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Aux Epices, New Malaysian in C'town: anyone try it yet?

Hi all,

Aux Epices used to be called "Franklin Station Café," and was in Tribeca from 1993 for 15 years. I grew up near the restaurant, and it was HOME -- not only to me, but to lots of families. When they closed, it was tragic -- we lost our beloved neighborhood place, but we also lost our most favorite food and tastes! Every time I get sick, I dream of their curry chicken noodle soup, and no one has ever been able to beat it. I have been trying, for years, to make it myself. Needless to say, it was very exciting when they re-opened as Aux Epices!

The restaurant is run by Marc and Mei, who the most most most lovely couple. They run it with LOVE. For all the conversations on chowhound about the search for "authenticity," and what that might taste like, I can't help but think that people will be glad to have encountered Marc and Mei, cooking such delicious food, holding such valued neighborhood space, and being so wonderful.

In other words, I can't recommend it enough! Nothing beats Mei's cooking.

I recommend: curry chicken noodle soup, rendang chicken, curry puffs, chicken istemwa, mango curry shrimp...

Apr 21, 2015
skendall87 in Manhattan

Milan to Siena - recommendations along the way?

Hello! My partner and I are driving this week from Milan to Siena, and are trying now to decide our route, and where we might stop to eat and sleep! We have four days for the drive, and we're open to lots of possibilities -- we're happy to adventure or detour. We are less interested in eating upscale (though not opposed to it) -- looking for: special, small spots? Very traditional and delicious -- or unexpected and interesting? We are definitely more interested in places that fit under the cheesy travel-guide phrase "off the beaten path," or at least, not filled with only tourists. But really, we just like to have lovely experiences, meet friendly people, taste new things, etc.

At this point we are just looking at a map and choosing roads and towns at random, so all advice is welcome! Any gems we should put on our map?

Jun 08, 2014
skendall87 in Italy

best food neighborhoods in Berlin

Thanks linguafood and zuriga1!!!! So great.

May 16, 2014
skendall87 in Europe

best food neighborhoods in Berlin

Hi linguafood!

I'm trying to put together a little homemade guidebook for my boyfriend, who will be in Berlin for the month of June, staying in Prenzlauer Berg. (This is my idea for a no-cost birthday present -- a digest of interesting & affordable chowhound suggestions (mostly yours) for Berlin...)

I'll definitely spend some time with the Best of Berlin series you listed above! But let me know if you have any specific suggestions for Prenzlauer Berg. My boyfriend is a curious and adventurous eater who likes everything, and likes to find interesting places, and is on a pretty low budget.

Again, I'll go do some work on those blog entries. But do let me know if there's anything I should definitely include!

Thanks - and yes, thanks for your amazing Chowhound contributions, as some others have said!


May 15, 2014
skendall87 in Europe

A little restaurant or bar with character?

We're in Montreal for New Years evening, and we're looking for a small restaurant or bar to spend the evening in. Ange & Ricky's, for example -- the small Haitian restaurant that's been recommended on this board -- would be perfect, but they're closed on NYE.

So here are the ingredients of what we're looking for: something with character (interesting or diverse people around, maybe interesting food culture), a place that's small and intimate, and open till midnight on NYE. I'm less concerned about the quality of the meal or the drinks, and more looking for a sweet, interesting, or odd place to spend the evening, where they won't mind if we're there for a few hours, for the midnight countdown! Bar or restaurant OK. Any thoughts, Montreal chowhounders? Is this a realizable dream?

(Am interested in these kinds of recommendations in general as well, even if they're not open on NYE...)

Looking to buy stock/broth - and other delicious soup ingredients!

Thanks everyone, for your great advice!!

Looking to buy stock/broth - and other delicious soup ingredients!

My boyfriend has dreams of cooking soups all winter, but his kitchen is pretty bare. Now I have this dream of giving him a christmas present of a well-stocked kitchen (for making soup). Stock in the freezer, whole spices, other commonly used soup ingredients. Of course, in my dreams, I've spent this week filling jars with awesome stock, but I ran out of time. (Besides, somehow my stocks always end up a little bit strange and bitter.) Here are my questions:

Question 1: I'm looking to buy some delicious soup stock or broth (vegetable, chicken, beef, bone broth, etc.) in Montreal, to fill his freezer and fridge. Any advice? Maybe a vendor at Jean Talon who sells simple broths?

Question 2: Any other ideas for stocking a kitchen so that it's the ideal place to make soups? Any awesome soup appliances, gorgeous soup utensils, great herbs or ingredients, etc.? I'll be buying everything in Montreal in the next two days.

Finally: any great soup cookbooks out there?