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Luu's Baguette

So far, I've tried the chicken pho and beef pho. I have to say, their pho is perhaps the "best" I've had in New York - of course, by "best" I mean that it's been the only bowl that wasn't offensive like most other places in the city (Nha Toi, which on a good day was actually very good is no longer open - as are An Nhau and Mai, which were a notch better than Luu's when they were around).

I still have yet to try Com Tam Ninh Kieu and Bunker but am glad there's a place to satiate my pho cravings near where I'm working right now. My main complaints about the chicken pho is that the chicken meat itself isn't so great - also the flavor of the broth could have a little more depth. It does taste like they're really relying on the fish sauce and crystaline sugar to give it flavor. But it's actually no different from when my mom makes a quick batch of chicken pho at home - maybe that's why I'm ok with it (when she takes her time to make chicken pho for special occasions though, it really is something else).

I got the beef ball pho today and liked the broth. I have a feeling they probably use canned pho broth, which is actually not bad (and in fact better than whatever other pho places in the city are doing) - it's what my grandmother uses when she's making a quick batch of beef pho at home and it's pretty solid.

So, there's my lukewarm-but-positive take on Luu's. Other places tend to be too bland, too greasy, or has other flavor elements that don't belong in Pho. At least Luu's pho is somewhere on the actual pho spectrum - even if it's of the shortcutted genre of pho.

Nov 18, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

Kao Soy--new Thai in Red Hook

I agree how nice it is that the heat builds up as you eat. What a nice way to experience all the dimensions of flavor!

Nov 16, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Kao Soy--new Thai in Red Hook

I ate there yesterday (Saturday) for lunch. The green curry had small eggplant AND slices of zucchini. Maybe they ran out when you were there. I also prefer this over green beans--it seems a more common approach with the places I went growing up on the west coast than in NYC.

I also had the Yum Som O (pomelo salad), which I personally loved. Banana blossom fritters were nicely fried for my meal, and the khao soi was also nicely done and in the same spirit of what I've had in Thailand ....though I admit khao soi (full disclosure I've only had it in Bangkok but not Chiang Mai) has always struck as a touch too sweet for my taste and is generally not a favorite dish of mine.

Overall though I was very very happy with my meal. I live in Cobble Hill so this is an excellent alternative when I don't have the time to go up to Queens. I'm not into Pok Pok, where the waits are as long as a commute to Sri or Ayada, the prices are quite high and in my opinion the cooking muddies an already exciting cuisine. The place was busy but not crowded at 1pm. We got a lot of food for a reasonable price--and, to me, is by far the best Thai in Brooklyn.

Nov 16, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Looking for a Bakery to Create Custom Designed Gingerbread "houses".

do you still need someone? i have friends who are professional bakers (some for bakeries, some who do it on a catering basis) and can ask if this is something they can do

Nov 14, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Taste of Persia at 12W 18th

I just tried it. i've never been to Iran, but there was a substantial Persian community where I grew up and I have Persian relatives by marriage. Based on that, I feel confident in saying this place tasted very legit. Can't wait to go back!

Nov 14, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

What bygone food fad do you still enjoy? [NYC]

i was just reminiscing about baked potatoes!

other items...

tiramisu, molten chocolate cake (only if it's more cakey than molteny), macarons (even though personally it's not a fad since i'd always been eating them for over a decade due to my frequent visits to france).

french food/presentation as understood by french restaurants in the US in the 1980s.

Nov 06, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

just thought I'd revive this thread, because Michael Bauer just mentioned that he's not a cioppino fan on Twitter.


i don't understand how he can be employed as a food critic in San Francisco if he can't even appreciate one of its signature dishes....among the fact that he's a horrible judge of so many non-euro cuisines...actually, he gave a glowing review for a Spanish restaurant, which i tried and it suuuuucked. so i can't even say he's good with Euro cuisine, either.

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

so it's been 2 years since i went to Sao Miguel...i ate well - unfortunately the best meals (i ate there twice) i had were at a place whose name escapes me! it's east of the town center, by the roundabout at Rua de Sao Goncalo and Ave Dom Joao III....i tried finding it in Google Maps, but the only place I see is one that opened recently. Perhaps it took its place?

there are similarities - the place i visited was a takeout/catering shop, but had a cute little seating area and a great selection of wine. You could have a nice dinner...despite the fact that the food was already prepared and heated for service, it was surprisingly delicious and very fresh. looks like this new place is also a takeout shop/restaurant.

another great highlight was having cozida at Restaurante Águas Quentes, which was recommended by a couple employees at the hot spring. I didn't try other places, but having looked at the cozidas elsewhere this place seemed to have the nicest looking one of the bunch.

