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Winterlicious Menus now posted, Jan 30 - Feb 12 2015

BUMP. reservations have started and i'm still wondering where to book. add your list/thoughts

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

from the outside, not at all! ;) in fact, the place was closed for only two or three days. makes us wonder if it's the same people but they're repurposed the space to get in on the ramen trend.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

S. Lefkowitz is closed. it may reopen on dupont near fat pasha. wonder how two will do.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

salsa's on augusta has closed. shame but there's too much competition now - not that any is seriously worth eating, mind you (save 7lives)

The Best Of The Kensington Market

i keep trying but, apart from 7Lives i don't really like anywhere in the market. oh - millie's for crepes (baldwin near spadina) is a safe bet too

Chinese food downtown Toronto?

spadina garden last i visited is not what it used to be. it happens. it depends what you want. i like house of gourmet quite a lot (north side of dundas, east of spadina). best wonton soup - nice service and atmosphere. i still enjoy swatow for the spicy noodle dishes. dumpling king on dundas (also east of spadina) has nicer dumplings than house of dumplings, in my opinion. i opted for king's noodle today since i passed by on my way home and was disappointed in the staff attitude and quality of food. i live in chinatown and there are a lot of duds and no ONE place stands out as the best. they all have their good and their bad dishes. one place no one mentions much is rol jui. they can be excellent (dundas near huron). i wouldn't be looking for chinese food on queen west though.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

the old kuni sushi ya space? was wondering what it was like

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

not exactly new but LUCKY RED is finally showing signs of *doing something*! walked by yesterday, brown paper on the windows, lights all on inside and an liquor licence application posted. about time! :)

Winterlicious Menus now posted, Jan 30 - Feb 12 2015

so what are you picking this year? i'm thinking about turf lounge and cafe boulud for now but the latter's menu isn't exciting me too much.

Grasslands - Queen/Bathurst area - from people behind Fressen/Urban Herbivore

Went there on Saturday with a vegan friend. We had the charcuterie plate which looked gorgeous and tasted lovely. I don't like mock meat so I skipped the main courses. Instead I had a beet salad which was very nice - could have done without the mock goat cheese thing since it was already on the charcuterie plate. The shiraz was lovely and clean tasting. I had a molten chocolate pudding which was delicious but too much on my plate. Next time I would either share or go for the cookies and take some home. Everything is beautifully presented and tastes delicious. The prices are high considering no meat but I'd go again.

Leisurely comfortable delicious lunch central Toronto?

I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow so fast answers, please! I'd like to have lunch somewhere central(ish) where they won't rush us out the door and the seats are comfy (armchairs or couches or at least decent chairs) for the duration. Not so worried about cost or ethnicity. It's more about being able to relax with an old friend, chat, eat something delicious and not see the waiter checking his watch. Go! (Thanks!

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

another sad story. i was a staunch client for many years in the yorkville era and whenever i go to the opticians i'd go in for some cake and coffee. used to love the goulash.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Am planning to go or get take out before they close and, even though I haven't gone for years since I left that neighbourhood, it makes me sad.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

I feel they didn't it enough time at all. How long was it open? I didn't get to go because I was out of town but my son did and sent me promising photos. I live in the neighbourhood and pass by it almost every. There is absolutely no indication anything is going on in there. BMB seem to move very slowly on their openings - money to burn while property charges rent? - and I'm gone again end of December. Would sure like to try it out before I go. Anyone heard any insider stories on it?

Cheap Groceries in London?

'The market at Dalston Kingsland' is Ridley Road. It's my closest and sadly least favourite market but if you want cheap, then it's a good bet. Take the 30 from Kings Cross and get out at Dalston Junction. Most people love the Dalston scene generally so check it out online. Loads going on.

Jun 26, 2014
Calam1ty in U.K./Ireland

Best cookies in Toronto

nookie cookie, le gourmand

Anybody remember Switzers on Spadina?

I haven't tried 'up north' but it's rare to get a consistently good matzo ball soup in downtown Toronto - Free Times is usually better than Caplansky's but that's based on very few tries. I don't keep buying if it's expensive and doesn't perform well often enough. I had a matzo ball soup in the Main Deli, Montreal that was a bit anaemic. I've even had a mediocre one in good old Blum's (London, UK) and a few in Budapest that were so-so. Home made can't be beat so I just make my own. I haven't had a good knish for many years so bring 'em on! For the record, I favour Free Times smoked meat sandwiches over Caplansky's. It's just how it is!

