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Enfield,CT/SpringfieldMa Prime Rib

Somers Inn, Somers CT Had P.R. there a few times, always good.

Need Opinions on MV Restaurants

I think mvi just about covered it, my only contribution would be muffins and fresh veggies and such at Morning Glory Farm and early morning coffee at Mocha Motts.

Kid Friendly on the Vineyard? Recs.

Edgartown doesn't have too many kid-friendly restaurants. A good rec for breakfast ( or any meal, actually) is Linda Jeans in O.B. Very k-f for any meal. Homeport in Menemsha has great dinners in an easy atmosphere. You can even get take-out and go to the beach there and watch a great sunset. Also, O.B. has a couple of decent pizza/Italian rest. that are geared for the family. Just remembered, though, of a good fried food stand near the Chappy ferry. Great fries! O.B. is your best bet, I think.

Martha's Vineyard - need restaurant recs!

Their are a lot of good rest. on the Vineyard, so your chances of picking something deserving is high. Here's a couple: Nice: SweetLife in OB.
Casual: Hometown in Menemsha.
These are just a couple, their are a lot more. When you get there pick up a local paper, a ton of adds will await you.

Windsor CT casual dining

I second Little Taste of Texas, good food and plenty of it. Try the ribs, pork or beef.

Shady Glen, Manch. & Bolton CT.

Anyone have any thoughts on Esquire Mag. pronouncement of the Best Burger? Does Shady Glen deserve the honour? What's better?

Worst of the Cape?

Ah yes, the worst of the Cape... I've had a few soggy meals but once bitten twice shy, so the names of those places are long gone, but one place that I had to stop every time we returned from The Islands with my mother-in-law (God rest her soul) was Seafood Sams. Only decent the first time, many years ago, the last five or six, forget it. The same bland seafood and/or chicken and/or burgers everytime. And the coleslaw! Yech! My M-I-L flew from this earth this past winter, so SFS's will never see ME again.

Much uncharted territory, R.I. Hounds

This IS a great idea! Unfortunately I live in CT, a mostly culinary wasteland which only shows its shining stars on the boards. Time for nutmeggers to step up!

Coffee like in Vienna...

Just returned from a trip to Austria and I'm missing the coffe badly. Once you have a coffee experience in The Old City, nothing here even comes close. Anyone know of any establishments that serve coffee 'Vienna-style?'

Budapest & Vienna

Don't know if you are there yet but we just returned from The Old City. Renwig St. is a good place to start, but you can basically go anywhere in Vienna and you will enjoy. Make sure to stop by any of the thousands (so it seems) coffee cafe' and have a real kaffe experience.

Kabob and Curry on Thayer St.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't know a great deal about Indian cuisine, so to say the food was excellent, well, may or not be true. I myself had the Chicken Saag, which I found to be a nice change from my regular restaurant fare. My question: Has anyone had a good or bad experience here? I thought the food close to excellent, but what do I know? Thanks.

Restaurant in or around Southbridge, MA?

I believe upstairs from the Whistling Swan is the Ugly Duckling, which is a little more casual but just as good. We prefer the upstairs just because it is a bit more laid back, if that is what your seeking. More formal, stay downstairs, food is great in both.

Vinny T's, Buckland Hills

Ate at Vinny T's last night and came away not totally satisfied. Started with the house Chianti which may have been a mistake because it tasted a little watered down, or was very cheap wine. Next up Ceasar Salad , Familia Style, with anchovies on the side, pretty good, lettuce a little limp though. Chicken and Eggplant Parm.Familia Style for the main came in very good except for the heavy hand on the sauce. The chicken could have been a little more moist but the eggplant was superb, not even the sauce could diminish the crunchy crust and the memory of summertime flavor. Pre-meal bread seemed to have a bit too much oil/melted butter saturated in, but still tasty nonetheless. Missing was the roasted garlic, waitress apoligized for the kitchen being out. How can that be? Still has a ways to go to compare to the Boston locale, but homey enough inside to be comfortable.

Giant Grinder Shop near Bradley International Airport

Excellent photo! Poquonock Giant Grinder is legendary both west and east of the river. Growning up, as a treat, my Dad would drive 25 miles round trip to bring home the best grinders around. Glad to hear that they are still up to quality.

Buffet Browsing in Enfield

Also had a decent experience at Royal Buffet. It was a nice surprize. Filled up on the first plateful, though. I'm not a real seasoned buffet dude.

Great breakfast at The Art Cliff

Had breakfast at the Art Cliff diner in Vineyard Haven. Heard a lot of good things about it and all were true. My son had steak and eggs, nothing fancy, but he always ends up getting something big. Plenty of homefries to go with his soft-boiled eggs. Chicken hash was excellent, with all the ingredients diced into somewhat larger pieces and with vegetables diced in for good measure. My bagel with smoked salmon, onions, tomatoes and cream cheese measured in at very good. Red onion came through as yellow, but was given a large portion of the salmon. Very tasty. Coffee not so hot, but the place inside was nice and cool, with windows on three sides and ceiling fans whirling. A must at least once.

Family Friendly Restaurants in Martha's Vineyard

You can try Linda Jeans down on Circuit Ave. My kids are grown now but back in the day they did a really nice job of catering to the younger crowd. Pomadoros, a pizza place is also pretty friendly towards everyone, it's a pizza place, after all, and pretty good, too.

Anything Chowish in Sturbridge, MA?

Thanks for the update, it's been a while.

Anything Chowish in Sturbridge, MA?

There is always The Ugly Duckling. (upstairs from the Whistling Swan.) More laid-back, nice bar, great desserts.