Nov 04, 2014
waxyjax in Spain/Portugal

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

oh man, i remember reading about this but had no idea how to find it when i went a couple years back. will keep this in mind. thanks

Nov 04, 2014
waxyjax in Spain/Portugal

Where Do Italians Eat in NYC

i feel vindicated with the mention of Da Silvano. a while back someone posted a very specific request for italian with outdoor seating in that immediate area. I've only been with a friend of mine who's from Parma and we've always had great meals, so i posted--that was followed by a firestorm of condescending replies in response to recommending such a place. i understand it has a rep of being more of a scene than a good place for food....but perhaps if you're italian they turn up the food factor.

back to the topic at hand, i've met quite a few italians who really love a good drunk corner slice...in fact, they're usually less picky than i am on where to go actually. ha.

i once brought an italian visitor to Mile End in Brooklyn and she loved it - that was back when Aaron Israel (now owner of Shalom Japan) was the chef though...and the dishes have changed quite a bit since

and yeah, my asian relatives eventually want asian food when they visit. they find it difficult eating breads/pastas/potatos more than 2 days in a row without breaking it up with some rice...and by that, risotto doesn't count for them.

Nov 03, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

Restaurant with 100+ capacity for private event?

Frankie's in Carroll Gardens has a spacious garden...not sure if they heat it in the cold months though. If they do I'm sure it'd be nice

Oct 16, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Search: Problems, bugs and suggestions

is there any news on this request:

"Main problem: When searching from a board, it should default to return results only from that board. It takes a ridiculous number of clicks to get there from the current default."

it's probably the most painful user experience issue i have to deal with on CH. if i go through the trouble of clicking through to a specific board, it'd be great not to get knocked back to the entire site when i'm doing a search.

Aug 24, 2014
waxyjax in Site Talk

Healdsburg/Cloverdale/Geyserville Tacos

oh nice! i saw some of these writeups - but not all of them. I'll keep the chicharrones in mind if we go with Gauanjuato. thanks

Healdsburg/Cloverdale/Geyserville Tacos

Wow! Thanks!! I'll start making phone calls :)

Healdsburg/Cloverdale/Geyserville Tacos

Hi everyone,
I'd like to hire a taqueria to cater a casual, medium-sized event. We're interested in serving tacos (chicken, carnitas, beef, veggie), and perhaps also quesadillas and tamales...problem is, I have to plan it and I live on the other side of the country!

Here are the places I'm considering:

- Taqueria Guadalajara (Healdsburg): I really liked it, but it's the only place I've tried so far
- Taqueria Guanajuato Taco Truck (Healsburg)
- Los Mares Market (Healdsburg)
- El Molcajete (Cloverdale)
- Abbie's (Cloverdale)

Are there other places I'm missing?
**I did read about a couple other trucks/stands - but there's no phone number to reach them

Last time I was in town I'd only tried Agave (good, but stronger in their non-taco dishes) and Taqueria Guadalajara (really liked it).

I'd read about Taqueria Guanajuato Taco Truck, Los Mares Market, El Molcajete and Abbie's but hadn't had a chance to try them on my last visit. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on these places and if you could help me rank a top 3 so I can take that into account with other considerations (like cost).

So what are your thoughts?


Nightingale 9

i finally tried it...i don't wanna talk too much sh*t because i can tell they're trying...but....let's just say it won't be on my list of comfort food spots.

Jul 21, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Hibino review

I live a couple doors down. I think their obanzais, tofu dishes and miso soup are usually quite good. I used to love their miso-marinated salmon but they've had to reduce the portion size and raised the price so I don't get it anymore. I don't love their sushi -- although I do think their futomaki is great (and I normally do not ever like futomaki).

I don't know if I'd particularly consider it a destination spot (depending how easy it is for someone to access some other Japanese spots in the city) - or a place I'd wait more than 20 minutes for. But a nice option if you're in the area.

Apr 24, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Restaurants suggestion near United Palace Theater (in Washington Heights)

haha. yup!

Apr 02, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

Restaurants suggestion near United Palace Theater (in Washington Heights)

bumping this thread in case any new places opened around there....

Apr 01, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

Lunch to go in Cobble Hill

+1 on Cobblestone.

also, Sahadi's has lots of great takeout options. I love their spiral spanikopita and their mediterranean salads. They also make pita sandwiches, but I've never tried them. While you're at it you could also check out Damascus a couple doors down - they also have some good middle eastern baked options and sandwiches.

Paisano's is for good Italian deli sandwiches.

Ted & Honey has nice sandwiches and salads (though their dollar per portion ratio is higher than the above places).

Feb 20, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Does any place exist where you can smoke a cigar and have a cocktail?

in brooklyn there's http://brooklyncigarlounge.com/

Jan 10, 2014
waxyjax in Manhattan

Cobble Hill-Carroll Gardens area brunch - reservations?

la vara's brunch menu isn't conventional (if that's what you're looking for) but i love it!

also, i believe chez moi takes reservations.