Anybody remember Switzers on Spadina?

The good old days, right? I agree but do you now feel old? ;)

Anybody remember Switzers on Spadina?

I thought Katz NYC was awful. Schwartz is good as is Main Deli in Montreal. I preferred Switzer's far above Shopsy's and miss the old Spadina. At Switzer's it was always old school Jewish deli for me - knish, kischka and gravy, new dills, cream soda! Rarely got the smoked meat - would get it in the knish - but sometimes got the hot dog which was served on a steamed bun - was it called a steamed moon? Who remembers? I don't like hot dogs usually but those were great.

New place next to Swatow?

thanks so much for this. i'm really pleased and hope that the restaurant takes off. i live in this neighbourhod with its uneven assortment of chinese, korean, thai, vietnamese and the odd japanese place. many are not worth eating in, sadly. dark horse was a welcome addition, ocho is ok but the space is not comfortable. strada241 is a lot of money for not very good food - i stopped going there. do the wait staff or kitchen even notice how many plates go back with half the food untouched?

i've missed the jewish restaurants. i hope the main floor doesn't disappoint!

what do others think?

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

walked by today and they do have paper up in the window but no mention of any opening date

New place next to Swatow?

Anyone know what it's going to be? It's where the People's Eatery used to be. When I've been able to peek inside, it doesn't look Chinese unless it's one of those snack bars that keep opening lately. Looks close to being ready.

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

You've made me think of Alice Fazooli's garlic bread which dripped with butter and made you want more. It was probably the only truly great thing on the menu! :)

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

oh my god i miss those. i've had others since but they were the best!

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Many years ago there used to a Greek restaurant on the south side at the beginning of the Danforth. I'm trying to remember but it might have been called The Byzantium. When you went in, they would take you into the kitchen and point at what they were cooking and you could choose some of this and that. This type of cooking was very different than you'd get today along the trendy part of Greektown. I expect it was more home-style. I remember getting a wonderful lamb stew once with artichokes and lemon - amazing! They'd also serve you a wonderful Greek salad that was simply ripe tomatoes, black olives, mild onions and feta cheese with a greek vinaigrette (no lettuce like you see today). The price was so reasonable too. Where did these type of places go? If you know of any, tell me!

Calphalon - mourned! What replaces it? COOKING CLASSES

I was semi-addicted to the Calphalon cooking classes. So well done! What is there now? For those who never went, it was hands-on, prepare a two or three course meal (themed) and take it home. I learned a lot and then they closed. what other classes can you take that are hands-on and worth paying for in downtown Toronto?

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Definitely!!!! Three Small Rooms remains my most nostalgic place ever!
What was the place that was across the road from there - theme building with pretty nice food. Had my wedding dinner there.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

where, please? my son is so sad BBQues closed ( spadina/harbord)

Manchester suggestions please!

OK. Back in London and just uploaded my photos. Here are the rest:

Teacup disappointed me and I'm sad about that. I did buy a piece of pistachio and rose cake that turned out to be dry. However, it wasn't awful, nor was the lunch. I should have gone for tea as I'd hoped but dinner was looming! See http://www.flickr.com/photos/jan1ce/1...
for what I ate

Try as I may, I couldn't persuade my partner to try the Northern Quarter Restaurant but he was quite interested in the Market Restaurant next door. We got two starters and one main - it was very nicely done.. Not outstanding but we were more than happy. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/jan1ce/s... for those photos and descriptions

Finally, I wanted to take @Harters' recommendation for Choice but when we finally found it, the menu was nothing like I'd found online. I'd set myself for a lovely stew, something Northern and nourishing after three rainy, cold days. There was none of it so we opted to leave and find some pasta. We found ourselves at Don Marco and decided to go in. It was getting quite late and we had a train to catch! It was a very lovely meal and our two starters and two pasta mains were the same price as the Market Restaurant. With apologies for the lighting, the set is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jan1ce/s...

Thanks, everyone, for those recommendations and I hope this helps others. I would say MK and DM were the two standouts for me. (Feel like some MK right now!)

Feb 08, 2014
Calam1ty in U.K./Ireland

London help

definitely not worth bothering with bodeans. i wouldn't bother with bbq generally in london. it's not that you can't get a good one but it's just not bbq territory. i'm still pushing la chapelle (galvin) for their prix fixe menu. it's a great space with lovely food and fantastic service.

Feb 06, 2014
Calam1ty in U.K./Ireland