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What is your favorite kind of old fashioned cake?

When I was growing up we always spent every Christmas in N. Carolina at my grandparents house, my gramma would make her Stack Cake each year, a very thin spice cake layer made in her cast iron skillet, bake in her wood cookstove and then stacked on plate with a filling made from dried apples that she had dried herself earlier in the fall. She also took some dried apples and cooked them up as a filling for her famous Dried Apple Fried Pies. I still make the fried pies, with dried apples I buy at the grocery store and pie crust I buy in dairy dept............but the stack cake I have never been able to duplicate................I have cast iron skillets............I guess I need the wood cookstove lol. My gramma passed away at age 100 back in 1990, but our family has many fond memories of her great cooking.

Nov 26, 2007
Hoppy51 in Home Cooking