Jan 10, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Dosa Royale (Long)

thanks for your review!

i went last night...the lamb curry had great flavor! we got the coconut rice as the accompaniment, upon a recommendation from one of the waters. it was funny though, i was thinking about how i normally prefer plain rice when eating something that's saucy and worth soaking up. when the man from the kitchen brought out our food he pointed out that he prefers the coconut rice on its own or with sambar and would normally get the plain rice with the lamb curry. i think i would've preferred it that way, too. anyway, the coconut rice was very coconutty and also cold. perhaps the temperature is a conscious choice?

i normally don't love rasam, but i thought it was great there. what was it that you didn't like about dosa royale's?

i also tried the classic masala dosa....the dosa was nicely done but the curry potatoes were a bit flat in flavor.

all in all, i'm so happy it's in carroll gardens. i love that they're not just a generic americanized indian restaurant in a neighborhood with not so many great options outside of the american, french and italian-influenced realms.

Jan 09, 2014
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Más Wine Company Keg - First Release

reviving this thread....i saw there's another company making wine in a keg. has anyone tried it?


Dover on Court St

the lamb ribs were nicely-portioned--I felt full before the last couple bites....as for the cod, my boyfriend would've been sufficiently satisfied had it been 10% bigger. for both we opted for the larger portion size.

Dec 27, 2013
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Dover on Court St

yeah, your estimate was pretty spot on...we got two cocktails and a glass of wine. I don't recall the exact total but it was something like $180

Dec 22, 2013
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Dover on Court St

I just went last night. I'm a little more into Battersby but only because everything I've ever (well there was one slightly off night - but it was very slight) had there was flawless, whereas at Dover there were a couple minor missteps. I think it's definitely worth a visit though and look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Here's a summary of what we had:

Cocktails - were awesome. Matthew, who created their cocktail program had also helped with the cocktails at Battersby. Great guy - it was a pleasant surprise to see him there.

Wine - I got a Moroccan syrah, which I found interesting and enjoyed. The slightly bitter finish isn't for everyone though - my boyfriend wasn't into it...but I thought was a nice contrast to the sweeter and smokier dishes I had.

2 amuse bouches:
-mini gougeres (awesome)
-shot of roasted vegetable soup, drizzled with olive oil (excellent - not sure what broth was used as a base, the chefs are so good at incorporating asian flavors so seamlessly that i assume what i tasted was a hint of dashi flavor, but that is just a guess - i regret not asking!)

fresh bread and flatbread served with whipped ricotta, and with white bean puree - baked as an oblong loaf...it was more crusty than the rounds at Battersby - my preference is to go round and get bigger soft inside-to-crust ratio. The whipped ricotta tasted sweeter than Battersby's - again, preferred Battersby's. The white bean puree was stellar though - I also picked up on an Asian flavor but couldn't quite place what it was.

raw oysters - i didn't taste it but my boyfriend lamented that the green apple and horseradish overpowered the oysters

uni with soba noodles - portioned to be an appetizer, but i could've definitely had a triple order as a meal! It's similar to an uni spaghetti Battersby did, but this time with soba - which made the sauce pop

Pork Belly - those guys are so great at cooking pork belly so you get the most of the flavor and texture without feeling like you've destroyed your arteries. Also, the plating with the brightly colored vegetables was a stunning sight to behold.

Chatham cod - had a taste and loved it. The sauce was made of brussel sprout leaves and beet juice - that fresh-from the garden flavor balanced with the smoked bacon made for a genius combination. My boyfriend had just wished the portion was a little bigger.

Lamb ribs - DELICIOUS! Again, a wonderful integration of asian (specifically southeast asian) elements. The meat itself was cooked perfectly, too.

Chocolate mousse topped with toasted marshmallow and pistachios - tasty. I wouldn't rank it with Battersby's olive oil cake or panna cotta but I'd eat it again ;)

Service was friendly and prompt. That night it looked like they were training a few runners who seemed to be implants from possibly Central America or Mexico. Upon presenting some of our dishes, it sounded like these guys were still working to improve their english pronunciation. They stumbled on pronouncing some words, which was more charming than distracting. I thought it was cool they were given this opportunity, considering a lot of front of the house staff from Mexico and Central America are given bussing duties but not much beyond that (I have seen a few other exceptions in NYC but am having trouble remembering which places).

But anyway, back to the food...like I said, there were a couple items that could've been better balanced but overall I'd be happy to go back. Perhaps try to the tasting next time.

As an aside, I'm kinda dorking out on the fact that I was the first on CH to review (well, mention and generally recommend) Battersby and now Dover. Maybe those guys will give me a gold star if they're reading this :p

Dec 19, 2013
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Ayada was good. Thai, not exactly...

i love the raw shrimp salad - but the raw crab salad is also super delicious (warning: you'll have to suck the meat out of the shell though)

Nov 20, 2013
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Gelato in Williamsburg

i walked by there last week but i was too cold to try them! i did read that some people on the board find it too sweet - but i don't mind trying them out myself ;)

Nov 14, 2013
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs

Ayada was good. Thai, not exactly...

strangely, i didn't have a wonderful experience at Chao Thai -perhaps it might've been what i ordered...regardless, i do intend on giving them another chance.

Nov 14, 2013
waxyjax in Outer Boroughs