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Fish Sauce for sneaky umami effects

i've used it in gumbo, chowders and seafood stews with great results.

Jun 11, 2008
clafouti in Home Cooking

Any awesome salmon marinade recipes??

miso and orange marmarlade. great for grilling. scrape off most of the paste before grilling because it burns easily.

Jun 05, 2008
clafouti in Home Cooking

Canned Pumpkin--How Do You Use It (Besides Pie)

use it as a pasta sauce with sauteed sausage and fresh sage leaves. if you're feeling decadent, add a little milk or cream.

Jun 05, 2008
clafouti in General Topics

Tea & Johnnie Walker

My friend just returned from Taiwan and fixed me this this popular drink she had there...iced non-sweetend green tea with Johnnie Walker. I don't like my cocktails sugary so it's really nice and refreshing. Another drink I enjoy is iced oolong and sochu (japanese vodka).

Does anyone have any other tea and liquor mixes that don't have added sugar to recommend?

Jun 05, 2008
clafouti in Spirits

Rice cooker: avoiding crust

you simply must wait 10-15 mins after rice is done cooking (no need to use keep warm switch) before you uncover lid.

Jun 05, 2008
clafouti in Home Cooking

Sun Say Kai - my official replacement for Mei Lai Wah

my favorite thing to get at sun say kai is the steamed roll with sticky rice. their version is really phenomenal. i know it sounds weird, carb inside of carb but you must try it. been craving them for over 10+yrs since i discovered them.

Jun 05, 2008
clafouti in Manhattan

Getting frozen dumplings/gyoza/mandoo crispy?

another tip: this is best done in a non stick pan. and once water is evaporated, uncover and peek under a dumpling to see if it's browned and crispy to your liking.

Jun 03, 2008
clafouti in Home Cooking

What is so appealing about RESTO?

Our experience was overall BAD. Mostly poorly executed food. Burger was charred, overcooked and worst of all, unevenly seasoned. Fries were a disgrace for a Belgian place-undercooked, oversalted and limp. Mussels were large in portion but unfortunately full of grit, 3 out of the first 6 we ate had sand in them, we had to send back to kitchen. The pig head sandwich was tasty but I thought over priced and a little on the oily side.
Service was inattentive and slow. Food and drinks took over 30 mins and 10 mins, respectively to arrive. After being seated, we had to ask for menus, then ask for water and finally ask for a waiter to take our order. The restaurant was about only 60% full.
I would only go back for drinks. They have a great beer selection. The ambiance is nice but I was very disappointed with the overall dining experience.

May 29, 2008
clafouti in Manhattan

Duck sandwich?

This is sort of like a peking duck sandwich. I've shredded the duck meat with some skin (can't beat duck fat) mix in some hoisin sauce, added sliced cucumbers and scallions in a baguette.

Mar 24, 2008
clafouti in Home Cooking

Nobu - suggestions

i went with 3 friends and we ordered 12 appetizers which amounted to our own fun tasting menu, with a bottle of sake, it came out to about $100pp including tax&tip. we weren't stuffed-full but had enough room to hit another spot for dessert. dishes i still think about and would definitely order again: monkfish pate, squid pasta, fluke sashimi w/dried miso, tiradito, creamy spicy crab.

Feb 21, 2008
clafouti in Manhattan

do egg yolks keep?

and how do i best keep them and how long are they good for once the egg is cracked?
i've been making egg white omelets for breakfast and tossing the yolks and was thinking of using them for something else later on.

Feb 21, 2008
clafouti in Home Cooking

Staten Island Pizza

I was at a wake in SI last year and when we asked where to grab a bite, we were all but forced by half the people there to go to Deninos. The pizza came out bubbling hot and burned the roof of my mouth but I still think about it all the time. Really good.

Feb 12, 2008
clafouti in Outer Boroughs

places for nice nibbles, not full meal

What are some good places to hang out and order some small plates but not necessarily a full meal? Open to tapas, japanese, etc.

Feb 08, 2008
clafouti in Manhattan

Gourmet Popcorn

if you like kettle corn, they have many different flavors.

Dec 14, 2007
clafouti in Manhattan

Where can I find a Zojirushi Rice Cooker in the City?

Pearl River Mart has a good selection when I bought mine 2 yrs ago. Most larger Asian supermarkets carry that brand.

