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South County Breakfast Recs????

My family and I are heading down south of the border to relax on the beach for a few days. There will be three cars heading down, all leaving from different points north, so we are looking for a place to meet and have breakfast before crossing the border. We would prefer to eat down in Chula Vista or National City and are looking for something not too far off of the freeway. It also has to be able to handle a party of aprox. 10 ppl, including a few kids.

Thanks in advance for your time and recommendations!!!!

Aug 16, 2011
cookinjay in San Diego

Chula Vista - need recs for this weekend.

Hello fellow chowhounds,

My wife and I are going down to visit her parents this weekend in Chula Vista. I've already been told that we won't be going into TJ, so I am looking for the next closest thing to being in TJ. I want to eat the best, most authentic tacos and Mexican style seafood. We will also be cooking dinner one night and would like to hit up a farmers market, are there any Saturday markets in the vicinity of Chula Vista we can visit?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions...

Jul 07, 2008
cookinjay in California

L'Auberge, Carmel - Underwhelmed!

When I looked on the website I saw $110 for the tasting menu, but maybe I didn't look close enough. But that isn't really my point. I don't have a problem paying as much as I did for dinner, my problem was that the prices they charge weren't justified. I've had meals that I would have gladdly paid what I did at L'Auberge and not have blinked an eye, this wasn't the case at all.

Jul 02, 2008
cookinjay in California

L'Auberge, Carmel - Underwhelmed!

My wife and I dined at L'Auberge last weekend and were really excited about dining there, but by the end of the evening were second guessing that excitement.

It was my wife's 30th birthday and our 1st wedding anniversay, so we were looking for a memorable evening. I made reservations through OpenTable, and added in the notes to the restaurant that it was a special evening. The night before we dined I recieved a call from the restaurant confirming our reservation and checking if we had any food allergies. The women who called also commented on the fact that it was going to be my wife's birthday and our wedding anniversay. So I left the phone conversation feeling really good about what we were in for the next evening.

When we arrived on Saturday evening there was no one there to greet us. When we were seen, it took them a few moments to figure out we did have a reservation, mind you this is after recieving the phone call the night before. We were seated in the middle of a banquet at a small two top, a little disapointing, but considering how small the place is (twelve tables) it was understandable. We were quickly presented our menus and told how the ordering process works, but we weren't asked if we wanted a drink, again we were out to celebrate. When I finally requested a bottle of Champagne, the first two bottles I wanted they were out of, but they didn't know they were out until they went to look. So we finally got our Champagne and were again asked if we had any food allergies. We ordered the tasting tasting menu, but their idea of a tasting menu was the chef's pick of several items off of the menu, not a true chefs tasting menu, but the items on the menu looked good so we were hopeful.

The meal had begun and it was indeed very good food. I won't go into all the courses, but the meal started with a crudite' course and then an amuse, followed by two seafood courses and two meat courses. The meal ended with a cheese course and two dessert courses. My highlight of the meal was the sweet corn and maine lobster pudding with tarragon, this dish was amazing, it took me back to growing up during the summer in New England. With the tasting menu we opted for the four wine pairing. I was really looking forward to this after hearing how great the sommelier is. The wine was good and paired nicely.

The evening was wrapping up and no one ever acknowledged the fact that it was my wife's bday and our anniversary, very dissapointing considering I had discussed it with them the night before, I wasn't looking for much, but we figured we'd at least get a candle in one of our desserts. Other than the corn and lobster pudding the only time I was overwhelmed all night was when I was given the check. My wife and I eat out regularly and dine at some of the best restaurants in southern California, but we have never had a dinner this exspensive. We went into the meal knowing it wasn't going to be cheap and we ordered with out worrying, but this bill was outrageous. The food was good, but not a memorable meal. The wine was good, but not good enough to justify the price. The service was decent, but for what we payed we should have felt like we were the only people there and that wasn't the case. I wouldn't have had a problem paying what we did if the meal had justified the cost, but that wan't the case. All in all, it wasn't the memorable, out of this world meal we were looking for.

Thank god we ate at Passionfish the following evening. It was a third of the price and the food was better.

Jul 02, 2008
cookinjay in California

30th B-day dinner in/around Monterry

My wife and I are heading up the coast this weekend to celebrate her 30th birthday and our 1st wedding anniversary. Needless to say we have a lot to celebrate and are looking to have an amazing dinner on Saturday evening. I currently have a reservation at L'Auberge, in Carmel, but wanted input on where you would go to celebrate such an important evening. Thanks in advance for the help.

Jun 24, 2008
cookinjay in California

Indian food tonight???

I saw someone else post about wanting Indian food tonight, but I they weren't in my area, and it really got me wanting Indian food tonight as well. I have yet to venture to Little India and would like to, but I need some suggestions...

Jan 02, 2008
cookinjay in Los Angeles Area

Taco Place in Long Beach - Name?

Taqueria La Mexicana #4

Definitly my favorite taco stand in the LB!!!

Dec 12, 2007
cookinjay in Los Angeles Area

Best sushi bets around John Wayne aiport

My vote would be for Frenzy Sushi, on 17th St. in Costa Mesa. The fish is super fresh and the owner/chef knows his way around raw fish. They don't advertise an omakase, but I'm sure they can put a great one together, especially if you call ahead.

Nov 29, 2007
cookinjay in Los Angeles Area

Cheap Eats in OC

This is a topic that hits close to home. I've lived in the OC for almost two years now and these are my frequent cheap dining spots.

Kaju Soft Tofu (in the California Market plaza, on the corner of Magnolia and Garden Grove Blvd.) They do soft tofu and they do it well, you can expect a smoldering hot pot full of soft tofu with about a dozen ingredient combos. My favorite is there kimchi beef, extra spicy. They also have these kimchi cucumbers that come with every meal that are amazing.

Lotus (on Beach Blvd., just north of Warner) They serve northern Islamic fare, not your normal Chinese fast food. Their lamb with leeks, scallion bread and hand thrown noodles keep me coming back.

Lucita's Mulitas (on the corner of Beach and Warner). I didn't know what a Mulita was until I ate there. Its your typical hole in the wall, but the Mulitas keep me coming back. You've got to try them, they'll need a little salt and lime and they are killer.

Fallafel Express (on the corner of Brookhurst and Orange, in Anaheim) The name sounds kind of corny, but there their shwarma and fallafel is legit.

Nov 29, 2007
cookinjay in Los Angeles Area

Suckling pig anyone?

I am looking to prepare a suckling pig for christmas, but can't seem to find anything other than online retailers. I know there has to be places to buy them here in the LA/OC area, can someone please point me in the right direction?

Nov 27, 2007
cookinjay in Los Angeles Area