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Oh, my god...get the shrimp bordelaise. It's like a million shrimp over the yummies garlic butter linguine.

But don't plan on doing anything but digesting the rest of the day.

Feb 17, 2008
faegood in New Orleans

Inexpensive wonderful meals at Dupont Circle?

Dear chowhounds,

Thank you all so much. Although my extremely overbooked schedule kept me from trying many of these, I DID have some lovely tempura and sashimi at Sakana, and a ROCKING bacon cheeseburger and spicy fries at Five Guys.

I probably wouldn't have tried either of these on my own, so thanks.

And also...I ended up passing on all your tips to another anthropologist at the conference, so I'm sure more of them got used.


Inexpensive wonderful meals at Dupont Circle?

You're right, mselectra, some of those recs were too pricey for me. I'm afraid my food budget truly is microscopic. However, I'm excited to hear about the Trader Joe's. I need to check and see if there's refrigeration in my room.

Inexpensive wonderful meals at Dupont Circle?

Thank you all so much...this is very helpful. I'm going to print your suggestions out and take them along.


Inexpensive wonderful meals at Dupont Circle?


I'm a former chef and grad student attending the American Anthropological Association conference this week in DC. I'm staying at the Hotel Palomar, and have a microscopic budget.

Does anyone have suggestions of places to go for good, really cheap food that is in walking distance? I'm afraid cab fare is out of the question, and I can't function or think on fast food.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I like and will try anything, and love pork with an unseemly passion.