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Piedmont - When to go

I know this is a little late, but I just stumbled across this post. We went to Piedmont two years ago in mid October and it was a great time to go, but it was a little too early for truffles. We are also planning another trip this year for the same time. The vineyards are beautiful and the weather was great...I don't think we had one rainy day. If you are a wine geek this would be a great time to go. It is after harvest, typically, so you can visit some of the excellent vineyards. As for restaurants, there are a lot of great smaller family run restaurants. The smaller restaurants were our favorites as well, and I have some of the ones that stood out listed. One of our favorites was in Serralunga called Centro Storico. We ate there three times on our week trip. It is a husband and wife team, he has the front of the house and she is the chef. The food was well priced, we spent around 80-100 euro for dinner and a bottle of wine. Lunch was great as well, and a bit cheaper. If you go in October/November you will also be in porcini season. For the experience, there is a great little restaurant in Roddino called Osteria da Gemma which was filled with locals. You have about 11 courses of home cooked Italian food so be prepared. In Castiglione Falletto there is a fantastic little place called La Terrazza da Renza. You pretty much eat what they are serving and they do not accept credit cards so make sure you have enough cash. We had one of our best meals there. In Barolo, we ate at La Cantinetta which was good, but not our most memorable meal. If you go there you have to try the ravioli with the egg topped with shaved truffles. We are looking to one really nice meal at Piazza Duomo in Alba. This would be a more expensive meal, but I hear it is worth it for a special night out. Finally, if you make it up to Barbaresco we loved our meal at Trattoria Antica Torre which is right across the street from Produttori del Barbaresco. One of the dishes was the classic tagliatelle con tartufo. Enjoy...hope you have a great time!

Jan 08, 2014
mrozeboom8 in Italy