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Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant?

Lots of good suggestions here. It's rare to find the fine dining perfect trifecta of good food, nice ambiance, and excellent service in a DC area Asian restaurant. Perhaps try taking the Asian guests to some of the nicer than normal Asian-inspired restaurants, such as Tenh Penh or Cafe Mozu in the Mandarin.

Decent Dim Sum in DC?

This has been a frequent Chowhound debated topic as stated above. You unfortunately can not find decent dim sum in DC anymore with the gentrification of DC Chinatown.

I agree with DanielK, my favorite is Oriental East in Silver Spring.

Good Breakfast in Germantown/Gaithersburg

Woodside Deli in Germantown in the shopping Center off of Middlebrook Road in Gtown.

Good Breakfast in Germantown/Gaithersburg


Hong Kong-Style Western Cuisine?

The only place to find an extensive Hong Kong Western style cuisine menu in the Washington Metro area is at Maria's Bakery and Cafe in Rockville. It's a perfect blend of east meets west. They serve the typical HK/Western style breakfasts with eggs, hot dogs, ramen, and pretty good milk tea. The menu also has casseroles, baked spaghetti, macaroni ham pea soup, congees, chow mein, shrimp won ton soup, and a variety of snacks and beverages. They also have special lunch and dinner set menus. One of my favorite snacks is their decandent peanut butter french toast made from their bakery fresh bread and then deep fried served with gooey maple syrup.

I frequent this place with my Hong Kong friends craving this unique adaptation to Western style dishes. It's a small place of only around 50 seats, so get there early on the weekends. It's unfortunately not San Francisco quality, but pretty good nonetheless. Happy eating!

Maria's Bakery Cafe, Congressional Village, 1701-B3 Rockville Pike, Rockville; call 301-984-2228.

Boba Tea in NoVA?

To me, Ten Ren is as good as it gets to real Bubble Tea in the Washington DC area. Black tea with taro is my favorite too. The others are okay if you just need a bubble tea fix.

Boba Tea in NoVA?

The literal translation of bubble tea in Chinese is Pearl Milk Tea- meaning tapioca pearls in tea with milk. The original concept and the classic version is indeed tea based. However, the fruit blends with tapioca have become just as popular in Asia & US. Although bubble tea originated in Taiwan, there really isn't a distinctive Taiwanese bubble tea. The term "Taiwanese" can be seen as a very sensitive political statement in some communities. Just fyi. Thanks.

Honey Pig in Annandale

thanks for the detailed descriptions, deangold. i visited a couple of months ago with my Korea husband when they first opened. you're lucky that you got seated right away. we waited an hour for a table. it was definitely worth it....simply sublime. it's the real deal.

HELP with lychee ice cream...

I was recently at the Asian markets and saw the flavors red bean, green mung bean, taro, mango, green tea, but unfortunately no lychee.

I would try making your own in an ice cream maker and adding canned lychees to a vanilla based ice cream recipe. It may be easier just to visit Larry's.

Shanghai (Soup) Dumplings in DC Area?

I love Joe's Shanghai and have made visits to NYC just for their soup dumplings too. Hot from the steamer with vinegar and ginger...yum! Unfortunately, we don't have anything in the DC area (yet) that compares.

Boba Tea in NoVA?

pleen, not sure what you mean by TAIWANESE Bubble Tea?? Without getting into the politics of Taiwanese, Chinese or just Asian in general--there is not really any distinction between the bubble tea varieties found here in the States. Bubble Tea became popularized in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia, but the concept is generally the same.

I've had Bubble Tea in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in different regions of the US. The only differences are the quality of ingredients used (fresh fruit vs powder mix), the flavor varieties, and textures/varieties of tapioca.

Boba Tea in NoVA?

