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Need feedback on Irish Eats Itinerary - Dublin, Galway and the West Coast

Thank you both so much for the advice. I am following it!

I've realized that Freddie's Bistro in Limerick isn't open for lunch, so any feedback on lunch at: The Curragower Seafood Bar or Cornstore or Bobby Byrnes Pub? I have to pick one.

Killarney two dinners:


Jul 01, 2013
Clairechat in U.K./Ireland

Best seafood restaurant in Mount Pleasant SC area

No it's completely separate. Adjacent to the College of Charleston marina.

Jun 29, 2013
Clairechat in Southeast

Best seafood restaurant in Mount Pleasant SC area

A new Mt Pl seafood restaurant just opened June 9 at Patriots Point, Charleston Harbor Fish House. http://www.charlestonharborfishhouse.... Local oysters are out of season, but they'll have other varieties.

Give it a try.

Jun 29, 2013
Clairechat in Southeast


For dinner, I agree FIG over Husk. Stars is excellent as well and has a lovely rooftop bar overlooking King St.

Breakfasts/Brunch: Hominy Grill, Dixie Supply, Palmetto Cafe in Charleston Place, High Cotton, Leaf, and Three Little Birds in West Ashley.

Be sure and make reservations everywhere. Have fun!

Jun 29, 2013
Clairechat in Southeast

Need feedback on Irish Eats Itinerary - Dublin, Galway and the West Coast

I'm heading to Ireland in July for the first time. Thanks to all the great CHOW posts, I have a lot of info to help me plan good eats along the way. I'm traveling with my mother and she's not particularly adventurous - no molecular gastronomy or tiny portions here. Since I have very limited time in most cities, I would love feedback on what I've planned:

Dublin (24 hrs) --
Breakfast: Bewley's
Lunch: Avoca Café or Sinnott’s Pub or Finnegan's in Dalkey
Dinner: The Pig's Ear

Galway (3 nights) --
Dinner 1: Oscar's Seafood Bistro

Day trip to Cong, Ashford Castle - Lunch: Kylemore Abbey
Dinner 2: White Gables Restaurant

Day trip to Cliffs of Mohr, The Burren - Lunch:
Dinner 3: **Can't decide between Kirwan's Lane or O'Gradys on the Pier? Need input.**

Limerick - Lunch: Freddie's Bistro

Killarney (2 nights): TBD

Ring of Kerry - Lunch: The Strawberry Field

Chowhounds, what say you?

Jun 29, 2013
Clairechat in U.K./Ireland

DC Food Blitz Starting this Sunday! Am I doing it right?

Thanks for the feedback. Sonoma was suggested by two friends. I'll be playing tourist and will likely be around the Hill at that time of day. Other recs for that area?

Sonoma Restaurant
223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

DC Food Blitz Starting this Sunday! Am I doing it right?

Thanks so much for the input. I lived in LA after DC for a few years and Charleston, SC for the past six years. I loved Restaurant Nora, Cafe Milano, Jaleo, Four Seasons burger and many others back in the day.

Restaurant Nora
2132 Florida Ave., N.W, Washington, DC 20008

Cafe Milano
3251 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Four Seasons Cafe
50 S Pickett St Ste 23, Alexandria, VA 22304

In Charleston 3/28 - 3/30: looking for recommendations/companions

Baked on East Bay St is an excellent sweet shop/bakery. Monza on upper King has neopolitan pizza you will crave.

Mar 25, 2011
Clairechat in Southeast

Charleston questions

Honestly, you have solid selections and won't be disappointed at any of them.

Halls and Oak are both excellent. I tend to lean to Halls and their attention to service. Meat is grass fed and corn finished, to die for crab cake, and garlic spinach.

Charleston Grill AND Peninsula.

For seafood depends on what you want, but both have excellent raw bars as does Pearlz. Amen St is small and difficult to get a seat.

Husk is real deal, but very inconsistent sadly. The cocktails are very well crafted. Highly recommend Corpse Reviver #2.

Surprised FiG and Circa aren't on your list. Circa is DOING IT RIGHT.

Charleston Grill
224 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Mar 25, 2011
Clairechat in Southeast

DC Food Blitz Starting this Sunday! Am I doing it right?

Ok Chowhounds, I'm visiting DC for the first time since I moved away in 2001! I've heard such great things about the food scene and reading your posts is a GREAT Source. I'm flying in/out of BWI here's what I'm planning.

Eastern Market brunch
Dinner: Founding Farmers

Lunch: LobsterRoll Truck
Dinner: Palena Cafe OR Corduroy OR Someplace amazing near Clarendon??

Lunch: Sonoma
Dinner: CityZen

Crab at Gunnings in Baltimore near BWI

I know Komi is amazing, but I'm worried it's too long of an event and perhaps too $$ this trip. Ok weigh in, am I doing it right or are there better options?

CityZen Restaurant
1330 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024

3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

Sonoma Restaurant
223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

Is Good Asian possible in Charleston SC?

Sadly, Majestic Grill on King Street closed last week. I echo praise for Red Orchid and Basil.

Dec 14, 2009
Clairechat in Southeast

Nervous about Miami options during Mem Weekend

Well, it's the eve of my trip to Miami and the Keys and circumstances have changed a bit. Both myself and my hostess were dinged by the economy and laid off from our jobs. So money's tight. We were supposed to go to Michael's tomorrow night, don't think we can swing it now.

So Chowhounds... what recommendations do you have for me that are great local food restaurants that are easy on the wallet?

