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Recommendations for a large group of 15-20 in SoHo or Greenwich Village or Union Square?

Hi can anyone recommend a good restaurant that can accommodate a group of 15-20 ladies for lunch in the lower to mid price range? Preferably american cuisine.

Jan 17, 2012
DCResider in Manhattan

Any happy hour spots in downtown DC?

Thanks. I'm definitely going.

Dinner spot near the National Theater area?

A friend and I are planning to see a show at the National Theater and were looking for a reasonably priced dinner (in the low-mid price range). Any recommendations? Want to avoid Butterfield 9, Chef Geoff's and M&S Grill as we've already eaten there.

Any happy hour spots in downtown DC?

Looking to meet a friends after work for happy hour in the downtown area, preferably on the red line metro (McPherson Sq, Chinatown, Metro Center). Any recommendations? It can be fancy or casual.

Brunch on U Street?

Any recommendations for brunch in the U Street corridor? There will be a group of 4 of us.

Steak on U Street?

Hi all, want to know if I can find a decent steak on the U street area between 9 - 15th Streets. Any recommendations?

Need dinner rec. near 9:30Club (815 V St. NW)

I live 2 blocks from the 9:30 Club. If you're looking for a low key restaurant with bar food, I recomment The Saloon (on U Street, between 12th and 13th Street) which has your basic burgers and fried foods at a reasonable prices, and they are known for their good selection of Belgian beers.

Friday night - check out Zaytania if you want a more hip place. Mostly tapas style foods. Matchbox is in the area, but usually crowded on friday nights and almost always a wait. Clydes is good and is a local chain, but has a large menu.

Vegetarian Friendly places around Metro Center?

Can someone recommend vegetarian friendly restaurants around Metro Center around a 3-4 block radius from Macy's?