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Looking for an Indian thali

My wife and I like Indian food. I like AYCE buffets and she likes "thali's" as she can't eat that much. So we are looking for a place that serves both in the evening.
Looking for either the Gerrard St. area or Brampton.
Wikipedia's definition of a thali is:
A thali is a selection of different dishes, usually served in small bowls on a round tray. Typical dishes include rice, dhal, vegetables, chapati, papad, curd (yoghurt), small amounts of chutney or pickle, and a sweet dish to top it. Restaurants typically offer a choice of vegetarian or meat-based thalis.

Holy trinity of AYCE sushi in Thornhill

I have been to all 3 restaurants. IMHO this is the order in terms of food quality (not ambiance): #1 = Maki Sushi; #2 = Sushi Fun; #3 = Hockey Sushi. All of them are good.
But....BIG BUT..... Maki Sushi has a problem in the cold weather. I was there on Oct. 11, 2009. It was cold and the wind was blowing slightly. Maki Sushi is effectively divided into 2 parts. We were seated in the front part and every time the front door was opened we were treated to a blast of cold air. It ruined our evening. The place was packed so we could not get a table in the back half of the restaurant. I really like this restaurant. But under the circumstances I think I will only return in June when I know the "cold" will not effect our enjoyment.

Brunch in Thornhill

One of the most popular restaurants in the area is a chain called the Pickle Barrel. Although it started as a deli, it offers about 200 dishes on the menu with only a small portion of deli. It's a great place for brunch. There are 2 locations in the area.
Promenade Mall at Bathurst and Centre
Centrepoint Mall at Steeles and Yonge