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Chinatown Fruit Report 2014

After 5 years of looking in Chinese and Southeast Asian supermarkets in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, I finally found wing beans in the Bronx, of all places. At a tiny Cambodian supermarket called Phnom Penh-Nha Trang Market at 2639 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY 10468 in Kingsbridge Heights. It is steps away from the Kingsbridge Road stop on the 4 train.

The shop carries a very limited selection of fresh produce (what they have is packaged and stored in refrigerators) so it was a big surprise to find wing beans here. Despite some browned edges the beans still tasted good and were super crunchy. Delicious, fried up with belacan!

I got these on 12/13/14 (auspicious date?), and the only time I've seen wing beans on offer here. FYI, this isn't a regular stop for me as it's more convenient to shop at other better-stocked supermarkets. I asked the owner if wing beans would become a regular item but she said they can't always get them. Maybe she'd find a way if more people asked about them!

Dec 29, 2014
thewolley in Manhattan

Red Rooster tonight- what to get?

Cool space and vibe. Great drinks. The Savoy (vodka, lemon, muddled grapes) is particularly tasty and refreshing. Go to hang out over drinks but skip the food.

Mar 21, 2012
thewolley in Manhattan

Jitlada's amazing Southern Thai menu

Sataw/petai is delicious, but it does haunt you a bit when you go No.1. Think 'powerful asparagus'. Don't let that stop you, though. Lots of people love asparagus, right? Besides the flavour Erik mentioned, the beans also have a wonderful texture: firm and slightly chewy, like al dente pasta.

Jul 11, 2008
thewolley in Los Angeles Area

Shanghai Soup Dumplings in Chicago?

This is an update to a previous post about soup dumplings in a shop on Wentworth. Well, I went there today (the place is called Royal Dragon) and what they offer as soup dumplings is not worthy of the name. They look like soup dumplings but that's about it. Poor texture, weak flavour and zero soup. Their other dim sum is OK but not remarkable, and their tea is made from teabags! To be fair, they seem to have a pretty broad menu and their regular dishes might be good. Also, the space is a lot nicer than the average Chinatown joint and the staff are very nice. Sorry to go off on a tangent!

Dec 10, 2007
thewolley in Chicago Area

Shanghai Food in Chicago: Soup Dumplings

I realise this thread is very old, but this is in case someone comes by in search of boon tong gau. Phoenix does a good rendition of these plump seafood dumplings, although the dumpling arrives swimming in a bowl of soup. Is the soup supposed to be inside the skin? I'd be interested in hearing if they are available elsewhere, too.

Dec 10, 2007
thewolley in Chicago Area

Shanghai Soup Dumplings in Chicago?

Soup dumplings are rare in Chicago. The ones at Phoenix are probably the best. As LSchnetzer pointed out, the skins are somewhat thick but at least the flavour is good. Sorry, but the ones at Moon Palace are simply not good (it could be because I had the crab and pork ones, not the plain pork ones). I noticed that one of the little dim sum shops on Wentworth, just past the arch but before Won Kow, had a picture in their window of what appeared to be soup dumplings. Haven't been to check it out yet, though.

Dec 08, 2007
thewolley in Chicago Area

THIS is why I can't find Vegemite anymore?!

I was wondering why it was suddenly extra difficult getting a pot of Vegemite/Marmite in Chicago! There's not a huge difference between the two (I've had both, growing up). You will definitely find both in England. Stateside, we joke that the Britons don't know food, but it just turns out that it's just a lack of food issues (they have curry Pringles, hello!). In Chicago, you can get Marmite at Whole Foods for $5. Pricey, but there's no help for that, I suppose. Believe it or not, it's shelved with the bakery supplies!

Nov 27, 2007
thewolley in Food Media & News