I second Maria's Bakery in Eden Center. I also like Kim Phuong Bakery at Eden for Bubble Tea . I always get Boba and their yummy egg rolls to go as a snack. If you're closer to Annandale, most Korean bakeries usually also have Boba. I like Sheila's Bakery. Sheila's also has great bingsoo too (shaved ice with frozen yogurt, fruit, etc.).

I like Taro or Thai Iced Tea. Kim Phuong also has a good Avocado smoothie you should try. If you've never tried Boba, I would start with the fruit juice varieties with either boba or gelatin. Remember to drink slowly, so as not to choke on the big tapioca balls!

Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

I really like Negril and Caribbean Feast for their Jamaican good eats. Yummy curry chicken, goat, jerk chicken, beef patties and ginger beer to wash it all down. I'm not an expert in beef patties, but they are tasty and seem to be homemade. Caribbean Feast is in Rockville and Negril has four locations.

Caribbean Feast Restaurant & Catering
(301) 315-2668
823 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD

(301) 926-7220
18509 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD

Negril Eatery
(202) 232-6734
2301 Georgia Ave Nw, #G, Washington, DC

(301) 585-3000
965 Thayer Ave, Silver Spring, MD


You should definitely visit the Lancaster Dutch Market http://www.lancastercountydutchmarket... off of Great Seneca Highway in Germantown--not too far from Gaithersburg. I love their pretzels, bbq, homemade sausages, baked goods, produce, and family restaurant. They are only open on Th, Fri, Sat. It gets very busy around lunch time.

Sorry, I disagree with mrsphud on Peking Cheers about their Peking Duck. I find the food there to be horrible, no matter how inexpensive. A better bet for Chinese in Gaithersburg is Mamma Wok & Terriyaki. Authentic choices from the Chef's Specialties menu section and good quality.

Madras Palace has a good, vegetarian, Indian buffet for lunch.

Northern Chinese cuisine

My parents are from Shandong- Henan region of Northern China and I have found the Northern style Chinese restaurant options are limited in this area. The better Chinese places in the Wash DC area are mostly Southern Chinese style ranging from Taiwan, Cantonese, Sichuan, and Hunan.

Northern Chinese is very diverse in itself-- there are variations of specialities in noodles, dumplings, steamed bread, etc. If you live in NoVA, Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church has decent Peking Duck and some pretty good dishes made with homegrown fresh spring onions. FYI-they also have lots of American style Chinese dishes. For beef noodle soup, wheat based products (steamed buns, noodles, dumplings), and small veggie side dishes try A&J in Rockville and Falls Church.

My 19th Birthday!!!

Happy birthday unchie! I think you would enjoy going to OYA to celebrate your 19th. It's a cool atmosphere, good food, and perfect for a celebratory meal with friends.

China Garden (Rosslyn) Dim Sum

Although I currently live in NoVA, I moved here from MontCo and have compared all the dim sum and Chinese restaurants in both areas. If you really want the best dim sum in our area, MontCo options are far better--Oriental East, Hollywood East, New Fortune. The NoVa options such as Mark's, Fortune, China Garden are all subpar in my opinion. They're okay if you just need to satisfy your dimsum cravings.

On site BBQ for firm picnic! does great full service bbq catering both at their farm or on site

Good authentic Chinese in Alexandria/Arlington?

Welcome to the DC area! Based on the items you mentioned--pot stickers and hand-shaved noodles, it's Northern Chinese food you are craving.

Most of the recs have been for Sichuan or Cantonese style. For decent Cantonese style, I agree with Full Kee (Bailey's Crossroad) or Miu Kee (Falls Church).

Unfortunately, we don't have any outstanding Northern Chinese restaurants that excel in noodles, dumplings, and breads in our area. My parents are both Northern Chinese and make these things from scratch all the time, so my expectations are high. A & J in Annandale and Rockville, MD is pretty good. The noodles are not the hand-shaved type, but are hand made and cut. Beef Noodle Soup, fried dumplings, and the veggie side dishes are good. As you may have seen in numerous previous threads, Montgomery County, MD is the best place to go for authentic Chinese. The Chinese community is much larger there and they have better Chinese choices than VA.

