go with the chocolate. Next time I'll check. But the coconut/chocolate was just fine for me.

I didn't look at the pricing, so can't help there, and I didn't notice the weight of my cup. I did pay $6.34
for a very good size portion. Will probably scale back next time.

What's was this Tupperware designed for?

I've got one too. Got it sometime in the early to mid 80's, but it certainly may have been first issued in the late 70's.

Sep 17, 2013
hummingbird in Cookware

Who remembers the name of this restaurant?

I think you'd get a lot more response if you post this in the New Jersey board and put Long Branch in the heading.

No more info- what type of cuisine, near something?

Sep 14, 2013
hummingbird in New Jersey

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt coming to Nashua NH

I was looking for info in Hampton, Portsmouth and area, and came upon their listing. Looks like there is one at Hampton Beach.

Spitbrook, Amherst St around 5Guys, and another that just lists Amherst NH are listed, but not yet opened.
Has anyone been to any of their stores in other areas? I had never heard of them before seeing the listing.

Clam bake/boil for a rehearsal dinner near Providence RI

Here's a place that does clam bakes. I was there a couple of years ago and lobster, chowder, clams and such were served. I don't eat any of it, and don't remember what I did eat. The grounds are very nice and the whole atmosphere that day was casual. It was also August so big difference
trying to do something in October. The food just came out of their kitchen, there was no traditional clambake.

Not sure if this may be what you might be looking for. Trying to think of some place that does it the way you'd like, especially that time of year at a beach to get the full effect.

So what's the average Chowhound's age?? (Part 2)

Born August 1950 so shortly to be 63.

Jun 11, 2013
hummingbird in Not About Food