Nervous about Miami options during Mem Weekend

Wow! Y'all rock. Thanks for the great intel. I've made a res for MGFD Friday night - I'll head straight from the airport to the restaurant.

Ok Sunday, after we return from the keys and check out Vizcaya, which is the better choice - dinner at Garcia's Seafood or Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar?

Nervous about Miami options during Mem Weekend

Thanks everyone for the great insights! If we were to do Joe's take-out, would we still be able to get stone crabs, albeight frozen ones?

Charleston Caterers

All five of those caterers do fantastic jobs! I've used them all on behalf of client events and rest assured you're in good hands on your special day whichever you choose. Hamby's is famous for their ham biscuits and is an old Charleston favorite. JBC used to operate my favorite restaurant J Bistro, but they closed to focus fully on the catering business. Carolina Catering is also part of an excellent restaurant family and does creative things with seafood. Cru Cafe is one of the best restaurants in town and their catering is elegant and whimsical. Mediterra is solid and hits some nice points, but I'd probably rank it fifth in your list. Hope this helps!

Mar 25, 2009
Clairechat in Southeast

Nervous about Miami options during Mem Weekend

I'll be visiting Miami for the first time in years this Memorial Weekend, which as I understand it is also Urban Beach Week. I've been advised to avoid SoBe and its congestion, and we're heading to Key West overnight Saturday.

Based on a lot of great comments I'm considering:

Joe's Stone Crabs
Michael's Genuine
Red Light

Which do you recommend for dinner Friday and Sunday? I live in Charleston, SC so I'm used to good seafood and just cannot get enough, but want to try the distinctly Miami flavor.

Also want to try Enriquetas for the cuban sandwich and pan con bistec.

Thanks Chowhounds!

24 hrs - 3 Meals in Key West

Thanks Nick! I live in Charleston, S.C. with fantastic dining and 915 seemed a little too close to that. The other options seem to have more of a unique Key West flavor/personality to them based on the Web sites and visitor comments.

Mar 25, 2009
Clairechat in Florida

24 hrs - 3 Meals in Key West

Thanks everyone for the great responses. I'm still a little confused as to which we'll pick, clearly this just means I'll need to come back!

I've read about Pepe's but saw a lot of chatter about how it too has become a tourist trap, with rude wait staff and more of a focus on selling tourist tshirts. I'm also on the fence about Blue Heaven - people tend to feel really strongly - either it's heaven on a stick or the nastiest, rooster-ridden tourist trap ever.

So maybe we'll do:

Lunch: BO's
Dinner: Azur
Sunday Brunch: Louis or Sarabeth's

Mar 18, 2009
Clairechat in Florida

24 hrs - 3 Meals in Key West

Reviewing this board and the great comments, I've come up with a few selections for meals that I would love your help narrowing down for my upcoming first trip to Key West!

Saturday arrival Memorial Weekend

Lunch options: B.O.’s Fishwagon or Louie's Backyard

Dinner options: Azur, 7Fish or Rooftop Cafe

Sunday breakfast/brunch: Blue Heaven, Banana Cafe or Louie's Backyard

I only have 24 hrs and 3 meals for my inaugural Key West experience, what is the ultimate combination, chowhounds?

Mar 16, 2009
Clairechat in Florida

First-Time Visitor Needs Opinions on Restaurants for the Difficult Sunday and Monday nights.


Montreal was lovely. My mother and I stayed at Pierre du Calvet which was wonderful. Cube was my birthday dinner and I could not have been happier with your recommendation! I even mentioned the fried goat cheese amuse bouche which they brought out as well.

We had a sentimental lunch at the Chateau Champlain where my parents honeymooned more than 30 years ago. The chef at that time gave her his french onion soup recipe which I grew up on. She wanted to revisit and wouldn't you know, it tasted exactly the same! She couldn't have been more pleased.

The second night's dinner was at Cocagne, this was not a great fit for us. Some dishes were superb, others tried harder for artful presentation than taste.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

First time visitor coming next week - Portland, ME down to Salem, Mass

Thank you all for your responses. My first trip to New England was outstanding. It rained almost the whole time, but we had our slickers on and kept on going! Some food highlights...

Harraseeket Lobster - Excellent roll but not my favorite

The Lobster Shack - I think this was the one at Cape Elizabeth which I loved the view but was disappointed in the chowder.

Fore Street Restaurant - A bit of a disappointment as I didn't see the other Portland recommendations before my vacation. The atmosphere was a warm and inviting counterpoint to the ceaseless rain. I enjoyed watching the kitchen staff and the wine selections were excellent.

The Clam Shack - Absolute favorite crab roll of the entire trip. Nice portions of lump crab with great flavor. Surprisingly the other phenomenal crab roll was at Legal Sea Food in Logan Airport (can't get enough crab) - their portions are VERY sizable and excellent quality.

MC Perkins Cove - Favorite meal of my 9 day trip. Amazing view, loved the atmosphere, service was attentive and friendly. Had a clementine martini, which our water handwrote the recipe for after I complimented it. I'm from Charleston, South Carolina and thought I knew crab cakes, but these melted in your mouth.

Barnacle Billys - excellent crab roll, too early for rum punch unfortunately.

Clam Box - tried the fried clams, just not a fried seafood person. The portions were HUGE. I'll stick to crab and lobsta.

Lobster Pool - Was closed for graduation party.

Thanks again for all the great recommendations and suggestions. Back home I've tried to recreate crab rolls, but (sigh) it's just not the same...