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Excuse me in advance.... pig slaughter in Calgary?

Hey Knifeguy!

I will definitely take up your offer about doing some homemade charcuterie in the autumn. BTW... I was standing outside the door of St Johns half an hour before it was to open for lunch and banging on the door to have them let me in before I missed my flight. Drop me an email and we should grab some tripe and beef tendon in Chinatown!

BTW... I am trying to order some grass-fed beef bone marrow bones. I will email when I get a hold of them!

Excuse me in advance.... pig slaughter in Calgary?

Hard to raise pigs in a rented apartment. But just interested in this ritual. I love to learn to make salumi and how to butcher. So I thought I would knock two birds with one stone.

I have been inspired by a couple of cookbooks in my collection ( Charcuterie Cookbook by Ruhlman and The Book of Pork by Bruce Addelis) to try my hand at charcuterie. I am even tempted to buy a small wine cooler to create a drying environment for homemade charcuterie.

BTW Knifeguy did you actually work at St. Johns in London? Because I came within half an hour of getting into St. Johns... if I didn't have to catch my plane back to Calgary, I would have been enjoying a true "fifth quarter meal" at St. Johns about 18 months ago. I have been to Incanto in SF for a tasting menu for 5th quarter meal. OFFAL ROCKS!

Excuse me in advance.... pig slaughter in Calgary?

Just curious does anyone know of anywhere or anyone who does a pig slaughter in the fall in Calgary? I have always been curious about pig killings and the subsequent making of sausages, prosciutto and cured meats. I would like to participate in this fall ritual.