Nov 30, 2007
clafouti in Manhattan

solo in the Bahamas (nassau and pi)

Here's my dining & food tips on Paradise Island/Nassau based on my experience. I've been there once a year over the past 4 years, stayed once in the Atlantis Beach Towers, once at Atlantis Harborside Resorts and twice at Comfort Suites (great value: includes all Atlantis amenities and use of their facilities)
Atlantis restaurants overall (including restaurants in the Marina Village): food quality not worth your money. I'm sure some of the more expensive places have good food but is very expensive, like Dune and Cafe Martinique.
Murray's Deli - just okay, nothing really special, good for sandwiches and soup.
Bimini Road - if you want Bahamian food, take a taxi to Fish Fry(Awarak Cay). Convenient when you're staying on P.I. but just not good Bahamian compared to what you can get at a much lower price at Fish Fry area.
Water's Edge Buffet - you get a lobstertail with dinner but the rest of dinner is nothing to write home about. Pricey.
Lagoon Bar & Grill - Caeser salad was barely edible, stale croutons & bad bottled dressing. Pizza was doughy and blah. Conch chowder was okay. Wished we didn't get lazy and went to grab food from the lunch trucks and spent 1/3 the money.
The Point - this restaurant is located in the Harborside Resort area, long walk. It's a nice place by the water for a drink and lunch. Good conch salad, burgers and fries.

Hurricane Hole Shopping Plaza:
There's an Italian restaurant on that strip that is okay, Zio Gigi's. They had an great conch risotto special last year but not last week when I was there. I practically licked the plate clean. Their pizza is not bad for what it was. Melted cheese on a craker like crust.

Best deal for lunch and great chance to eat what the locals eat is to visit the lunch trucks across from the corner market in the parking area. We got food from here everyday for lunch on our last trip. Found it when we followed some hotel workers talking about a lunch truck...haha. Dorothy's Kitchen & the other one is called Tasty Delights. You choose a main dish and it comes with choice of rice and choice of two sides for $6-8. It's a lot of good homey food. We went late around 1:30-2pm and they were out of most seafood by then.
Dorothy's Kitchen - Jerk chicken was really good, spicy, smoky deliciousness, the bbq chicken was on the sweet side but still moist and flavorful. The steamed veggies was just steamed cabbage&carrots. White rice and rice'n'peas were nicely cooked.
Tasty delights - the lamb curry and oxtail stew from were both really amazing. Their peas n rice and potato salad was good. Corn was just cold corn from a can. Baked chicken was moist tasty as was the steam snapper.
Green Parrot Waterfront Bar & Grill - past the police station, nice spot for some beers, fun vibe at night. Passable food, burgers, fries and mexican selections.
Anthony's Caribbean Grill - grabbed lunch there twice in the past couple of years but vaguely remember it not being good (couldn't even recall what we had) so we didn't hit this spot this year.
Now we come to the good places for dinner: Arawak Cay, aka Fish Fry... $12 cab ride from P.I. don't let them bully you into paying more.
Seafood Haven - Best conch fritters we've had on the island $2 for 8. greaseless, crispy on the outside wonderfully fried savory doughnuts. Put a huge squirt of hotsauce in the orange sauce for a nice kick. The conch salad was good but enjoyed the scorch conch more. Not so impressed with the steamed snapper but it seems that's how it's prepared throughout the Bahamas. Seafood platter was perfectly fried pieces of grouper, shrimp and cracked conch. Sky juice drink was delicious and refreshing - gin, coconut juice and sweet milk. The waiters are friendly and dance around whenever the mood strikes
Twin Brothers - They really have the best frozen drinks, the pina colada and strawberry daquaries. Should've ordered a large or had a 2nd one. We had their special pea soup with dumplings...soup was really nice with pieces of ham hock, not so crazy about the huge dumpling in it. Scorch conch here was really, really good, salty-sour lime dressing with onions and sweet raw conch meat, like eating a bowl of ceviche. The baked chicken was moist and tasty. The spiny lobster tail tasted like a giant shrimp, a little different from maine lobsters. Sides were all good.

Looking for Chinese porktail stew recipe

I know of only one home recipe. It's braise with fermented tofu cubes.
Start by searing cut up pork tail in a little oil and smashed garlic and ginger slices until brown and fragrant. Smash 4-6 cubes in a cup of water, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1 tbspn soy sauce in a bowl and add to wok or pan. Add enough water to barely cover. Add more cubes to taste. Simmer for at least 45 mins low heat once it comes to a boil.
You should end up with soft porktails in a creamy style sauce.

Nov 26, 2007
clafouti in Home Cooking

torn filo-any ideas

Does anyone have any ideas for using up sheets of torn filo dough? I unrolled before totally defrosted due to my inexperience and impatience. Thanks.

Nov 26, 2007
clafouti in Home Cooking