Egg Custard Tarts?

Oh wow, love Chinatown NYC--they have an amazing variety and quality of egg tarts. In fact, there is a cafe especially dedicated to these yummy treats. I've made a few NYC trips, just to go there. I unfortunately haven't seen the Portuguese style recently at our local Maria's.

Check out these links to the Egg Custard King Cafe in NYC Chinatown:
I love this amazing photo of the tarts fresh out of the oven. The Girl Who Ate Everything is a great food blog with photos.

Egg Custard Tarts?

I LOVE Chinese Egg Custard Tarts--especially when they are fresh out of the oven. You can usually get them while they last at Maria's Bakery (Eden Center- Falls Church & Rockville). Maria's is a Chinese bakery in the Vietnamese Eden Shopping Center. Maria's also has a variety of yummy Chinese/Hong Kong style buns, snacks, boba tea, and cakes.

See also previous thread on Portuguese style egg custard tarts

Rockville Chinese

Seven Seas is one of my favorites too. Not only is the food great, but the owners (Mr and Mrs Shen) are very nice and true partners in the community. I do a lot of volunteer work and Seven Seas is very participative in giving back to the community.You know it's good when staff from other Chinese restaurants go there after they get off work.

Rockville Chinese

I have to agree with Jesikka above--I don't like the quality and taste of the food at Joe's Noodle either. Over ten years ago, Joe's was THE place to go amongst the local Chinese community. Granted, many Chinese still frequent Joe's but it's definitely not considered the best. About five years ago, the original owners left to open Jen's in Gaithersburg and Joe's took a dive down hill. Jen's was awesome those first few years and was everything Joe's used to be in its prime. (Unfortunately, the owners of Jen's sold out about three years ago).

To each their own--everyone has different tastes. For me, Joe's doesn't reflect the best Chinese food the Metro DC area has to offer.

Hibachi in Alexandria area or suggestion for kids?

Try Sakura Steak House has several VA locations- Fairfax or Tysons may be the closest to you. Big space, fun teppan yaki (hibachi) cooking demo, and decent sushi. I took my 7 year old nephew there and he had a great time.

Tea Ceremony

I am Chinese and my husband is Korean. I had a Korean tea ceremony the day before my wedding a few years ago. The traditions and symbolism of the (Chinese & Korean) tea ceremony are very similar. Unfortunately, I've never attended a Japanese tea ceremony, but I imagine there are also many commonalities (honoring elders, bowing, drinking tea, etc). I'm starting an Asian wedding/event planning business and may be able to help. She may also want to try the local chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League

Rockville Chinese

Ok, I was just trying to be nice with my previous comment that Far East wasn't bad :) Everyone has different tastes and preferences. There are definitely much better Chinese choices in Rockville than Far East. It was THE place maybe 15-20 years ago.

Portuguese tart in Wash DC metro area?

It's too bad to hear Oriental East's egg tarts weren't up to par today. I've only had them fresh out of the oven on the weekends during peak dim sum hours. Perhaps during the weekday, the items aren't as fresh unfortunately.

Place for a small wedding with unworldly food?

City Zen at Mandarin Oriental. May be a little pricey...

Rockville Chinese

This is probably too late... some of my faves for Chinese in Rockville are Bob's 66, Tony Cheng's, Seven Seas, New Fortune. Far East is not bad, but more old school American Chinese.

Restaurant Vero on Lee Highway in Arlington -- a Major Disappointment

Wish I would have read this thread before going to Vero last week with friends. I agree--major disappointment. I had the fish and it was mediocre. My husband and friend got the hanger steak and it was burnt black and extremely salty with an inedible salty, bitter demi glace. The server replaced those steaks for an equally disappointing,overly cooked and bland ribeye. It's definitely a bad sign when a restaurant can't even cook and season a simple steak.